Best waterproof cameras for the money


It is a common notion that taking photos underwater will be an expensive hobby because you need to have an expensive gadget. While there are gadgets from the higher end of the market, it will also be possible for you the find the best waterproof cameras under $100. Some of the best choices that can be taken into account are identified in the rest of this article.


What is the best Waterproof Camera under $100 – A buying guide


Photography is an art that only a few can truly master.  In order to create beautiful snapshots of underwater life, water rafting and unique moments near waterfalls or simply water sliding you need to find a high quality waterproof camera. Today, more and more people are trying to find the best waterproof camera designed to capture life in stunning details. Due to the wide range of models available on the market today, we researched each of the top rated cameras in emphasize on what makes them great. Once you consult with attention the best waterproof cameras reviews you will know exactly what to look for in a great product. A high quality camera can help you take beautiful pictures in wet conditions at the beach, by cascades shimmering closeness or during those long rainy days.

There are a couple of things to take into account while browsing for a brand new camera. You will discover on the market compact cameras that can take beautiful photos which later on become your favourite memories. The first thing that you need to take into account is price range. Most of the present compact waterproof cameras range from $50 to $100. One of the models set within this price range will respond very well to all your photographic projects. You might want a product that can be used down to depths of 10 metres underwater or even more. There are many diving cameras designed to enrich photographic creativity. Sublimely capturing underwater life can become a reality that you can control without restrictions. With one of the best waterproof cameras in 2019 you will be able set the basis for a one-of a-kind portfolio comprising brilliant photos.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Price Resolution Depth Our Rating Where to buy

Olympus TG320

5.4 oz $$$ 14 MP 10 ft A AMAZON

Kodak EasyShare Sport C123

11 oz $$$ 12 MP 10 ft B+ AMAZON

Bell + Howell Splash WP7

4 oz $$ 12 MP 10 ft C+ AMAZON

Svp Acqua WP6800

> 1lb $$ 18 MP 10 ft C+ AMAZON

Fujifilm Quick Snap

5.9 oz $ 33 mm 17 ft C AMAZON


Specialists refer to compact waterproof cameras as rugged cameras, because they are designed to safely accompany active individuals in all their endeavours. So, it is a high quality norm to see waterproof that are shockproof, freeze proof and crush proof. These are basically the primary features that rugged cameras need to reunite in order to respond well to more extreme photographic needs. Now, a camera should withstand drops from a height of minimum 2 meters. In addition, it has to resist to temperatures as low as -10 thus becoming the ideal companion for skiers, snowboarders and hikers.

One of the best waterproof cameras in 2019 should also include GPS tracking. This particular function records the photo’s location and thus you’ll be able to keep better track of your memories. There are also other important factors that need to be taken into consideration: zoom functions, viewfinders, resistance to water drops and user-friendly design. Most cameras offer pretty limited zoom functions. Such devices can’t extend wide zooming functions, which doesn’t fit well with close-up shots. Cameras with more than 5x optical zoom functions are pretty rare. Unfortunately there are only a couple of cameras that come equipped with viewfinder functions. You will also see that most of the present waterproof cameras include hard viewing screens especially in contact with bright light. You need to carefully weigh your options and select a product close to your photographic projects.


Olympus TG320 Waterproof Camera


This 14-megapixel camera is another model that never fails to be included in the list of the best waterproof cameras under $200. This is recommended for people who are living an active lifestyle, such as for the adventurous travellers who would never want to miss out any special moment on their trip. This camera is waterproof to a depth of 10 feet, shockproof by up to 5 feet, and freeze proof by up to 14 degrees. You can be assured that this all-weather camera will be a perfect companion for your rugged holidays.



It is incredibly durable and built in such a way it will withstand everything but extreme heat. It is one of Olympus’s toughest gadgets.

It comes with a 14MP sensor capable of capturing impressive pictures in the toughest of conditions.

It is waterproof and can go 10ft. under before having any trouble. It can handle a 5ft. drop and it is also freeze proof which comes in handy on expeditions. It is also dust proof which makes it one of the cameras with the longest lifespan in the world.

It is simple to use and comfortable to carry around considering its compact body.



The cable used to recharge this camera is not that practical and has gotten many people complaining because of its lack of efficiency.

Underwater pictures can come out a bit cloudy sometimes.


” The Olympus TG320 Waterproof Camera is a durable camera I have for almost 3 years. The product is equipped with good features that are essential for the camera. It was sold in a very affordable price without diminishing its quality.”  Sergio S. Barnes


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Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 Waterproof Camera


This 12-megapixel camera is waterproof to a depth of up to 10 feet. It has 2.6-inchd LCD screen that will allow you to reviews the images that you have taken. More so, one of the most significant reasons on why it is listed in the best Kodak waterproof cameras reviews is that it will allow you to easily share your photos with other people. With the share button, you can instantly share it to another computer or to a variety of linked social network accounts.



This is a Kodak so you know you will be getting the best in image capturing technology.

It has a generous 2.6 inch display so you can see all there is to see.

The 12MP sensor is going to take some impressive HD pictures which can immediately be shared via e-mail or through Kodak Pulse. Users can also share pictures via other social networking sites.

It is waterproof up to 10 ft. under the water and it comes with special technology that allows it to adapt and offer the best adjustments during any situation.



Customers are better off using the automatic settings. It is close to impossible to take a good underwater shot while using manual settings.

The zoom is totally inefficient underwater.


”I am very happy with the Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 Waterproof Camera because it is very professional to use. With this camera, I can share with my friend through social networking site some of my memories made underwater. This is with the help of the sharing abilities of the camera. ”  Stephanie J. Khan


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SVP ACQUA WP6800 Waterproof Camera


This camera will prove to be functional to a depth of up to 3 meters. With 18 megapixels, this is one of the models with the highest resolution within the product category. Aside from the resolution, the quality of the images is also improved with the 4x digital zoom, allowing you to clearly capture your subject even if you are shooting at a distance. This camera is also an excellent choice when evaluated with regards to flexibility, as it compatible with various operating systems.



It is affordable and comes with a pretty impressive 18MP sensor which is capable of snapping clear images especially when used under water. It is capable of 4x digital zoom as well so you will be able to capture great pictures even if your target is far away.

The 2.4inch LCD TFT color display will allow you to see exactly what you want to focus on.

You get a lot of storage space with this device which is compatible with 32GB SD cards.

This camera represents the perfect gadget for those who love going on vacation to the sea side. It will work under 9ft. of water and it will be able to handle hours of underwater picture taking sessions.



This is not the best waterproof camera under $200 you can currently find. It eats through the battery immediately and it has trouble in taking clear pictures if your hands are not completely steady.

It has poor response times and needs a few good seconds before it recharges the flash.


”The zooming capability of the SVP ACQUA WP6800 Waterproof Camera is one of a kind. It still produces clear images even after zooming with the help of the camera lens. I am very much enticed with the fashionable outlook of the waterproof camera. I don’t know who makes the best waterproof cameras, but I’m certain this model one of the most reliable ones currently in the market. And it’s not too expensive, especially if you buy it around Xmas for a discount.”  Rosemarie C. Jimenez


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Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof Camera


Best Waterproof Cameras under $100This waterproof camera will be functional to a depth of up to 17 feet. This 4-pack set comes with pre-loaded 800-speed color film. This is the perfect option of basic manual photographers who would want to take a shot of the wonderful imagery that can be seen underwater. It also comes with wrist strap, which will provide you with an assurance that you will keep hold on it even if you are swimming. The camera is housed in a durable and lightweight plastic that is easy to carry.



Most say that this is the best waterproof camera under $200, not because of its performance but because it costs just under $10.

It is the best-selling product in the single-use film cameras advertised on Amazon.

Its biggest advantage is that it can go as deep as 17 feet without any troubles at all.

It has a great lifespan, with the film lasting for up to 4 years since the first picture was taken.

It can take up to 27 pictures with one film.



It can only produce decent results during the day and while used in direct sunlight.

The pictures lack color and brightness.


”Even I go underwater; I never worry about the Fujifilm Quick Snap because it is very durable. Aside from that, this product has a holder that will let you keep a firm grip on it. It is also lightweight and compact so it’s easy to carry along with me. There is no doubt about it, I’ve bought one of the highest rated waterproof cameras in 2019. Luckily, Black Friday made it a bargain which I couldn’t just pass on.”  Susan T. Evans


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Kodak Sport C135 Waterproof Camera – Not available


This model is basically just the same as the Kodak C123, with the only difference being that it has 14-megapixel resolution, which translates into being able to enjoy images with more vibrant and crispier colors. Aside from being able to take pictures in high definition, it is also a good thing that it has the Smart Capture feature. It is possible for guesswork to be eliminated with regards to the rights settings, as you can instantly shoot at the most optimal condition, which is automatically adjusted by the camera.

”Even we are in the midst of the sea; we can take clear photos with the help of Kodak Sport C135 Waterproof Camera. The product is very much useful and has a very cheap price. The C135 had a price under $70. ”  Mark L. Roman