If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best weed eater money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best weed eater on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Black & Decker LST136W is the best model for sale because it can be used as a trimmer and edger. Simply by turning the shaft you can convert the trimmer into a convenient edger. The long shaft also makes it easy for you to trim underneath bushes and in hard to reach places. The 40V lithium ion battery ensures a long running time, and it is also rechargeable. With the automatic line advance and 13 inch cutting head you can quickly and easily finish all your lawn chores. If the Black & Decker LST136W is not available, you could consider the Dewalt DCST920P1 as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


Every lawn needs to look great, without the presence of rebellious roots or bushes. This is where a powerful weed eater comes into play. Discovering the best rated product ends when people know exactly what makes a product efficient. It is important for gardeners to have by their side a reliable weed eater.


What is the best product from the many weed eater models available for purchase? Well, this is a tough question to tackle. A good weed eater needs to have a flexible design, capable of improving people’s ability to cut different types of weeds. There are many areas of the front and back yard (near fences, patios, driveways and trees) which require the use of professional weed eaters. Some weed eaters offers a wide cutting width and fuel-tank capacity which improves cutting performance. The device should also include a special anti-vibration option for maximum cutting performance. Furthermore the weed eater has to incorporate solid handles, optimal for a comfortable feel during each task around the garden.



Most of the current top ten weed eater models are accompanied by various accessories, needed to perform various cutting tasks. A reliable weed eater should enhance people’s ability to trim down bushes and weeds. According to recent statistics it seems that professional accessories are cultivators, pole saws, power sweepers and blowers. Now, most weed eaters are fully compatible with most of the current steel blades, perfect for trimming and cutting actions. To this end it is recommended to know if the manufacturer offers accessories, needed to handle high end gardening tasks. Professional attachments make different tasks easier to handle.



Going through the most popular weed eater models will definitely help people find the right product. The weed eater needs to incorporate a powerful engine, designed to deliver accurate cuts. With a reliable engine, cutting tools can perform even tough actions. The engine safely determines the torque, speed and power of the trimmer. Identifying the highest rated product from the many products out there represents a smart investment in the general health of the garden. A professional cutting tool delivers the right actions, in direct accordance with the grass, bush or twigs. Each option needs to be carefully weighed.


In conclusion

The elements we emphasized above represent warranties that the weed eater will work properly. Fortunately the road to the best weed eater under $500 starts with clear information on functionality and cutting performance. It is important to choose a product that improves cutting precision.



Products for specific needs


Best weed eater for edging


WORX 32-Volt GT2.0


This model is equipped with everything you need to get started. It is a convenient alternative that comes with a MaxLithium battery, as well as a charger and three trimmer spools. The neat thing about this choice is that you can position the wheels as per your momentary preferences or activity.

Therefore, the product can be utilized for mowing, edging, as well as trimming. It merely takes several seconds to convert the unit from a trimmer to an in-line edger. Besides, since it comes with a quick-release lever, you’ll be able to set just the right height for your requirements.


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Best weed eater for $200


Toro 51488 48-Volt MToro


It is important to have around the house a professional weed eater, capable of performing complex cuts. Most professionals underline the solid construction of the 51488 MToro weed eater from Toro, a product powered by 48 volt max lithium battery.

As the best weed eater for $200, this powerful cutting tool features a durable cast aluminum head which resists well to prolonged tasks. It also incorporates a professional variable speed control that permits people to perform various applications.

This weed eater features a durable 13 in. dual line which ensures optimal cutting performance. Due to its user-friendly design, the device delivers proper results!


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Best weed eater for farm use


Weed Eater W25SFK


Every yard deserves to be handled with attention because it involves cutting long, short and thick weeds. According to the latest reviews that we consulted, the W25SFK Straight Shaft trimmer from Weed Eater represents a great addition to anyone that cares about the lawn’s appearance. What makes this unit so appreciated among gardeners?

Apart from being considered the best weed eater for farm use, this model incorporates a powerful 25cc 2-cycle engine, which can maintain a smooth cutting performance. It is important to know that the trimmer offers a wide 15 inch cutting width which permits people to safely trim down yards in impressive time.


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Top rated weed eaters in 2022


In order to keep your lawn looking great you need to have the right weed eater by your side, cutting every blade of grass down to size. To make the right decision when attempting to buy such a tool is very important as well, so you don’t run into unexpected trouble. The best weed eater reviews will identify the most reliable models which you can place your faith in and get the job done quickly and with a limited amount of effort.


Black & Decker LST136W



Keeping your yard neat and trimmed is easy with this top selling weed eater. With is “PowerDrive” transmission and 13 inch cutting head you can quickly finish your yard chores and get back to enjoying the rest of your day.

The long shaft makes it easy to trim in hard to reach places without having to constantly bend over, and with a quick turn you can convert the trimmer into a convenient edger. You will also appreciate the automatic line feed that ensures you can keep working without having to stop and advance the cutting string.



With the ability to easily convert from a trimmer to an edger it is easy to see why this is considered the best rechargeable weed eater.

It comes with a long lasting 40V lithium ion on battery that can be quickly recharged so the weed eater is always ready to go.

You can choose between maximum power or a longer running time with the convenient “Power Command” dial.



While this weed eater has received mainly five star reviews on Amazon one consumer did mention that the automatic line feed feature might be a waste of money since you can’t control the amount of string that is advanced each time.


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Dewalt DCST920P1



If you are looking for a weed eater that is powerful and durable, this string trimmer from Dewalt might be perfect for you. It comes with a brushless motor that is designed to be durable and efficient so you can cut through tough weeds and tall grass quickly and easily.

The conveniently placed trigger makes it easy to adjust the cutting speed as needed, and this also helps to conserve battery power. The 20V lithium ion battery ensures that you have plenty of power to finish the job, and since it is rechargeable you don’t have to worry about replacement costs.



This weed eater comes with a brushless motor that is designed to last longer than similar models.

With the ability to cut a 13 inch path through thick weeds and tall grass you can quickly and easily finish trimming small and medium size yards.

You can easily adjust the cutting speed with the conveniently placed trigger.



There are very few negative reviews concerning this weed eater, except one consumer did mention that he wished that the guard plate was larger to prevent weeds and debris from flying around.


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Weed Eater WE20VT


3.Weed Eater WE20VT

One of the main advantages of this weed eater is its affordable price. Not only is it priced to fit most budgets, it is also capable of cutting a 12 inch path through thick weeds and grass. Its smaller cutting head also makes it easier to reach into tight places so your entire yard is neat and evenly trimmed.

When needed this string trimmer can also be converted into a convenient edger so you can quickly finish your yard chores without having to grab another tool. With a powerful 20V rechargeable battery and up to 25 minutes of run time, this weed eater is perfect for use in most small and midsize yards.



With up to 25 minutes of running time, thanks to the powerful 20V battery, you can easily finish trimming your small yard before it needs to be recharged.

The shaft can be extended to easily get into hard to reach places, and the handle can also be adjusted for comfort.

You can easily convert this weed eater into an edger simply by twisting the shaft.



There are very few negative reviews concerning this weed eater, but one consumer did mention that he wished it were easier to adjust the cutting width without having to use a screwdriver.


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Husqvarna 128DJx


Another viable option, which is considered by many specialists one of the top rated weed eaters in 2022, is the Husqvarna 128DJx. The trimmer even has eco friendly features, like for instance the E-Tech II system which makes it have a low exhaust emission.

In its package you will also receive a harness system which makes it very easy to work with, causing less fatigue than other models. The Smart start is also another reason for buying this trimmer/brush cutter.



Receiving high marks of efficiency from the best weed wacker reviews this machine is lightweight and capable of trimming down weeds growing near sidewalks, driveways and even patios

Great for professional gardeners and homeowners this string trimmer is very easy to start due to the advanced Smart Start recoil system

Powered by a solid E-Tech engine which significantly reduces gas emissions the model is fully CARB compliant

Benefiting from an exclusive 2 year exclusive warranty (extendable to 4 years) this string trimmer comes equipped with a reliable harness system for proper control during gardening tasks



The string strimmer has a pretty loud working pattern but no more than other models on the market


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Black & Decker LST136 Cordless


Many people have considered the Black & Decker LST136 to be the best possible choice for a weed eater because it has a very good price range and some great capabilities.

You can use it either as a trimmer or as an edger, with its shaft turning easily for each role. The battery will ensure it a long operation so you will don’t have to recharge it multiple times to get the job done. With so many wonderful advantages to offer it is no wonder why it has a positive reputation with the best weed eaters reviews.



Considered by thousands of professional gardeners as the best weed wacker 2022 this amazing cordless machine features the exclusive PowerDrive Transmission for smooth performance during tasks around household yards

This 13-inch trimmer safely converts to a precise edger for more delicate cutting applications, usually on weeds growing close to solid surfaces

Powered by 36-volt lithium-ion battery system which delivers smooth cutting performance without the presence of technical interruptions

Due to the powerful motor and the advanced PowerComand dial, users have the possibility of controlling speed power from 6500 RPM to 8500 RPM



The user manual contains operating instructions which some people consider to be not enough


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Poulan Pro 966774301 Gas


Trim your grass down to size with the Poulan Pro weed eater which is run by a powerful 4 cycle motor.  It is also light so you don’t have too much trouble using for long periods without getting that tired. The cutting width of the blade has 17 inches which allows you to cover a lot of ground so you finish your task faster. Also you will have the opportunity to attach a lot of accessories to it, managing to do a lot of different jobs.



This powerful gas powered trimmer packs enough power for gardeners to cut through hard weeds, wildly grown grass, strong twigs and also roots without problems

Incorporating advanced spring start system the string trimmer starts fast which comes in handy for professionals that need to work in record time

The machine comes equipped with a unique Pro-Link attachment system that transforms it into a highly functional multi-efficient gardening tool

Features a special Tap-N-Go Dual Exit head with an impressive 17-inch cutting width which helps gardeners cut within a short period of time front and back yards



There are also available special attachments like brush cutter, blower, pole pruner, cultivator and edger for more complex tasks (sold separately)


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Poulan Pro PP125


Why not invest in the Poulan Pro PP125 which is a popular choice for a trimmer all across America. The first obvious quality that needs to be presented is its 25cc engine which is powered by gas and uses a SureFire system do you don’t encounter any difficulties when switching the machine on. You also have the possibility to attach a high number of accessories in order to be able to do various tasks. Its low price is another thing that will surprise you about it. Many view it as one of the best weed eaters in 2022 and they have every reason to believe it.



Safely equipped with a powerful SureFire 25cc 2-cycle gas motor this string trimmer offers users the chance to handle even tough weeds, roots and grass with minimal effort

With a roomy 17-inch cutting width and specially designed Tap n’ Go head the machine diminishes time spent on any grass area since users control productive tools

Incorporating an advanced durachrome cylinder in the fuel system which improves the motor’s lifespan, the string trimmer works very well for years

It benefits from an exclusive 2 year exclusive warranty and is backed by strong positive user testimonials



The Pro PP125 string trimmer is non-CARB which means Californians can’t purchase it due to strict environmental laws


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How to choose a new weed eater in 2022 – Buying guide


Every garden comes with its challenges, which need to be carefully handled with professional tools. One of the most common issues that people face relates to weeds growing in areas where lawn mowers can’t reach. Such patches can disturb the overall appearance of the lawn. This is where professional weed eaters or string trimmers come in handy and deliver proper assistance. Designed to precisely keep sidewalks trimmed and obviously free of weeds the current string trimmers add precision to every inch of your garden. If you know your way around with weed eaters, your garden will look absolutely beautiful. Now, the trick is to find a reliable instrument that works well on different types of lawns and weeds. Fortunately the market’s offer is more than generous, especially with models that can cut even the toughest of weeds.

Going through the best weed eater reviews represents a chance for people to narrow the search down to one single product. The current models of weed eaters have evolved a lot from the first models released on the market. Still, nobody has the time to go through professional reviews on some of the best weed eaters. This is why we did the research so you won’t have to. Now, according to our data we noticed that most of the current weed eaters incorporate a long shaft with comfortable handle and also a reel of string. The working pattern is simple: the string revolves at very high speed in order to safely cut different weeds and grass. There are various weed eaters with small profiles, worth considering during long cutting applications! These gardening instruments significantly eliminate weeds and grass in a comfortable and safe manner.

Choosing the best weed eater 2022 represents a sure investment in the lawn’s appearance. There are 3 principal types of weed eaters available on the market: gas weed eaters, battery-powered and plug-in. Since every yard comes with its own needs, you have to invest in a product that matches them. Furthermore there are weeds harder to cut than others and as a result you should find a product that is powerful enough to get the job done.  Plug-in weed eaters are perfect for small lawns that are in the cord radius. You depend on the cord’s length in matters of mobility. Still, this is a downside balanced out by the lightweight design and silent operation of such products.

Seasoned gardeners underline that the best weed eater 2022 will most likely be powered by gas. Why? Well, it seems that gas powered weed eaters are very powerful and have the capacity to cut fast and better than electric models. Most gas trimmers can hold for a long period of time the string in line. Still, some owners complained about the apparent noise such gardening tools let out during cutting tasks.


Things to consider:

  • There are plug-in, gas-powered and electric weed eaters
  • Powerful rechargeable batteries (gas and electric models)
  • Comfortable handles
  • Lightweight designs and silent operating systems



Husqvarna 224L Professional Straight Shaft – Not Available


Best Weed eater reviewsWhen it comes to a nice looking lawn there are very few weed eaters as good as the Husqvarna 224L, which is both resourceful and lightweight. The 4 stroke engine is extremely reliable and won’t disappoint you when the going gets tough. You won’t have problems with starting the machine like with other weed eaters, thanks to its Smart Start system which is very easy to use. The 2 years of warranty is also something to look forward to, making it one of the best weed eaters in 2022.



This professional string trimmer is powered by an impressively strong 25cc 4 stroke engine which enhances gardening tasks quality and user’s ability to handle even the toughest of areas of the yard

Weighing only 11.24 pounds and with a user friendly interface this string trimmer offers comfort during each cutting task

It features an advanced Air purge system which diminishes air build-up in the carburator and improves the fuel system functionality

The string trimmer features Smart Start system that permits gardeners to quickly start the machine and trim things out without problems



The machine is non-CARB compliant and as a result not for sale in some U.S. states



Black & Decker NST1118 Cordless


Along the years the Black & Decker trimmers and edgers impressed with their quality cutting performance. For smooth results we recommend the NST1118, a cordless device which permits users to easily switch from trimming to edging without problems. It incorporates an advanced Power Drive transmission system which provides enough power to the string to continue cutting.

Regarded by many as the best weed eater for edging this unit is fitted with an adjustable aluminum telescopic shaft for heightened comfort during gardening tasks. The weed eater includes a powerful 18V battery that ensures enough power to short and long edging tasks.