Top rated window air conditioners in 2018


There is a growing need for professional window air conditioner capable of improving the home’s temperatures. People want to live in cool environments far from the negative effects of warmth. Summer days can become a bit of a drag and limit your pleasure capacity down to a minimum. To this end, the market offers a multitude of window air conditioners capable of maintaining the air cool. Still, how can you find out the model right for your home? The answer will come easily after consulting some of the present best window air conditioners reviews, important sources of information which you can trust.


Frigidaire FRA106CV1 compact air conditioner


Best window air conditioners reviewsA growing number of the latest top rated window air conditioners reviews underline the efficiency of FRA106CV1 model from Frigidaire. This advanced device packs an impressive 10.000 BTU which can cool a room of 500 square feet, with ease. The 115 volt air conditioner also includes dehumidification functions by up to 3 pints per hour. Easy to manage due to the ready select electronic controls, the device will keep your home in the right air conditions with no problems whatsoever. It includes 3 cooling speeds, energy saver mode, 3 fan speeds and also a 24 hour timer for longer operations.

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LG LW8012ER window mounted air conditioner


Are you trying to find a professional air conditioner that will keep your home cool no matter the weather? If you are then you need to consult the present best window air conditioners reviews and understand why so many people use with confidence LG LW8012ER. This device incorporates 8000 BTU cooling force that can cover with ease around 350 square feet. It is completed by a user friendly remote control that gives you the right tool to manage its multiple functions. Furthermore the air conditioner comes with dehumidification functions of 2.2 pints per hour. It includes an advanced energy saver function that conserves energy and implicitly money.

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Soleus Air SG-WAC-06ESE-C window air conditioner


It can be pretty challenging to find the best window air conditioner from the many products available on the market. Still, as you probably observed some products stand out, such as Soleus Air SG-WAC-06ESE-C. As one of the best window air conditioners in 2018, this model delivers air “elegance” through cooling effects that make any day a brighter one. It packs an impressive 6000 BTU power to cool by up to 150 square feet, which is more than enough to handle a big room. The air conditioner runs on 115 V power supply and has a 590 watt capacity. Due to the digital thermostat and 4 fan speed options, you control the cooling process.

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SPT WA-8011S window air conditioner


Are you shopping for a powerful window air conditioner that will cool any room fast? If you are then you should consider investing in SPT WA-8011S window air conditioner, a model that redefines the cooling experience. The device is Energy Star certified and comes with an impressive capacity of around 8000 BTUs. You should also know that the air conditioner from SPT features 3 fan speed and washable filter which maintains the air cool and breathable. Creating the right temperature environment will be a lot easier once you start using this high quality air conditioner. It is by far a great investment!

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Frigidaire FRA064VU1 Low profile window air conditioner


When it comes to professional window air conditioners one brand managed to release high quality models: Frigidaire. Today, you have the possibility to use one of the best models from Frigidaire: FRA064VU1. This low profile air conditioner incorporates the cooling force of 6000 BTU, making it ideal for room of around 216 square feet. It includes ready-select controls that permit you to control every aspect of the cooling operation with ease. The fan has 3 different fan speeds that maintain precise cooling flexibility and also 8 way control design. It’s good to know that the device comes with a reliable microbial mesh filter that removes any harmful bacteria.

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