How to Purchase a Top Whole House Fan:


By installing a new whole house fan system in your home, you will have fresh air circulating throughout your whole house, thus eliminating that stale air that you sometimes get when you are trying to prevent allergens from entering your home during the spring. Not only willit circulate fresh air, but the fan can also help reduce energy costs during the summer because it will help move the cool air so that your air conditioning unit does not have to run constantly. You may be thinking to yourself how do you know which whole house fanis the best? While we cannot tell you this, or who makes the best, we can provide you with some useful tips when choosing which system is right for you.


Fan Construction

People fear whole house fans because they think they will be noisy. This is not always the case. The most popular whole house fans are actually very quiet. This is because they have many blades. As a rule, the more blades, the quieter the fan will be. This is because each blade does not have to work so hard to move the air. To ensure the fan is quiet, you can also position the fan so that it is away from the house’s framing by using foam strips or rubber mountings to surround the fan. This will prevent the humming created by the motor from resonating throughout the framing and drywall.


Quality Shutters

The amount of noise the fan makes when turning off is determined by the quality of the shutters. The top ten whole house fans usually have self-sealing shutters that are insulated. The shutters will close tightly when the fan is not on, proving to be beneficial because it prevents heat from escaping while the fan is not in use.


Other Features

Instead of choosing a thermostat to control your fan, choose a timer. The thermostat will most likely turn on the fan while the windows or doors are shut so as to allow fresh air to enter.In addition, you may want to choose one of the larger fans, as they are considered to be the best rated fans for conserving energy. This is because they work well at lower speeds, thereby using less electricity. The best whole house fan reviews recommended that you choose a heavy unit because the foam weather stripping that is placed under the unit will be held down by its weight.


While choosing from the best whole house fans of 2021 is not an easy task, you will be happy that you put in the extra effort to thoroughly research the options that are available. We hope that this guide and the information you have gathered on your own will help you make the best decision for you and your family.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a fan that has many blades to ensure that the fan runs quietly.
  • Select a fan that has high quality shutters.
  • Look for a fan that uses a timer rather than a thermostat.


Top rated Whole House Fans in 2021


A whole house fan is an excellent way to cool your home while saving a few pennies in the process. When you install one of these devices, you can be sure that the air will circulate throughout your home when there are windows and doors open. This helps to move fresh air around the house and eliminate that stale air that occurs during allergy season.


QuietCool CL-3100 Whole House Fan


The QuietCool Whole House Fan can drastically reduce your cooling bill up to 90%, as it pays for itself quicker than other eco-friendly products. The fan motor and self-contained duct system goes in the attic. The fan is incredibly quiet thanks to the patented acoustical ducting that provides 6-feet of distance between the motor and the intake grill that is inside the house. This results in no noise vibrations, thus not disturbing anyone who may be sleeping in the bedrooms below the attic. The unit draws a maximum of 3190 CFM  and is ideal for homes that have around 1500 square feet of living space.

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Air Vent Inc. 54301 Attic & Whole House Fan


This whole house fan is installed in a central hallway inside the home and is used to pull fresh air through the windows. This is a great alternative to air conditioning when it is warm out, but not hot enough to turn on the AC. It features an automatic shutter that will close tightly to prevent energy loss when the unit is not in use. The fan brings in air to efficiently cool a house of up to 1500 square feet.

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Cool Attic CX24BDM-2SPD Whole House Fan


The Belt Drive Whole House Fan features an automatic shutter and is powered by a belt drive. The two-speed thermally protected 1/3 horsepower PSC motor draws in enough fresh air to cool a home as large as 1,800 square feet. This is a ceiling mount application only. When the automatic shutter is closed, it creates a 95% tight seal. You can control the fan by using the wall switch, which is included. The switch has high, low, and off settings.

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Air King 9166F Whole House Window Fan


The Air King is available in a variety of sizes to fit window openings that range between 27 and 38 inches. Window fans are typically held into place by closing the window on the fan. If you want to close the window, you have to remove the fan completely. The Air King features a storm guard that allows the window to be closed behind the fan in case of bad weather or when you are leaving your home and want the windows locked. The high-powered motor has a rating of 120-volts, 1.25hp, and features three different speed settings. This fan can be placed in any room in your house and has front mounted rotary controls so you can choose the desired speed.

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Tamarak Technologies HV1000 Whole House Fan


This whole house fan can usher in the cool evening air while expelling the stuffy hot air from the attic. The hot air is expelled from your home through the existing attic gable and ridge vents. Because it draws cool air into the home, it is an energy efficient option. The unit fits 16” or 24” center joists and does not require addition joist cutting in order for the unit to be installed. There is a 6-foot line cord included and the unit can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

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