What are the most appreciated meat grinders from Weston


3.Weston 33-0201-W Electric Heavy Duty GrinderIf you’re someone who grinds a lot of meat, then you’ll surely need a meat grinder from Weston, as this brand manufacturers lots of tgese appliances. Not only this, but most of the meat grinders from Weston are specially designed to work with heavy loads at one time, and finish them very fast. However, even if you’ve decided on the right brand for you, the search for the best Weston meat grinder for you is not yet over. In order to decide which grinder would work best for you, you have to think of your specific needs, and find an appliance that best fulfills them.

If you don’t go through these steps, you risk purchasing a meat grinder that, while great in itself, may not be the most useful one for you. This is an unfortunate position, since if you’re spending the money anyway, you might as well get something that’s just right for you. Because we want to help you with that, we’ve created this buying guide, so keep reading!


How to Choose the Best Meat Grinder from Weston?


Get Your Budget Right

Before you go any further into answering the question “What is the best meat grinder from Weston?“, you have to start by knowing how much you’re going to be able to spend on it. Though this step might seem unrelated to the actual grinder, and so might make you not want to go through it, you have to keep in mind that without knowing this, you might end up wasting your time and/or your money. Since this is something no one wants to do, beginning the search by figuring out your budget is the best thing you can do.

The more expensive Weston grinders cost between $400 and $700, and they are extremely efficient. Regardless, you might not be able to spend that much on a meat grinder. If this is your case, then do not worry! Weston has really great grinders that are under $100, which means that this brand has something for every pocket.


How Much Will You Be Using it?

To figure the answer to this question, you have to keep to things in mind. First, you have to think of the frequency with which you will be using the meat grinder. If you’re going to be using it pretty often, then you should consider getting one that’s very powerful, and maybe even of a larger size. However, if you think that you’ll be using it only from time to time, then a smaller grinder might be the top Weston meat grinder for you. This is because you’ll be able to store it easier.

The second thing you have to think about is how much meat you will have to grind at one time. If you’ll have to grind a lot of it, then the best thing you could possibly do is to get a grinder that’s both big and powerful, so that it will have the capacity to deal with all that meat without breaking down.

5.Weston #10 Heavy Duty Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

Different Features

Typically, people who use meat grinders also like to make their own sausages. If this is your case, then make sure that you get a grinder that comes with sausage-making attachments. The more options for such attachments you get, the better.

Nevertheless, even if you’re not a big fan of sausages, you’ll surely need to have more options when it comes to the texture of your ground meat. Most grinders come with grinding plates for fine and coarse grinds. However, more and more are starting to add a third plate, for medium grinds. If you think this is something that you’ll find useful, make sure the grinder you get comes with one.


Our top picks:


Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder

1.1 Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat GrinderIf you need to grind a lot of meat consistently, this model is the best Weston meat grinder for you. It performs absolutely perfect, as it has a motor that’s of 750 Watts. Not only this, but it’s also permanently lubricated, and cooled by air. When you put these two things together, you get a motor that’s capable of grinding as much as 725 pounds in an hour. It’s unlikely that you’ll find another meat grinder as efficient as this one, so if you want to get a lot of meat ground in a short amount of time, this one will help you out!

In addition to getting the job done fast, it’s also made to be long-lasting, and easy for you to clean up. As such, the outer housing, the feed assembly and the auger are all made out of stainless steel. Because of this, you’ll be done with cleaning it up in no time.

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Weston 08-0801-W Number 8 Commercial Meat Grinder

2.Weston 08-0801-W Number 8 Commercial Meat GrinderIf you’re looking for a model that’s similar to the one we talked about above, but you don’t need it to be so powerful, this one’s the model for you. Indeed, if you’re not planning on working with that much meat on a consistent basis, there’s no need for you to get something with a motor that’s that powerful. Instead, a 350 Watt motor will do just fine.

This appliance comes with stainless steel grinding plates that will allow you to get a fine, medium, and coarse consistency in your meat. In addition, it allows you to make your own sausages, as it comes with a funnel designed just for stuffing sausages. Finally, if you worry about how you’re going to store it, you should know that the attachments can be stored inside the stomper. This means that you’ll be saving storage space, which is always a bonus.

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Weston 33-0201-W Electric Heavy Duty Grinder

3.1 Weston 33-0201-W Electric Heavy Duty GrinderPerhaps you’re someone who only grinds meat occasionally, as opposed to doing it often. If, in addition to doing it seldom, you also tend to grind only a little bit at one time, then there’s no need for you to get a grinder that has a lot of power. This model is just the right one for such people. It’s small enough that storing it won’t be a problem at all. Moreover, the attachments it comes with can all be stored inside the stomper.

Despite it being a small appliance, it is nevertheless efficient. The Weston meat grinder reviews for this model speak very highly of it, and they have good reason. For starters, it allows you to set it in reverse, which means that if it gets stuck, you won’t have to stop what you’re doing in order to remove the problem. Furthermore, it allows you to obtain 3 different types of grinds, as well as make sausages right at home.

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Weston 82-0103-W Electric Meat Grinder

4.1 Weston 82-0103-W Electric Meat GrinderIf you’d like another option for the same kind of usage of a grinder as the one described for the model above, then here it is. This one comes with a motor that’s strong enough for small to medium loads of grinding at one time, as it is a 200-watt one.

Moreover, it comes with 3 grinding plates, made out of stainless steel. Each one allows you to get a different type of grind, going from fine, to medium, and finally, to coarse. You can also make sausages with it, as it comes with a stuffing funnel, which will help you get just the right sausage. Finally, the grinder tray has a large stomper, which will ensure that you won’t get hurt when pushing the meat.

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Weston #10 Heavy Duty Manual Tinned Meat Grinder

5.1 Weston #10 Heavy Duty Manual Tinned Meat GrinderThis model is perfect for those who need to grind only a small amount of meat, and fairly rarely. If this is you, then there’s no need to spend a lot of money on something that you’ll barely use. Instead, you should get this manual grinder, which does a spectacular job, and costs very little. In addition, because it’s manual, it’s also very small. As such, storing it will prove to be very easy.

Despite the fact that this model requires you to crank the handle in order to grind the meat, it was designed so that it’s extremely easy for you to do it. Also, you’ll have no problem getting it clean, because it can be disassembled to make the process easier.

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If you’re ready to get a meat grinder from Weston, you probably already know that you’re about to get a grinder that’s very high quality, and which will last you a very long time. It’s enough to have a look at the Weston meat grinder reviews in order to convince yourself of the quality of their products. Regardless, you have to take the time to decide which model will work best for you. Since each individual has their own needs, you can’t expect to just pick a model without looking into it first, and having it be the best for you.

We hope that this buying guide was helpful. The two best products in this list are the Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder and the Weston 08-0801-W Number 8 Commercial Meat Grinder. If you would still like to see more information on this, be sure to have a look at our comparison table, as we made it to make your decision easier.