Best wine cellars under $100


Cheap wine cellars prices


Wine is a sophisticated drink which needs to be looked after in a proper way and also requires a designeted space to keep it cool and to maintain its flavour without altering it. A wine cellar for your home if you are a wine enthusiast is a great investment. To get one for an affordable price is not that difficult and below is a list of the best wine cellars under $100.


Haier HVTM08ABS Wine Cellar


Best wine cellars under $100

Red and white wines alike are kept exactly as they should in the Haier HVTM08ABS wine cellar. It has a capacity of 8 bottles, more than enough for any kind of family reunions, romantic dinners etc. The glass door is insulated so the temperature inside is always at the right value. The temperature inside is controlled by a thermostat which is very easy to program. These and many more features make out of it one of the best wine cellars under $100.

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“ My family have always gatherings and occasions that’s why I decided to purchase wine cellar for our wines. I purchased the Haier HVTM08ABS Wine Cellar that can handle maximum of 8 wines. It is an effective storage for wines because it really pays the palatable taste after storing it in it.”  Ruben Lorie Jones


Haier HVTM06ABS Wine Cellar


Six bottles of the finest wine can be kept at the perfect temperature inside the Haier HVTM06ABS. The whole device doesn`t take up too much room and can easily fit on a table in your kitchen. The glass door is insulated to maintain the temperature constant no matter how hot or cold is outside. To set it is not difficult at all, the whole cellar being controled by a single backlit thermostat.

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“ I placed the Haier HVTM06ABS Wine Cellar in my kitchen and I am happy that it doesn’t consume too much space. The cellar is very useful in terms of wine storage because it can really hold the wines effectively. Aside from that, I easily control this product.”  Bryan Daugherty


Avanti EWC1601B Wine Cooler


Another option for your bottle of wine is the Avanti EWC1601B with its top features. One very good thing about this wine cooler is that it doesn`t vibrate one bit, so your wine sediment is not disturbed and remains at the bottle`s bottom. A thermostat controls the temperature inside to the last degree so the wine is kept in perfect conditions. Inside there is a light as well which you can turn off and on so you know exactly where you have placed one of the 16 different bottles it can store.

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“ I can store 16 bottles in the Avanti EWC1601B Wine Cooler which is definitely advantageous especially when there are events and occasions. The product is very helpful in holding the wines and it doesn’t create noise that may disturb others.”  Christopher Hubbard


Haier HVTM16ABB Wine Cellar


The Haier HVTM16ABB from the best Haier wine cellars reviews has a maximum capacity of 16 wine bottles for you to take advantage of. Even though it holds so many bottles it still comes with a compact design and you can easily find it a place around your home. It has a blue LED display which shows you the temperature value inside the cellar. Vibration is kept to a minimum as well to not allow the wine sediment to lift off the bottom of the bottle.

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“ I am owning a Haier HVTM16ABB Wine Cellar because it makes my kitchen more systematic. The product helps me to store the wine and detect the temperature needed inside of it with the help of the LC screen outside the cellar. This wine cellar is easy to control.” Adrian Sawyer


HomeImage HI-8C Wine Cooler


If you want to store your wine accordingly so when you serve it the flavour is always perfect than you need to purchase the HomeImage HI-8C which is considered one of the best wine cellars under $125. The dual pane glass door is perfect for retaining the cold inside the cellar. Another feature which is useful is the auto defrost option for when you need to clean it. An interior light is also present so you will find the bottle that you want straight away and there is no vibration while it operates quietly.

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“ The HomeImage HI-8C Wine Cooler is what I have at home which makes everything perfect and settled. I am amazed with the durability of the product because it already stays with me for 2 years which is impressive. I will be happy recommending this product to you. “ Emily Cleveland Bell