Best Wire Feed Welders under $200


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When looking for the best wire feed welders under $200, you may find it hard to make a decision, especially if you are not familiar with regards to what to look for within the product category. In the rest of this article, you will have insights on some of the possible choices, as well as their most notable features.


MIG 100 Flux Wire Feed Welder


Best Wire Feed Welders under $200If you are just starting to appreciate doing welding projects on your own, this is one of the best models that can be taken into account. This is specifically designed for small and medium projects. It is also lauded for its intelligent design and functionality, which allows users to report a high level of satisfaction with its use. There will be no pr0oblem in keeping it in the storage room. Aside from being small in size, its power cord is also located at the front that makes it consume lesser space.

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“Welding is one the things I do often when I’m working so it is only normal that I look for the best feed welder. I invested in the MIG 100 welder and I am very satisfied with what I got, performing very well and afterwards thanks to its compact size I can store it easily.” Mark Bold


MIG 120-volt Wire Feed Welder


The powerful performance of this welder is not derived from gas, but from an electrical supply. The portability of this model is one thing that makes it highly-rate, making it easy to bring anywhere you plan to complete a specific welding project. It is also a good thing that the unit already comes with all of the complete tools that will be needed for welding. Some that are included in the package include ground clamp, welding mask, gun, flux wire, and welding hammer, among others.

“I was surprised when I saw a welder with so many fine characteristics at such a low price. So I bought it and now I do quality work with its aid. It goes through any kind of metal and at the end of the day I manage to do a fine job with it.” Mike Jackson


Northern Industrial 125 amp Wire Feed Welder


In different reviews about the best wire feed welders under $200, there are many users who have expressed good words about the fact that this unit is easy to use, even for those who are novice in the hobby of welding. Its operation is pretty much straightforward, lacking the complications that you can experience in other models that are available in the marketplace. It has 125 amps of power. Some might think that it is too little, but you could be proven wrong once you give it a shot.

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“The 125 amp motor means that with the help of the Northern Industrial wire  feed welder I can do the most complicated jobs, fast and accurate. The controls were very easy to learn for me because they were so simple. Definitely it is a top welder.” Peter Sarris


Campbell Hausfeld WF2150 Wire Feed Welder


With this wire feed welder, one thing that you can enjoy is its portability. It is lightweight and has a compact size. It is housed in a sturdy steel case, making it easy to have such carried anywhere you plan to do the welding task. If you are looking for a unit that is safe to use, this will also prove to be great. It has thermal overload protection, which automatically powers off the unit once it overheats. Whether you are a fan of DIYs or a professional, you will surely have no regrets choosing this model.

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“I wanted quality and portability from my welder and luckily this is exactly what I got from the Campbell WF2150. Every task I did with it has turned out just great. Another importatnt thing about it is that it has a very resonable price.” Luke Collins


Pro-Series MMIG125 Wire Feed Welder


If you are looking for a model that is excellent with regards to versatility, it is not surprising that this model makes it one of the best wire feed welders under $200. This has the ability weld all kinds of carbon steel. It is also a good thing that it has the ability to weld continuously for a period of up to 2 minutes, without the need for the unit to cool down. Lastly, it enjoys the benefit of being easy to use that makes it perfect for novices.

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“Thanks to its compact size and its sturdy handle the Pro-Series can be carried around with me easily, everywhere I go. I weld with it all around my work sites and the end products are of high quality. I am very impressed with the investment I have made.” Henry Green