If you’re here just to find the best wireless access point and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected a lot of information about various products in this specific category by looking at reviews and ratings in expert review sites for various networking hardware devices and comparing those with what is in actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we have looked at, we believe the Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unif UAP is the best because of its clean industrial design that enables seamless integration into any surface whether wall or ceiling using the supplied mounting kit. Equipped with software-based capabilities, the unit comes with a unique LED indicator that makes configuration and deployment effortless. Utilizing the UniFi® virtual control plane, this wireless access point provides limitless scalability employing a single centralized controller running in the cloud to manage multiple sites and a number of distributed deployments plus multiple tenancy to assist managed service providers. If the Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unif UAP is unavailable, you could get the UBIQUITI NETWORKS QA UAP-LR, which is the second best option.



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If you look in any modern home, you are very likely to find a wireless access point. These access points are essential for homes where there are a lot of electronics that require the internet to work—whether they are tablets, smart phones, computers or gaming systems. While you are trying to figure out what is the best wireless access point to purchase on Black Friday, allow us to highlight some of the key features that you may want to look for.

EnGenius Technologies EAP600 Xtreme

Intended Use

Most people who are looking to purchase a wireless access point this Christmas are doing so for home use. However, these devices are often found in small businesses too. The difference between an enterprise model and a consumer model is the suite of features and the overall functionality of the device. Enterprise models can handle more devices connecting to the signal. They also have a broader signal range, more security features, and even have better performance figures. If you are a business owner, you do not want to go the cheap route and try to make a consumer grade access point work for your establishment—you will be sorely disappointed by the quality of service once numerous devices try hooking up to your network.


Wi-Fi Technology

All of the top ten wireless access points use a variation of 802.11 wireless technology. As the newer versions of this technology is released, the range of Wi-Fi, security, and speeds have increased dramatically. The current version, 802.11n, is considered to be the highest rated option for many users, as it offers encryption to keep networks secure, dual band support for high speed usage, and a Wi-Fi range of up to 70 meters.


Additional Features

There are numerous features that the different wireless access point devices can come equipped with. Power over Ethernet type wireless access points can be powered by an Ethernet cable which also supplies a connection to the network. This helps you to eliminate some of the cord clutter that often happens when you have a lot of electronics. Devices with Beamforming technology is related to spatial awareness between different access points. This means that they can share the wireless load of several devices at any given time.

Whether you are looking for one of the best rated wireless access points for your home or business, you will find that when you install one of these devices, your access to the internet will improve dramatically—as productivity will soar in the office, your emails will load quicker, and your streaming content will be able to play without that annoying buffering.



Products for Specific Needs


Best Wireless Access Point for Home


TP-Link  TL-WA801ND


This wireless access point has connection speeds of up to 300Mbps, making it the best wireless access point for homes where there are a lot of users who stream movies, share data, and play online video games. The device has three omni-directional antennas which delivers optimal wireless performance, stability, coverage, and transmission rates. It can be used to expand network range, create different networks, and even connect a wired device to a wireless network. As an access point, you can turn wired internet access into wireless, allowing other devices connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.


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Best Wireless Access Point for Printer


Amped AP300


With this device, you can add long range, high speed 300Mbps wireless access to your pre-existing network. You can choose to add four wired ports to the device. These additional ports can be computers, printers, and other devices that may need a network connection. Because of this flexibility, this Smart Access Point by Amped Wireless is considered to be one of the best wireless access points for printers, as you can hook up four different printers if you so choose. You can install this device anywhere and there is no set up required. Simply connect the device to your home router and you can begin accessing the network immediately.


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Best Wireless Access Point for Business


Cisco Systems Wireless-N


In order to keep employees within a business active, you will want to equip your office with one of the best wireless access points for businesses. The Cisco Systems Wireless Single Radio Access Point uses SmartSignal Antenna technology that can provide you with dependable, business-worthy access to network applications no matter where you are in the office. This device provides a cost-effective and reliable way to extend a secure internet connection to all wireless devices that your employees and guests may need, thanks to the captive portal and customized roles and rights.


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Top rated wireless access points in 2021


To be connected all the time, you must consider having one of the products that will be mentioned below. These products are amongst those that have been praised in the best wireless access point reviews. The positive feedbacks from its users can provide you with a guarantee of your satisfaction.




Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unif UAP



An access point suitable for high-performance wireless networks deployment, the Ubiquiti Networks Enterprise AP Unif UAP carries a clean industrial design that enables easy integration with smooth installation into your wall or ceiling. You’ll love the cutting-edge networking technology that goes into this model.




The unique LED provisioning ring ensures effortless configuration and deployment. The hardware is bundled with the UniFi® Controller software so you won’t have to worry about extra charges. There’s no separate licensing, support or software fee so this model offers value for money.

The UniFi® virtual control plane has software-based capabilities to deliver boundless scalability using only a single centralized controller. Quick deployment is assured thanks to the plug-and-play installation and intuitive management provided by this tool.

Highly durable and efficient, this model offers incredible range to cover your whole house even on low power. The power level is adjustable from 1db through 20db, with a long version that can even go up to 27 db.

Link as many devices as you want. The number of access points linked via Ethernet cable is unlimited. Moreover, you can plug up to four Unifi units with every Unifi plugged into an Ethernet cable for wireless signal repetition.

This model is easy to configure. It comes with a software disc but you can always download the latest version from the company website. All Unifi units in the network are automatically detected and configured to run using the same SSID and security settings.



Despite its plug-and-play simplicity, this model can prove to be a challenge to configure properly on Windows Firewall. One user recommends that the Windows control panel be utilized to resolve the issue.


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Delivering high-performance WiFi in a streamlined form factor, the UBIQUITI NETWORKS QA UAP-LR offers amazing long range plus a host of other state-of-the-art features to make it suitable for your high-deployment needs.




This model is equipped to deliver a longer range of up to 183 meters compared to the base model UniFi AP or UniFi AP-PRO. It offers 2.4 GHz throughput up to 300 Mbps for a fantastic browsing experience for client devices in your home network.

Available at a pocket-friendly price, this model is pre bundled with the UniFi® Controller software at no extra charge and without any licensing, support or separate software fee. Now that’s genuine value for money!

A powerful, enterprise wireless software engine, the supplied UniFi® Controller software is just what you need for handling high-density device deployments that require low power and high uptime performance. The single cloud-running Unifi Controller is capable of managing multiple sites for multiple tenancy and distributed deployments that managed service providers seek.

The software comes with cutting-edge features including intuitive and robust configuration, for configuring and provisioning numerous Unifi units. You can also upload custom map images or employ Google Maps to get a visual view of your wireless network. You can also optimize WLAN Groups for more flexibility in large-scale deployments.



One user has surmised that when the device is near the end of its duty cycle, it tends to need a number of ON/OFF cycles on its Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) adapter so it can boot and run properly. This is after flawless operations for a specific number of months, during which the wireless access point delivers as designed.


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Ubiquiti Networks UAPACLITEUS



Offering simultaneous Dual-band WiFi, the Ubiquiti Networks UAPACLITEUS optimizes Wi-Fi 802.11AC technology in a sleek industrial design. It is perfect for the cost-effective deployment of high-performance wireless networks.




The sleek, ultra-compact design of this wireless access point enables effortless integration into walls or ceilings. It provides a pocket-friendly Enterprise wireless option while ensuring high-performance WiFi in a space-saving form factor.

You won’t need to worry about any kind of software fees with this model as it comes prepackaged with the UniFi® Controller software. There’s no extra charge involved in acquiring the hardware/software package because there won’t be any support, licensing or software fees involved.

Designed for optimal RF performance, this model supports up to 450Mbps 3×3 MIMO for the 2.4 GHz band as well as up to 300 Mbps 2×2 MIMO for the 5 GHz band for greater flexibility.

The advanced software features for this wireless include giving you the ability to upload custom map images or to use Google Maps to get a view of your current wireless network. The software also comes with strong and intuitive configuration, monitoring and control for thousands of Unifi APs for efficient system traffic management. You can also optimize WLAN groups for large deployments.



It is advisable for a tech savvy individual to perform configuration since no telephone support is available. The absence of a push-button setup also necessitates that installation be carried out by a person familiar with this type of equipment to avoid installation issues, despite the configuration itself having plug-and-play installation simplicity.


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EnGenius Technologies EAP600 Xtreme


Best Wireless Access Point ReviewsThe brand name of this model can already provide you with sufficient reason to believe that it is amongst the best wireless access point in 2021. Aside from being made by a trusted company, it is also worth noting that it has received several recognitions in the past as a proof of its superiority in the product category. One good example of such would be in the case of the 2012 REDDOT Design Award, where it has been lauded for having a revolutionary appearance. With this model, you will surely be able to enjoy power-filled performance to provide you with the strongest signals.



According to recent user testimonials it seems that the SMB EAP 600 high-powered model is the most popular wireless access point from EnGenius Technologies, designed to set fast connections to the internet

This dual-band wireless access point offers 2.4 to 5 GHz RF Tx WiFi ranges, allowing people to create a powerful network with enough bandwidth to support many users and devices

Equipped with 4 5 dBi internal antennas that offer wireless speeds of 300 Mbps, this device offers people the possibility to transfer small and large files or stream HD videos

The wireless access point is compatible with 802.3 af PoE which supports without problems PoE and IEE 802.3 af/at, for quick and solid connections to the internet



The basic package does not include a POE adapter (this unit is sold separately)

Even though the setup process is pretty basic the user guide lacks key issues on VPN installation


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EnGenius EAP300 Business Class


If you are still having a hard time in looking for the best wireless access points in 2021, there is no need to search any further as this model seems to be very promising. One thing that many people loved about this model is that it looks just like a small smoke detector, which also makes it compact. In terms of security, there is nothing to be worried with the use of this model. It offers secured encryption to provide you with the assurance that the network will be free from threats. This long-range access point is guaranteed to provide you with the signal that is needed within a generous distance.



As the highest rated wireless access point from EnGenius, the Business-class 29DBM device looks like a “smoke detector” but it is powerful enough to act as a WDS bridge, access point, repeater and WDS AP

This advanced wireless-N access point operates in 2.4 GHz frequency which safely supports 802.11 b/g/n wireless technology, needed to safely access websites or play online games

The high power access point permits users to securely browse the internet through 64/128 bits WEP, WPA and WPA2 data encryption

The device uses advanced MAC filtering systems in order to protect the network interaction between users and various internet sources



Some installation is needed but the user manual provides enough assistance

The basic package does not include a POE adapter (this unit can be purchased separately)


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TRENDnet 300Mbps TEW-638APB


While this model comes with a compact size, it is filled in terms of features that can rival those that are found in the higher end of the market. With the Wireless Distribution Technology, this will be able to spread signals from where it is placed, allowing you to access internet from your mobile devices. It also has the Wireless Bridge Mode, which will prove to be useful in establishing wireless connections with various devices, such as in the case of gaming consoles. Lastly, it is also equipped with the GREENnet Technology, which is basically the one that is responsible for minimal energy consumption.



Part of the new products from Generic, the TEW-638APB wireless access point can be used in order to create a stable network, accessible every day and night and from different rooms of the house

It features advanced 300 Mbps access points for a clear expansion of the network, via Wireless Distribution system, AP client modes and wireless bridge, thus helping users to access the internet from a distance

Even though a relatively cheap wireless access point this model incorporates MIMO technology in order to enhance signal coverage

This sleek wireless device uses WPA and WPA2 encryption which permits people to access the internet in a secure manner



The device does not come with a POE adapter (sold separately)


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Netgear WN604-100NAS


Your search for the top rated wireless access points in 2021 will end by the time that you learn about this model. One thing that you will enjoy about this model is its ease of configuration. Setting it up will surely not be a problem at all. It comes with comprehensive instructions that will make it easy for you to begin with its use. In addition, if you are working with a tight budget, this is an alternative that will prove to be best. Given its affordable price tag, there is no wonder why it remains to be the preferred choice for those who do not want to spend a lot.



As one of the best rated products from Netgear, the Wireless-N 150 access point can be used in order to set the basis of a thriving wireless LAN network, ideal to provide enhanced connectivity to the internet

This access point delivers wireless connections to various network devices (tablets, smartphones, printers or notebooks), within an impressive 500 foot radius

It can be used to support many users in a range of 100 feet, making the device optimal for office use (small or big)

The device can be used to create a bridge between various wireless clients and wired LAN devices, setting a solid Ethernet network



The setup is a bit tricky and takes some time


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Wireless Access Points – What to Look For:


6Every person that accesses the internet on a daily basis wants to enjoy a stable connection with limited lag. Creating a solid connection to the World Wide Web starts with the use of professional devices. Such a unit is the wireless access point, which permits other devices to connect to the network via Wi-Fi technology. Used mainly in business offices, schools, institutions or large homes, wireless access points offer quick connections to the internet. If you are currently trying to find the ideal product for your daily needs, this article will act as a guide through the maze of models out there. There are a couple of things to consider when shopping for a brand new wireless access point.

Taking into account the lack of time for most people to go through the best wireless access point reviews we have decided to provide a much needed assistance. We did a professional research on the structure and functions on some of the most appreciated models available for purchase. As a result, at the end of this buying guide you will know exactly what to look for in a great product. Now, you should know that there are home and enterprise wireless access point models, with specific particularities. Each model from the two major categories incorporates a wide range of features that enhance work productivity or stimulate home entertainment. This is why you need to determine where the device will be installed. Enterprise models can support more wireless devices than the standard ones. They offer extended wireless signals, advanced security features and high performance, shared by all devices connected to the wireless access point.

Choosing the best wireless access point in 2021 represents for some people a significant investment in their work productivity. Still, if you simply want this device for your home then choose an indoor model. Such wireless access points are great for open spaces and need to be kept away from walls for the signal will suffer. Outdoor models provide strong signals with a wide dispersion. Public institutions use such devices in order to provide fast access to the internet to visitors and people walking by. Now, you should also look for more specific functions. High quality WAPs should include functions like repeater or bridge in order to set a flexible connection to the network. As recent surveys showed, more and more people desire a dynamic access to the internet with minimal restrictions.

One of the most important components of the best wireless access point in 2021 is the type of Wi-Fi technology used. Now, most of the current WAPs use slight variations of 802.11 wireless systems. For high performance we recommend that you consider models with 802.11n which offer WPA2 encryption for protected networks. Such wireless access points offer a Wi-Fi range that reaches 70 meters or more. You need to make sure that the device benefits from a warranty in the event of future technical issues.


Things to consider:

–         802.11n Wi-Fi technology which permits you to set a secure and stable connection to the internet

–         Dual bands feature which means the device will use 2 frequencies in order to transmit data

–         Bridge and repeater functions for more flexibility while accessing the internet

–         WPA2 encryption system which secures your personal information once the computer is connected to the network




Amped Wireless AP20000G – Not Available


As you read the best wireless access points reviews, you will notice that this is another model that is worth being taken into account. Its long range coverage has been enjoyed by many of its users. In addition, it is also a good thing that it has an excellent capability to penetrate walls to provide you with the guarantee that the signal will still be strong even inside your room. It eliminates all the obstructions that can be possibly damaging to the transmission of Wi-Fi signal. With such, there is no doubt that this is one of the most reliable choices you will ever find.



Which product is the best from the many wireless access points available for purchase? Well, most of our data points to the High Power Wireless-N device from Amped Wireless, a model fitted with dual band 600mW Wi-Fi amplifiers

Due to the advanced 5 dBi high gain antennas which covers around 7.500 square feet this wireless access point comes with a useful USB port, needed to share files and connect other devices

The device incorporates solid antennas of 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz technology, which permits users to connect tablets, laptops, smartphones and printers to the internet

Features a user friendly interface and high power amplifiers and 2 high power dual band antennas which ensures that the signal is accessible in every room of the house with minimal interference



Some installation is needed by the whole process is more than intuitive

Does not come with a waterproof enclosure