Top rated wireless barcode scanners in 2019


Barcode scanners have been used extensively in different stores or to organize storage facilities and the list can go on and on. While some years ago they were using wires for connectivity options the newer models today use wireless to connect to a PC or other devices. The best wireless barcode scanners reviews will present in the following paragraphs which models are worth the money you pay for them and have the best range or the most impressive features.


DBPower BCE0008Handheld Wireless Laser Barcode Scanner


Best Wireless barcode scanners reviewsOne barcode scanner you can fully put your trust in is this model from DBPower which can really make a difference. It is capable of 2.4 GHz wireless communications which gives it a great range of between 100 and 170 feet. The transmission from this scanner won’t be delayed one bit, having an impressive 250K rate. It is fitted also with anti-jamming technology which at the same time won’t interfere with other devices that use a similar frequency.

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TaoTronics TT-BS012 Wireless Cordless Barcode Scanner Reader Kit


The TaoTronics TT-BS012 is another fine option you can make that will make sure you will be efficient and fast in the work you do with its aid. This device uses 2.4 Ghz band for communicating with other devices but at the same time won’t intertwine with other devices that use this frequency. For even more safety options you can even fit it with an individual ID. Between 500 and 10000 codes can be stored in its memory so when you have to do an inventory it will be a breeze.

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BDPower Handheld Wireless USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner


The top rated wireless barcode scanners reviews are very positive when describing the features of this model from BDPower which proves to be very reliable. While other scanners come with a very difficult and complicated installation process to your PC the one for this model is very simple and can be done in no time at all. The wireless transmission is so strong that it can even work at distances around 900 feet, which is vastly superior to most of its rivals. You won’t be troubled by missing data or errors either.

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TaoTronics TT-BS009 Wireless Cordless Barcode Scanner


Excellent capabilities and performances make the TaoTronics TT-BS009 one of the best wireless barcode scanners in 2019. It won’t take you long to learn every secret of its operation even if you are an experienced user or an entry-level one and this will mean work will be done a lot faster with its help. Also the scanner is shock-resistant being able to take on 5 feet drops on solid concrete thanks to its durable heavy-duty plastic housing. A range of over 650 ft is excellent for even the largest hangars or storage areas.

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Ariic New 1D Wireless Laser CCD Barcode Scanner


The Ariic New 1D barcode scanner has all the necessary features to help you get the job done fast and without any complications. If you go for this model you will also have upgrade possibilities for the software that operates it, so you are always up to date with the latest improvements. This scanner uses 2,4 Ghz frequencies to transmit its data to other devices, managing a range of near 50 ft indoors and over 300 Ft outdoors without any obstacles. It is fitted with encryption technology as well so your data is secure, making it very popular with the best wireless barcode scanners reviews.

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