Cheap washer and dryers prices


Ever since the invention of washing machines, there had been various modifications on the traditional washing machines to fit the needs of a modern society.  With the increase number of washers and dryers in the market, it is very hard to find the best washer for you. These are the best washer and dryers under $1500 that can definitely make sure that your clothes are clean without spending too much money.


EdgeStar Ventless washer and dryer


Best washer and dryers under $1500

Featured in many reviews as one of the best washer and dryers under $1500, this washer’s functionality and compact design can really get the job done with ease. This washer can easily dry clothes with the use of its ventless condensation drying methods and its cyclonic action drying technology. This washer has an ergonomically designed control panel that displays easy-to-understand information and allows you to customize the settings of the washer to suit your taste. The washer is made out of polyurethane which reduces the noise and heat that this machine produces.

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“ Cleaning and washing our laundry is not anymore a problem because the EdgeStar Ventless washer and dryer was discovered. I bought it in Amazon in just affordable price so I am very happy with its functionality. The performance is very great and outstanding so you will love this product.”  Abby Barton


Haier Ventless washer and dryer


You can have a dryer that can dry your clothes easily and a washer that can effectively clean your clothes in one machine. This washer has a ventless drying technology that effectively dries clothes with its various drying stages of processes. The 3-phase induction driver cleans your clothes effectively without using too much electricity or water. The large LCD screen of the washer displays information about the washer’s functions during operation. It also gives you the choice to choose your own drying settings for better management of your clothes.

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“ I am very satisfied with the performance and functionality of the Haier Ventless washer and dryer. This washer and dryer is user- friendly because it has the LCD screen that displays the condition and operation of the machine. I can control it in the manner that I want the product to be.”  Marianne Berry


GE GTUP240EMWW washer and dryer


This 24” laundry washer from our best washer and dryer reviews can effectively clean any kind of clothing without damaging it. This washer has a 9 cycle option which gives you the choice of choosing the right cycle for better management of your clothes. The 4 dry cycles of this machine allows you to choose the right dry cycle for the clothes you want to dry to easily dry your clothes. The auto-load sensors of this machine automatically load water if it had sensed that there are clothes inside ready to be washed.

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“ The GE GTUP240EMWW 24 washer and dryer is a durable product that helps me in cleaning our clothes in just a fraction of time. The product is very useful for me and for my family because it can really clean and dry my clothes in a safety manner. It is also affordable and functional.”  Maritza Clemons


Whirlpool LTE5243DQ washer and dryer


This washer’s ½ HP motor which powers this washer allows this washer to have 5 cycles that can thoroughly clean any type of clothes being cleaned in the washer. The dryer has a 5 cycle option which gives you the choice of selecting the right cycle in order to effectively dry your clothes which is powered by a powerful ¼ HP motor. Because of its compact design, this washer can fit in almost any space without moving other things just to accommodate the washer.

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“ I have the Whirlpool LTE5243DQ washer and dryer for almost 4 years and it functions well in the manner as if it was still brand new. The product is very impressive and useful because I can easily clean my clothes well. The product doesn’t make noise so you I can work with it anytime I want to.”  Marsha Amelia Sykes


LG WM3455HS washer and dryer


This washer’s durability and superior quality performance has made this washer be included as one of the best washer and dryers under $1500. This washer’s LoDecibel function reduces the noise that this washer creates during operation and its SenseClean System automatically sets the water level of the washer directly proportional to the load of clothes to be washed. The Sanitary Cycle of this washer can not only eliminate stains and dirt but also germs and bacteria which may harm you and your family.

“ By just observing the LG WM3455HS. best  washer and dryer 2019, you can say that it is durable and steady. The product is impressive because it can perfectly clean and dries the clothes without damaging it. This product is very useful for me as a mother because I can have time to do other things.”  Rachel Wolf