Are you moving into a new house or simply got tired of your old washing machine and look to replace it with something new? No matter the reason, finding a good washing machine could prove a difficult task, especially if you don’t have enough time to go through stores and decide which one will best suit your interests. If you are willing to take us for granted, we decided to do most of your “dirty work”, so read plenty of online reviews about the best-acclaimed products on the market. Thus, we have concluded that the best washing machine with an agitator is the Speed Queen AWN432S because it includes an agitator, it occupies less space and is suitable for small-sized bathrooms thanks to its top load, and the drum is made from stainless steel to last you a long time from now on. If the Speed Queen AWN432S is not available for purchase, our second best option in terms of price and quality would be the Kenmore 20372.



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Second only to ironing and coming directly above cleaning, doing the laundry is a tedious task that requires the help of the best rated washing machine with agitator. The agitator circulates the laundry around the machine. Take note of important elements you should check out in the most popular washing machine with agitator.



Although the ratings best to worst for washing machines with agitators  note that such models have reduced capacity because of the very presence of the agitator, getting a machine with greater capacity should make up for the loss of space. Such types of machines generally cost less than front loaders, so adding some dollars for extra capacity shouldn’t hurt. Machines of this sort also offer short cycle times, saving you on electricity bills, which should make up for the extra money you spend for buying a larger capacity machine.

A machine with agitator uses older technology that has been proven for its reliability in cleaning clothes. It also uses regular detergent, so you don’t have to purchase more expensive high-efficiency washing substances.


Tub Material

You can’t go wrong with a plastic tub or a stainless steel one. Unlike a porcelain tub, a washing machine with agitator in the top ten units with a plastic or stainless tub will not suffer from rust or chipping. This ensures that the machine stays strong and offers great performance through the years. It is essential that the tub be rinsed with soap-free water and allowed to air dry once the washing is done.

The aggressive agitation can somehow cause the tub to suffer from chipping as it gets into contact with buttons, zippers or buckles in some garments. However, if the machine is built with a sturdy, well-constructed tub, that aggressive shaking and movement should not cause frequent maintenance issues.


Wash Program Variety

What is the best washing machine with agitator? It’s the one that offers programmable wash menus of a good variety. You don’t just put in two kinds of garments in the washing machine. You also have to handle cleaning of various other types of fabrics that can be midway between heavy and light. With electronic controls and more choices, you can ensure efficient washing at all times.

Choose cycles according to the type of load you put in. The electronic displays also help you keep an eye on the time left to run the entire cycle, and know what status the washing is in. With a good quality machine built with the latest technology, you won’t have to feel you are doing the laundry by hand instead of using the machine.


Getting a washing machine with agitator under a budget is okay as long as you are able to determine which features work best for you and your laundry needs. What you need to do is go through some research and read reviews and recommendations to help you decide more quickly. This guide should equip you with a working knowledge of such machines so you won’t have to make fully uninformed decisions in the process.



Products for specific needs

Best washing machine with agitator for cloth diapers


Speed Queen AWN432S


With a stainless steel tub and a commercial-grade cabinet, the Speed Queen AWN432S 3.3-cu.-ft. Top-Load Washer is definitely your best choice for a great-performing top-load washing machine. It features a heavy-duty motor that powers the 210-degree wash stroke, with agitation of 68 strokes per minute. This ensures exceptional wash quality.

Moreover, the Speed Queen AWN432S provides 710 rpm and performs a final spin to remove more water from the wash loads, helping with faster drying times. Aside from its soak and regular cycles, the machine also comes with permanent press and hand-wash or delicate cycles, making it the best washing machine with agitator for cloth diapers.

The delicate/hand wash cycle provides an extra rinse option so the baby’s diapers are completely free of detergent.


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Best top load washing machine with agitator




Built with an easy-to-use control panel, the GE GTWN5650FWS 3.9-Cu.-Ft. White Top-Load Washer has been considered the best top load washing machine with agitator. It offers twice the cleaning performance of some machines that cost nearly two times as much.

User-friendly and with more cycle choices and options than other conventional models, the GE GTWN5650FWS 3.9-Cu.-Ft. White Top-Load Washer has extra cold water temperature selections, soak option, variable spin speed control plus basket clean cycle. With this range of washing options, there’s always a perfect choice for you to efficiently clean the family’s clothes.

It cleans well even on quick cycle and normal washing options. The machine also has digital time display that lets you view remaining cycle time.


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Best Maytag washer with agitator


Maytag MVWC200BW


Engineered and assembled in the US, the Maytag MVWC200BW 3.6-Cu.-Ft. White Top-Load Washer is the best Maytag washer with agitator. Thanks to Maytag’s unquestionable reputation for dependability, this washing machine is built with long-lasting commercial-duty springs that are resistant to corrosion.

The 3.6-cubic-foot capacity is capable of handling even the largest loads. You can wash up to 16 towels in just one load. This is a strong and reliable appliance for the home, built in Clyde, Ohio and coming straight to your home. It has two spin speeds and handles three levels of soiling in garments and fabrics.

It also offers 4 temperature combinations: Warm, Hot, Cool and Cold. You can choose from washer option selections that include fabric softener and extra rinse cycles.


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Top washing machines with agitator in 2021


Finding a washing machine that can fulfill all your requirements is a tough task. To save you the trouble of going through hundreds of product descriptions, we have listed some of the best washing machines with agitator, so you can choose your desired washing machine and use your spare time for something more enjoyable. Here are our picks:



Speed Queen AWN432S


This is the best top loader washer if you’re looking for an affordable option and aren’t particularly keen on breaking your entire budget over getting a wash machine agitator. The model has been built with high-quality components and a heavy-duty motor and has performed very well in terms of user reviews and ratings. The clear finish on the surface of the unit has been applied in three coatings so that the model keeps looking sharp regardless of how much it is being used. Cleaning and maintenance are a breeze thanks to this type of finish.



Durability is an innate feature of this alternative, as it has a stainless steel construction and that seems to have been developed precisely for the machine to last for many years to come.

Another advantage of getting the Speed Queen AWN432S is that it’s reasonably quiet. It’s rather annoying to wake up your roommates or children just because you’re washing a load of clothes. Fortunately, this can’t happen if you opt for this model, as it has a quiet motor.

As for ease of use, the Speed Queen AWN432S couldn’t be more convenient. The controls are placed on the front of the washer, thus allowing owners to reach them easily.



Although the vast majority of the buyers’ reviews we came across are positive, there have been some people underlining some minor issues. For instance, an owner states that it would have been nice if the rotary control dial had a larger indicator arrow, so that he or she visualizes it with ease.


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Kenmore 20372


This product has a big interior capacity, being able to wash up to 22 large towels at once. It features different options such as the SteamTreat and the Deep Fill option that allow you to clean hard stains by using the steam power or choose the level of water used for washing your clothes, depending on your personal preferences.

Thanks to the top load type, this washing machine won’t occupy too much space, so that it is suitable for smaller-sized bathrooms and closets as well. In addition, in selected cities, the paying price also includes delivery costs and hookup services.



The small dimensions are fitting narrow bathrooms and storage deposits.

The fabric softener dispenser feature allows you to soften your fabrics at the right time during the washing cycle.

It has a big laundry capacity, helping you clean more clothes and accessories at the same time.

You can control the amount of water used or the type of cleaning you want, to make sure you always receive impeccably clean clothes, and fabrics.



Some of the buyers will also have to pay for the delivery and installation costs, which don’t come cheap. Some customers claimed it uses a bigger amount of energy to heat the water than other similar washing machines


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Haier HLP21N Pulsator


One of the most popular washing machines for students who live in dorms is the Haier HLP21N. Most other portable washers have problems when it comes to their durability, but not this model because it has a tube made from stainless steel. Its installation process doesn’t require any complicated steps or any expensive tools. You will be able to quickly connect it to any sink and the washing can commence. The Pulsator is gentler on delicate fabrics than other washers, so your baby clothes or towels are washed properly. On top of all this, the model has a very affordable price range.



Compact design is easy to fit into small spaces, with easy connection to a standard sink with the supplied fill and drain hoses plus Quick Connect sink adapter.

Doing the laundry shouldn’t be a huge effort thanks to the 1.0-cubic-foot Pulsator washer that offers a choice of Quick Wash, Normal or Heavy cycles and High, Medium and Low water levels, making customization easy for every load.

Durable stainless steel tub with Pulsator system that performs a powerful and effective wash action instead of the pulling and twisting that machines with a standard agitator provide.

Digital controls are convenient to use, with LED indicator lights that display the cycle status clearly and a pause button to enable cycle interruption during operation.



Wash load sizes have to be monitored to avoid spilling of water out of the machine.

Capacity is designed for small-sized families or single users.


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Speed Queen AWNE82SP


2.Speed Queen AWNE82SP

This is the second best product we’ve found on the market today. It might be a little less affordable compared to the first we’ve showcased, but it does what it’s supposed to do and is both convenient and versatile. It’s built with high-quality materials and is a return on investment by itself. Aside from the fact that it does not come with a coin slot, this unit is built like a tank.




One of the most important factor when it comes to buying this model is that it’s small-sized enough to fit through small doorways. This might, in fact, be the whole reason some people choose the Speed Queen AWNE82SP over other models, as they may live in tight spaces and thus require a tiny front loader.

As for durability, there have been no complaints on this front. All of the user reviews we have consulted speak highly of this commercial type of machine and claim that it’s the same brand that many laundromats utilize.

The Time Remaining Display of the Speed Queen AWNE82SP seems to have been specially developed to allow users to know just how much they have left before they can finally take out the batch of clean clothes out of the machine.



Most of the reviews we analyzed speak highly of the value offered for the price of this machine. A single customer has run into a series of technical problems which were resolved in a timely fashion by the brand’s customer support.


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If you are thinking to change your old washing machine then this machine should be your new choice. It has all the features you are looking for. To avoid it from getting rusty, its whole structure is made rust proof so it is capable of giving you the best results for a long time. This product has a capacity of 3.9 cu ft. and 16 different wash cycles. The agitator installed inside can operate without making much noise.




Stainless steel top-load washer makes it easy to put laundry into the tub, which has a capacity of 3.9 cubic feet, making it perfect for small apartments, trailers or boats.

Energy Star qualification ensures more efficient use of electricity and water, making it more environmentally friendly.

With the exclusive Hydrowave quiet agitator wash system, it gives garments a through yet gentle cleaning that gets even better with time.

Is the best washing machine with agitator for the money thanks to its premium price and exceptional quality, rotary electronic controls and cycle status lights that provide accurate information.



Noise during operation can occur if the machine is placed on a uneven surface, making it unstable during spin cycles.


“This top load wahser from GE is what I chose to get for my home, because reviews said it was reliable and the price was affordable. The 3.9 cu.ft. capacity is enough for me and in one go I manage to clean a high portion of my dirty clothes.” – Christina Brown


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Koblenz LCK50


Best washing machine with agitator reviewYou will have a convenient way of washing your clothes anywhere with this product. This product is portable and light; you can transport it anywhere you like. It has a small size and is easy to maneuver; you can keep it in any small place like apartments with small rooms, cabins and or any other place. It is completely portable, you don’t have to worry about the installation,  and to run it you don’t have to perform any complicated installation procedures. It contains 2 mode agitators and easy to understand controls.



Space-saving design helps with optimum use of this machine even in small spaces or dwellings, cramped apartments or condos.

Handles 6.6 pounds of laundry, ideal for small families and people who live alone but want to do their own laundry at home.

15-minute automatic timer allows quick and efficient washing of every wash load, using a reversible action agitator or impeller to move clothes around in the tub while cleaning out dirt and soil.

Portable and lightweight structure makes it easy to move the machine about around the home, for easy storage and transfer.



3-foot drain hose requires the unit to be placed near the sink or the bathroom drain for thorough emptying.

No spin cycle to facilitate quick drying, needs augmentation with a dryer.


“I am really pleased with getting the Koblenz LCK50 because it turned out to be a very reliable washing machine. What impressed me most about it were its 2 agitators which grant it so many advantages. For my small apartment, its compact design is ideal. This model has convinced me it’s one of the best washing machines with agitators for the money you pay for it..” – Jennifer Gatlin


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BaseCamp Mr. Heater EZYWASH


1.BaseCamp Mr. Heater EZYWASH

If you have been looking for a portable washing machine with agitator but can’t seem to make up your mind on a model, look no further, as the EZYWASH will satisfy all your needs. This unit has everything you might ever have desired, from a quiet operation to a high-velocity spin cycle. The agitator does what it’s supposed to do and does it well, but buyers are recommended to use light loads if they can. This little machine has gathered many reviews that praise its performance and capabilities, as it’s small-sized but perfectly capable of completing its tasks.


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Products which are no longer available



Smart+ Products SPP55AW


If you live in a dorm or a small apartment and you need a washer, our experts recommend buying the Smart+ Products SPP55AW. Even though it has a top load capacity of just 1,65 cu. ft., it can still wash up to 12 pounds of laundry at a time. Except its four wash programs, this compact washer also offers 10 different water levels and 3 water temperature settings for a more complete wash. You can easily move it from room to room because it doesn’t weigh much and it’s equipped with casters. The low price makes it easily affordable for students and its package will also include fill and drain hoses. The SPP55AW is in our opinion one of the best washing machines with agitator in 2021.



Portable and compact washing machine with 1.65-cubic-foot capacity to wash up to 12 pounds of laundry at every wash cycle.

Space-saving design perfect when space is limited or when vented washing systems are impractical to have in the living space.

Has 4 wash programs to help complete washing of different kinds of fabrics that need a specific type of cleaning care.

Has 10 electronically-controlled water levels that work alongside the 3 water temperature settings to ensure thorough cleaning.



Drain and faucet hoses are made of thin material and may need replacing as needed.

Rolling casters move two ways, either forward or backward to facilitate portability.



Whirlpool WTW4930XW


This product provides a vast variety of washing functions. Its features certainly make it worthy of being mentioned in the best washing machine with agitator review. According to your laundry requirements, you can adjust the temperature pick between different washing cycles so your clothes will always be cleaned thoroughly. It has good amount of space for you to clean a big pile of clothes at a time. Its opening cover is big, so you can easily put in and take out clothes without any problem.

“This washing machine from Whirlpool has everything I could possibly want from a washer. The different cycles allow me to clean all types of clothes and I am very happy with its load capacity as well. While it’s not the best rated model on review sites, I still belive it’s one of the top ten washing machines with agitators this year.” – Samantha Robbins





Washing clothes have never been so simple. This product has gotten the best washing machine with agitator review from many specialists. Its noise free agitator makes it suitable even for sensitive people. According to the specific load of laundry, you can select different water filling levels in your machine. Thanks to the installation of new technology, the process of washing clothes has become even more simple and fast.  The machine comes with ten different cycles in order to give you better results for every wash.

“I must recommend this washing machine because the GE has functioned very well these past 3 months. My husband said he installed it very easily, so we didn’t need to call a specialist to do it. My clothes are always clean and that is what matters the most. It might not be a new model, but it’s still one of the highest rated washing machines with agitators. ” – Anne Wahlberg




Washing machines with agitator – What to look for:


More and more Americans are interested in finding professional washing machines, capable of cleaning different types of clothes. There are many things to take into account while shopping for a new addition to your laundry room. A carefully chosen washer can help you keep your wardrobe sharp and clean every day of the week. Now, there are many washing machines available on the market which makes the selection process pretty challenging. Fortunately, we did the research so you won’t have too. After testing with attention over 35 washers and covering 90 hours of work, we drafted the best washing machines reviews. You can consult them and thus discover the ideal product for your home!

Well, how can you find one of the best washing machines in 2021? With the help of professional information, you will be able to narrow the search down to one product. The first thing that you need to take into consideration is price. There are basic budget-friendly washing machines and high-end models that can be used. Small, medium and large families have different needs and, for this reason, the right product must be found. Now, a cheap product comes with safe mechanical controls, white exterior, spin speeds and a limited number of agitations during each washing cycle. You will notice that as the price grows, the machine will incorporate more features like user-friendly interface, touchscreen functions and stylish colors. With attention, you will be able to find a product that matches your bathroom, family room and even kitchens.

Today’s market offers the following types of washers: regular top-loading machines, top loaders and font loaders. In order to identify the best washing machines in 2021 you need to know what each product has to offer. Most of the current top loaders will fill tubs with water while the agitator swirls dirty clothes in order to remove stains, grime and dirt. Such models include precise water temperature controls like hot (designed to kill bacteria), warm (to keep colors vivid while also protecting fabric) and cold (which protects dark colored clothes). Top loaders don’t cost as much as other models and they do consume more energy during each cycle.

There are also high-efficiency top loaders that use directional movements, which lift and tumble in order to accurately clean clothes. The washers protect the clothes during each washing cycle. Now, high-end washing machines fill the tub and then spin faster than ever. This particular action reduces water and energy consumption. Still, top loaders cost quite a lot, more than the regular models. Front loaders are efficient machines that can clean laundry sets with ease. They manage to clean clothes by fast spin speeds and accurate drying time. The devices can be installed under countertops and also be stacked away next to a dryer.

One important thing to take into account is finding an Energy Efficient washer. You need a product in your home that limits energy and water consumption. There are also washing machines with special eco-friendly modes. Once you turn them on, your clothes will be clean and ready to wear whenever you need to!


Things to consider:

–     A wide variety of wash cycles and different temperature settings to properly clean all types of colored clothes, while removing bacteria too

–     A maximum laundry capacity which is suited for the number of people living in your household

–     Make sure the washing machine is energy efficient, to help you cut down on your electricity and water bill

–     Washing machines with agitators clean clothes more thoroughly than front load models

–     Because washers with agitators open upwards, they don’t require any additional space, so they take up less room than other models