Do you have better things to do than read endless reviews that say nothing at all? Have no worries; we got your back covered. We researched every professional review, every expert opinion and concluded what wine rack is the best for you. The prices and the overall quality determined us to put on top of the list a product from Mixologist World, the Under Cabinet Rack Kit that is compact and sturdy and will offer you sufficient storage space for your glasses. An equally decent alternative is Kiera Grace Ellington Wine Rack if the first item is unavailable.



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If you care about the aspect and integrity of your glasses, if they are exclusive pieces of decoration or a family heirloom, then you need to protect them by storing the items on an adequate rack. But the support needs to have qualities of its own to do its job successfully and to make everyone appreciate your good taste. The design and the versatility of these products are the things that will make you satisfied with the investment you made and will make you sleep better at night knowing your glasses are safe.


A good wine rack should offer all the storage space you need. You have to think one step ahead and see how many glasses you have and how many you want to put up for display. And based on that number you should choose your rack. Usually, a set comes with six glasses, so a good frame should have no less than six spaces for you to use.

But if you intend to buy this for commercial use, let’s say a cafe, then it should have the maximum storage capacity. And if it offers you something on the side, like wine storage capacities, even better. It would look cool to combine the glasses and the wine bottles in a single arrangement.

Space is essential when it comes to the footprint of the product too. It is vital that is not chunky or heavy, so you can safely attach it to any surface. It should be as light and as minimalistic as possible.



We all know that the first thing you check when buying a new product is the material it is made of and the build quality. And these type of accessory should make no exception. They give the items a luxurious aspect, and they prolong their life.

Quality is mainly provided by a well-chosen material such as metal, wood or durable plastic. They need to handle heavy-use and not to lose their out of the box shine or to come apart after years of use. There are a lot of racks for sale, but not all of them use sturdy materials, and they settle for cheap ones. That’s why it is imperative to make the difference between good and bad.

The wood or the metal gives character to a piece, and that makes it suitable to act as a decoration, not just as it is mainly intended to be used as. It’s all about finding equilibrium between design and usability.


Other considerations

There are a few small things that can make a big difference when it comes to the best rack for wine glasses. Like compactness. It is vital that it has a design that takes no space since the counter real estate is so scarce. Modern kitchens tend to be clean and minimalistic in design, and a wine rack needs to consider that.

Another thing that sets a good product apart from a cheap knock-off are the accessories it comes with. It should at least include the instructions manual, or the screws need to attach it to the surface you’re supposed to.



Top Rated Wine Glass Racks in 2022


And, of course, style is what makes the world go round. A stylish item is going to make you smile every time you look at it and will make you think you took the right decision. These days, a product has to be not only useful but has to look good to keep up with customer demands and with the market.



Mixologist World Under Cabinet Rack Kit


This kit is the answer to most of your prayers. It takes so little space and is so smartly designed to fit under your cabinet that you don’t really need additional space on your counter to store your glasses. It makes perfect use of the space you already have.

The instructions manual comes with the hardware so that you can manage a quick setup and take advantage of this organizer as soon as possible. It is perfect no matter if you use it at home or even at your restaurant. It is an option that can adapt to your needs.

The model is solid. It’s made of steel so it can put up with heavy use, and so it doesn’t break, keeping your precious glasses safe and sound. It can allow you to stay organized and to keep all your pieces together and it even allows you to dry them without a stain if you attach them to the rack after cleaning.

Simplicity is the primary trait of the design. It has a clean style, and it is easy to wash and to polish with the microfiber cloth that it comes with. The product is easy to mount and will be the perfect accessory for a stylish wine lover.

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Kiera Grace Ellington 


This contemporary solution has a design for days. It just looks fantastic on your wall. It has a modern design and solid colors that bring a high-class aspect to your home. It is a powerful piece that says premium and will for sure be noticed by everyone.

The model makes the most of a limited storage space. It is compact and can house both wine glasses and up to five bottles. The barely noticeable track underneath can store twelve glasses so that you will not run out of space. This double feature makes it ideal for both personal and commercial use.

You can easily attach it to your wall, meaning you don’t need to be limited by a flat surface to put it on. The attachment procedure is safe and straightforward, all you need is the tools to do so. And since it is so compact and light, it won’t be a burden on your wall, minimizing the risk of falling.

If you need, you can add an extra dimension to this model by using it as a dryer for your glasses after you washed them. It is made out of sturdy materials so in tandem with all the benefits it offers you, this product can become the ultimate wine rack for your wall.

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KOHLER Collapsible Holder


This is for those who have headaches when they think about freeing up space. It’s a product that transforms the lack of space into a memory of the past. It has a design that allows it to be as minimalist as possible and to collapse when you don’t need it, to limit even more the space it occupies.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t fit as many glasses as you want. On the contrary, it can accommodate up to six standard wine glasses, or four oversized ones, no taller than 10 inches. It means you’ll have space to put all your glasses together and to impress your friends with a beautiful arrangement.

And when you don’t need it, the model folds together for simple storage. It is ideal if you want something that helps you stay organized and if you need something to make your kitchen more classy.

The wine rack promotes continuous air flow, and it can be used as a dryer so your glasses will always look shiny and spotless, making wine drinking even more enjoyable – thus your parties will invariably be a success.

Don’t worry. If you’re still unconvinced, or a bit confused, we highlighted and emphasized the best products in this category in a such a way that you’ll have no question by the time you finished reading the list. It is strictly the information and the top products you need to know about to make an educated purchase.

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