Top rated Wire Strippers in 2019


As someone who has a little background in fixing things, I always manage to do all the minor repairs that I can handle at home. Contacting people to fix some minor damages at home is a little expensive that is why I invest on my own tools so that I can repair the damages on my own. One thing I need to add into my toolbox is a wire stripper. I am looking for the best wire stripper products on the market and I found some great stuff by reading the best wire stripper reviews coming from the customers.


Irwin Industrial Tools 2078300 Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper


Best Wire Stripper ReviewsDo the minor electrical repairs at home on your own with the help of the Irwin Industrial tools wire stripper. According to the best wire stripper reviews online, this is a wire stripper which has self-adjusting features, allowing you to easily control the core strip’s length. The Swivel knob with micro-adjustment properties is what you need for gauges that are smaller than 20 AWG. It is a very versatile wire cutter with excellent insulating properties.

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Klein Tools 11063 8-22 AWG Katapult Wire Stripper


Eliminate the risk of fire hazards by repairing any minor damages in your electrical wiring. You can use the Klein tools 11063 katapult wire stripper for machine-precise stripping and wire cutting. It has a very firm grip and it works great for removing the insulation layer without causing any damage to the wire. This stripper is designed to gently hold the cable wire and retain its geometry as you continue on cutting and stripping. This is indeed the best wire stripper in 2019.

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Neiko 01924A Ultimate Self-Adjusting Wire and Cable Stripper


You don’t have to spend too much in order to avail the best wire stripper in 2019. The Neiko 01924A wire and cable stripper is a very affordable self-adjusting stripper that is designed for efficient cutting and stripping for any wiring job. Its jaws can automatically adjust and firmly hold the wire and cable as you cut and strip it. You can easily and quickly remove the insulation of any wire without causing any damage to it.

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Greenlee Communications 1117 GripP 10 Wire Stripper/Cutter


If you are looking for the most reliable brand of wire stripper on the market, it is definitely the Greenlee Communications 1117 GripP 10 Wire stripper. It is designed with the latest wire stripping technology that effectively combines versatility and ergonomics. It is very easy to use and it effectively cuts and strips the insulation without damaging the wire. This is the ideal wire stripper for all your wiring jobs and repairs.

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Paladin Tools 1118 GripP 20 Wire Stripper/Cutter


One of the most important properties of a wire stripper should be excellent ergonomics – and nothing offers a more efficient ergonomics than the Paladin tools 1118 GripP 20 Wire stripper. It is the most ideal stripper for wires with round insulation. This is designed for comfortable use. With its structure, you can optimize the angle up to 22 degrees to prevent any wrist injury. That is why it is highly recommended by the top rated wire stripper reviews from the customers.

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