Expert Buying Advice on Wine Coolers under 500


A wine cooler provides you with a dedicated place where you can store your wine bottles without their having to share space with your groceries. Having a wine cooler means you’ll always have a chilled bottle handy, which is great if you drink wine fairly frequently. Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you are interested in buying the best wine cooler under 500.

Best wine cooler under 500

The capacity of the cooler

This factor is dependent on the number of bottles you plan to store. One rule of thumb is that you should invest in a cooler that has twice the capacity of the number of bottles you currently own.


Thermoelectric vs compressor

If you need a cooler that runs quietly then you should get one that uses thermoelectric technology since it operates virtually noise and vibration-free. On the other hand, if this is not a consideration, you should opt for a compressor-run cooler since it is more efficient in generating cold air.


Temperature range

A good cooler should be able to generate temperatures in a wide range, usually from 45-degrees to 65-degrees F. In addition, it should have a digital control that allows you to set temperatures more precisely.


What Are the Best Wine Coolers under 500


Now that you know what features the best wine coolers have, you can start shopping for the one that best meets your needs. If you are still having difficulty deciding, however, here are our suggestions for the best wine cooler under 500. We hope that you find one that you like.


NewAir AW-321ED


1.NewAir AW-321ED 32-Bottle Wine CoolerThis striking wine cooler is the ideal choice for serious wine enthusiasts since it features dual-zone independent temperature controls that allow you to set different temperatures for the compartments that are storing red and white wines. The temperature range of the cooler is from 46-degrees (for storing whites) to 66-degrees (for reds), which ensures that the optimum flavor of your wines are preserved. The AW-321ED uses thermoelectric cooling technology to ensure vibration-free and virtually noise-free operation.

The NewAir AW-321ED is designed to so that the two sides let you to store an equal number of bottles – sixteen – on each side. It has fourteen wooden shelves that pull out to provide you with easy access to the bottles. If you have some odd-shaped bottles that don’t fit on the upper shelves, they can usually be accommodated at the bottom of the cooler. The digital temperature display and external controls allows you to easily monitor the temperature and make adjustments as needed. In addition, it looks great since it has an elegant black and steel design.

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NewAir AW-320ED


2.NewAir AW-320ED 32-Bottle Wine CoolerThe elegant AW-320ED is a wine cooler for the serious wine connoisseur and features a soft blue LED light that illuminates the interior so they can show off their collection, which are visible through the tempered-glass UV-resistant doors. The two vertical compartments allow you to store sixteen bottles of wine each, and each of them can be set to different temperatures so that you can store your reds and whites separately and ensure that their optimum flavor is preserved. Each of the compartments has seven shelves (fourteen in total) that slide out to allow convenient access to the wine. The digital temperature readout and external controls allow you to easily monitor the interior temperature and make adjustments as needed.

The AW-320ED uses a thermoelectric cooling system that operates almost noise-free and without the vibrations caused by a compressor. It is more environmentally friendly since it uses no coolants or chemicals. The compact design has a smaller footprint and allows the cooler to be placed anywhere while the attractive black finish works well with most décor.

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Edgestar CWF340DZ


3. Edgestar 34-Bottle Free Standing Wine CoolerThe Edgestar is one of the highest-rated wine coolers and the essential choice for wine lovers looking for the ultimate storage solution. The wine cooler uses a compressor as its cooling system, which allows it to maintain cold temperatures more efficiently. The single-compartment cooler allows you to create dual-temperature zones, with the upper shelves able to store white wines at a range of 41-degrees to 54-degrees F, while the lower shelves can hold red wines at between 54-degrees to 64-degrees F. To ensure that the cooler easily adapts to its surroundings, the specially-designed reversible door can be adjusted to either open to the left or right.

The Edgestar also boasts of interior and exterior design features that allow you to display your wine in an optimum fashion. The wood-trimmed wire racks add an elegant touch to the cooler while the towel-bar handle and stainless-steel trim add an elegant touch to the exterior. The interior LED light illuminates your collection with just the ideal amount of light. Finally, the built-in lock ensures the security of your collection.

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