In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best washer 2020? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best washer 2020 on the market by looking at social media activity, brand quality and feedback from buyers.

Out of the products we have looked at, the Speed Queen AWN432S proved to be the best available for sale. The model is made of high quality materials, such as a stainless steel cabinet, so you can count on it for plenty of years to come. With 17 different wash cycles, you will always find the perfect one for your clothes, even the most delicate ones. The 210 degree wash stroke is the longest you can find on a washing machine, for perfect results. Combining perfect temperature with rotating speed is what this washer does best, which is why it is so popular with consumers.

In case you cannot find the Speed Queen AWN432S because it is no longer available or it is out of stock, we strongly recommend you to get the Midea MFL70-D1211S, which is a solid great choice.



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If you need to clean your clothes thoroughly and have dirt removed, the best washer 2020 brings you back to when you had your laundry done fast and good. Just that our modern days have brought perfection and made these machines work silently and have even better balance and has large capacity for a one full rounded washing cycle. Keeping your family’s clothes will be one job less to consider, because washers are all about having your white clothes kept staying white.


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Doing the laundry can take a lot if you don’t own a powerful washer. Fortunately there are many high quality washers that can be entrusted to clean shirts, pants, undergarments and other clothing pieces. The trick is to find a model that matches your daily cleaning needs. Manufacturers have long striven to develop powerful washing machines, capable of removing even the toughest stains. What is the best product seems like the proper way to approach the selection process. Selecting a model from the many available on the market should be done only after accessing professional information on the subject. This is why we decided to go through professional reviews on some of the top washers available on the market.

In our search for the best rated product we managed to discover a couple of features that make certain washers very efficient. Due to the continuous development of new washers, there are some great models out there. The first thing that you need to take into account is capacity. There are models that have even 28 pounds of laundry capacity, more than enough for a large family. Some models include mid-wash soaking and powerful agitation technology for precise cleaning results. Other models feature advanced programmable wash menus for quick access to wash cycles. Another important to take into account is location. If you have a laundry room then the washer will fit without problems. Still, if you plan of installing the washer in your kitchen or bathroom simply consider factors like noise and vibration. Fortunately, you can find washers that incorporate advanced noise reduction technologies.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Front/Top Price Capacity Wash Cycles Our Rating Where to buy

Speed Queen AWN432A

Top $$$$ 3.3 cu ft 17 A+ AMAZON

Sonya SYW-70S

Top $$$ 1.9 cu ft 6 A AMAZON

Midea MAE50

Top $$ 1.6 cu ft 6 B+ AMAZON

Haier HLP21N

Top $$$ 1.0 cu ft 3 B AMAZON


Top $$$$ 4.3 cu ft 8 C AMAZON


Washer ratings best to worst can also provide proper assistance during the selection process. Once you know how professionals rated a specific machine, you will be able to determine whether or not it is worth the hassle. Size is also a factor to consider. Most of the standard washers are 27 inches wide but there are models with 2 or 3 extra inches. You should also decide whether or not to invest in top or front load washing machines. Top load machines include center-post agitators which rapidly wash clothes without problems. Usually this cheap washer represents a good solution to people on a budget. There are also high-efficiency top loaders which can hold more laundry than standard models.

Price can also set the tone to the selection process. Still, you can benefit from Black Friday deals on products in order to invest in a reliable model without spending too much money. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people use front load washers. Such models don’t use a lot of water and spin very fast in order to remove stains. Finding a good washer for Christmas represents a good investment for any family that values clean clothes. Washers with electronic controls are easier to administrate. This is why you should invest in one that makes cleaning a comfortable activity.


Things to consider:

–         High capacity, so you can place all the clothes you need inside and clean them without problems

–         Automatic detergent, softener, bleach dispenser which releases the right amount to match the clothes needs

–         Stainless steel interior that resists prolonged use and rust

–         Automatic temperature control which matches the wash cycle you programmed



Speed Queen AWN432A


Best Washer 2020Rely on the long time experience of the best washer 2020 that promises to bring you some peace of mind. In just 30 minutes, this quiet machine has your laundry white and bright and delivers thoroughly cleaned clothes even when you have it working on full capacity. Your small condo will benefit from having this washer installed quickly and with no fuss. Place it anywhere you wish, it won’t bother your senses and it surely won’t have your place flooded with water.



Stainless steel wash tub made for durability, resisting damaging effects due to chipping and rust that can also decrease the washer’s capability

With two speeds to enable customization of washing cycles according to the wash load, ensuring that the washer always performs at its peak

Delivers 473 rpm and 710 rpm spin speeds, so the washing gets done according to how heavy every laundry load is, ensuring that the machine does not suffer from overloading or under-loading

0.5-horsepower motor drives the machine to provide 17 wash cycles, so the user always has optimum washing power at the simple touch of a button



Fabric conditioner has to be manually added at the extra-rinse cycle, certainly not a big deal for happy users


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Midea MFL70-D1211S


1.Midea 2.0

The Midea is a washer dryer combo that will solve all your problems when it comes to having clean fresh clothes. The combo will not only wash your laundry to perfection, but it will dry it well, so you do not have to wait for a long time to enjoy clothes that smell great and feel great.




One of the greatest advantages of this combo is that it comes in a compact size, so it will fit well in a large variety of setups and even in a smaller apartment. Because it is a dryer, besides a washer, it is a good solution for those who do not have an external venting source in their homes and installing a model with a vent is not working for them.

The model saves energy, without compromising efficiency and power. The variable spin speed goes up to 1200 RPM, which is enough for washing even the dirtiest laundry. At the same time, it is not a big energy consumer.

The Midea comes with its own wheels, which means that you will be able to move it around with ease. Since the model is compact and more lightweight than others, moving it is not difficult.

The stainless steel barrel does not rust and it is a guarantee for this machine.



The drying cycle seems to be more difficult to figure out for some users.

Also, the documentation supplied is not always helpful, as several buyers mention.


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Sonya SYW-70S Apartment Small Washing Machine


All best washers 2020 need to provide a large washing capacity and still be small sized and easy to place around the apartment. Having reached the impossible, this machine brings thoroughly washed clothes on a regular basis. Have no concerns when it comes to perfect cleaning experience. This washer keeps you in charge for placing as much or as less detergent as you feel like. It will still clean your clothes thoroughly and have your skin feel free and comfortable in purely cleaned clothes.



Perfect for small apartment dwellers who seek the answer to what is the best washer, thanks to larger capacity of 1.9 cubic feet or 15.4 pounds

Engineered for convenient washing performance in small apartments, condos, houses, trailer homes or caravans, with free mobile caster to enable easier moving around

Transparent lid enables viewing of the washing inside the tub, to ensure balanced load between washing machine and clothes for optimum spinning and washing

Has 6 wash cycles and ten different water levels to enable performance-geared filling and usage every time, and lint filter upgraded to sturdy plastic construction



Connect adapter matches most faucet styles and differences can be resolved with the right type of faucet connection


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Midea MAE50 Washer All Sizes


Have all of your laundry washed at once and still enjoy watching TV, because as all best washer 2020  do, this one ensure in depth cleaning and fabulous preservation of fabrics. Just merge your jeans with your sheets and you will see no blue prints on your laundry once you take it off. Choose from 3 Water Temperature Selections and 6 Selection Programs, this small and compact washer will have you save up some money and it will fit perfectly is a small sized kitchen.



Stainless Steel tub ensures long term durability and impressive resistance to rusting and chipping, ensuring peak performance from the washer

Built to be the ideal answer to what is the best washer questions, thanks to its three water temperature selections that allow customization of every washing cycle to fit with every load put in

Has rollers for easy movement so the washer can be moved to any spot close to water source or to a suitable storage space

Has 6 selection programs that enable customization of the washing cycle to the corresponding size of load, ensuring maximum washing performance each and every time



Rollers facilitate moving the unit from place to place easily when two people handle the transfer

Wash load should not be allowed to be higher than agitator jets to ensure optimum washing performance


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Haier HLP21N Pulsator Wash


You won’t even have to call the plumper. This washer is easy to install and makes perfect connection to your pumps. Digital controls keep you on track for choosing the optimal program. Very small sized, you will still be amazed of how much this washer can take: sheets, towels, jeans and any other piece of laundry you may think of. Rely on the good old fashion washers for having your clothes fresh and cleaned and enjoy the upgraded features that make washing even more pleasant: silent, quick and time saving.



Stainless Steel Tub stays free from the effects of corrosion, rust and chipping, which also contributes to the machine’s long-term durability and consistent high washing performance

Uses a pulsator system instead of a traditional agitator, which frees up additional space in the wash tub to provide maximum wash load capacity and to create a powerful and effective wash action without the twisting and pulling agitator wash systems can cause

Pulsating action in the wash tub delivers superb cleaning performance that is ultimately gentler on clothes, making the washer ideal for items such as delicates, baby clothes and cloth diapers

Includes three wash cycles ranging from Heavy, Normal, or Quick Wash cycles, plus Low, Medium, or High water levels that are electronically controlled with a simple touch of the button



The washer should never be overloaded under any circumstances to ensure optimum cleaning power

Drainage tube needs a place to hang that is around 31 to 40inches high


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LG WT1101CW Top Load Washer


Forget the cheap and superficial washing machines that are full of promises but bring you no results whatsoever. Make the most of washing and have your clothes cleaned and protected using this small and robust washer. Have water take over your clothes and keep your fabrics free of any remaining detergent to avoid possible irritations or discomfort feeling, once the clothes are dry and ready to wear. Once using it, washing will seem just as fun and simple as having your sandwich heating in the microwave.



Energy Star rating ensures more efficient use of electricity and water by optimizing on the universal solvent properties of water and the power of electricity to eliminate dirt and grime from clothes

Has 8 Wash Cycles that make it easy to customize cleaning cycles according to the size of the load or severity of soiling in clothes

Has SmartDiagnosis that helps diagnose and solve problems with the washer quickly and accurately, plus SmartRinse with Jet Spray that ensures efficient use of water to rinse out clothes

Glass lid is slam-proof, made to be strong and sturdy when accidentally closed with more force than is needed



Reaching over the controls and inside the tub may be a bit difficult for short people, not a huge issue thanks to excellent washing performance


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