Expert Buying Advice for Welders under $500


Most commercial machine shops and even some home workshops occasionally need to weld different materials. A welder can be a convenient tool to have on hand, and there are several types to choose from. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will make it easy for you to find the best welder under $500.

Best welder under $50


There are several types of welders, and each has its own advantages. MIG welders are generally considered the easiest to use, and are a great choice for beginners. Wired welders are often the least expensive, and can create welds quickly and efficiently. Stick welders are priced higher, but you do have the advantage of being able to use it outdoors and it can be used on most materials.



The best welders are also capable of producing consistent power for several minutes. Referred to as the “duty cycle”, it will indicate how long the welder can run at maximum power before it needs to be shut down to prevent overheating. While thinner materials will require less power to weld, you do want to choose a machine with a duty cycle of two minutes or more.


Ease of Use

You also want the unit to be easy to use, so you can concentrate on creating a smooth weld. Knobs and dials that are clearly labeled are always appreciated, along with convenient LED displays that are easy to read. The hoses should be easy to attach, and you also want the welder to be compatible with your power supply.


Most Reliable Welders under $50


Even though we can’t choose the right tool for you, we can show you the best welders under $500. Priced to fit most budgets and designed to be efficient and easy to use, maybe one of these welders is exactly what you need to help you finish your project.


Hobart 500559


1.Hobart 500559Assembled in the United States, this wire welder is designed to be easy to use. The included manual will walk you through the simple assembly steps, and there is even a helpful guide so you can easily choose the right setting. The dials are clearly labeled, and with 5 settings for voltage control you can easily weld thin and thick materials. This welder is compatible with most 115v outlets, and can work with steel ranging in thickness from 24 gauge to ¼ inch. You also have the advantage of the 20 percent duty cycle at 90 amps, which gives you plenty of time to create and finish a smooth weld. It also features an output amperage of 25 to140, so it can be easily used on a variety of different projects. Weighing only 57 pounds and with its included warranty, this MIG wire welder might be the perfect tool for your home or commercial machine shop.

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Lincoln Electric K2185-1


2.Lincoln Electric K2185-1 WelderThis welder includes everything you need to start working, and features a lightweight and durable construction. It is compatible with most 115/20v household outlets, and its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry to the jobsite. There are 4 voltage settings giving you the ability to weld materials ranging in thickness from 24 gauge to 1/8 inch mild steel, and it also features an output of 35-88 amps so you quickly and efficiently finish the job. You also have the advantage of the convenient safety feature that will keep the welding wire “cold” or “uncharged” until the trigger is pressed to release the arc. With everything you need to get started included with this welder, and its included warranty, it’s easy to see why this is a favorite in home and commercial machine shops.

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Everlast 160STH


3.EVERLAST 160STH WelderOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is the brightly lit digital display, which makes it extremely easy to find the right setting. The connectors are designed to be easy to connect to the hoses, and you also have the advantage of the durable storage case. What really sets this stick welder apart is its affordable price and convenient design. It is compatible with 120/240v electrical outlets, and the included foot pedal lets you have precise control while you are welding. Simply tap the pedal and you can easily adjust the voltage from 10 to 160, and the settings will automatically appear on the digital screen. You will also appreciate the 60 percent duty cycle, so you have plenty of power to finish welding. With the ability to precisely control your settings and its portable design, you’ll love seeing what you can do with this stick welder.

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