What to Consider When Buying a Warm Mist Humidifier


For people who live in cool climates, the products highlighted in the best warm mist humidifier reviews are heaven sent technological inventions. It is important to be informed about this type of humidifier prior to purchase, to ensure that you fully enjoy the benefits of the device. This will also ensure you’re getting true value for money and not something that’ll just end up in the trash.

A. Warm Mist Humidifier

Humidity Level Maintenance

When checking out any product included in the best warm mist humidifier reviews, you will want to make sure that the unit is able to maintain the optimum levels of moisture in the room. For an area to be considered sufficiently humidified, the humidity level has to be at 35% to 50%. A low level of humidity can result in chapped lips, dry and itchy skin. Anything higher than 50% makes the room a rich breeding ground for bacteria, mold spores and dust mites.

Musical instruments require a 40% humidity level to ensure that their finishes remain crack- and craze-free.

Furthermore, remember that the flu virus easily thrives at humidity levels of more than 98%, as well as between zero to 50%. When humidity levels are optimum, the harmful flu virus can be kept at bay.



The best warm mist humidifier 2018 runs with very little noise. There may be boiling sounds when the water is heating, aside from gurgling noises given off occasionally as new water reaches the heating element and gets boiled, but the unit should not cause a terrible disturbance specially when it’s in a bedroom. The sounds could easily serve as white noise that you can sleep to, but there shouldn’t be a lot of it to keep you awake the whole night.


Coverage and Capability

Designed more for smaller rooms, any of the units in the best warm mist humidifier reviews can produce moisture in an area to adequately cover that small space. Providing clean and pure mineral-free moisture output, a warm mist humidifier also does not have wick filters that need to be replaced. There are even models that disperse soothing vapors from medicated inhalant added to the water to relieve nasal or respiratory congestion.

A model that doubles as a cool moisture humidifier is exceptional. With this type of machine, you get two-in-one function. The cool mist feature is useful during warmer seasons.


Top Rated Warm Mist Humidifiers in 2018


It can be difficult to choose among the many top rated warm mist humidifiers 2018 when all you really want, for instance, is just to ensure a clean sleep environment. There are plenty of models and manufacturers to choose from, and this can complicate the task of purchasing one unit. Below are described three different products, which hopefully can make your search a bit easier.


Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147


1. Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147The Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic deserves all the praises it’s been getting in the best warm mist humidifier reviews thanks to its ability to maintain moisture levels in rooms up to 600 square feet. This smart and remarkably efficient ultrasonic humidifier utilizes advanced high-frequency vibrations to produce micro-fine mist that immediately evaporates when blown into the room. With the pre-heating function, the unit emits mist that is given off at an optimal 104OF.

The Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic is also engineered to employ Air-O-Swiss’ exclusive Intelligent Temperature Compensation (ITC) technology that regulates the mist output automatically to ensure maintenance of comfortable relative humidity that goes well with the room’s temperature. The revolutionary ITC technology adjusts the output when conditions change. The Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic ships with a replaceable demineralization cartridge that ensures production of mist minus the problematic mineral residues and lime scale.

The dehumidifier is built with top-of-the-line design with digital display and surface touch controls for full convenience. The unit ships with a Hydro Cell that keeps the Air-O-Swiss AOS 7147 Ultrasonic clean and fresh longer. It also comes with an EZCal Cleaner and Descaler that cleans mineral build-up. The onboard timer allows up to 8 hours of pre-set use or continuous operation.

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PureGuardian H1510


2. PureGuardian H1510Easily the best warm mist humidifier 2018, the PureGuardian H1510 Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic can fight the growth of disgusting mold and mildew on the water tank’s surface, thanks to the machine being treated with SilverClean Technology. More importantly, the PureGuardian H1510 Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic is outfitted with ultrasonic technology that makes it operate at whisper-quiet levels, helping you enjoy a good night’s sleep even when the unit is left on.

With no evaporating filters, pads or wicks to clean or replace, the PureGuardian H1510 Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic comes to you complete, with no repeated purchases to make and no added expenses for maintenance of the machine. You can choose between warm or cool mist, as well as variable spray control for easy use in both large and small rooms. This state-of-the-art device is your ally when fighting off the flu, allergies, colds, and dry skin, as it keeps humidity levels at their optimum levels.

Use the multidirectional mist feature to adjust the direction of the spray and increase the area of coverage, when needed. The machine has a 1.5-gallon capacity tank that provides up to 100 hours of operation. The refill indicator light lets you know when it’s time to put more water in the tank.

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Vicks V745A/V745-JUV


3. Vicks Warm Mist HumidifierWhen humidity is not sufficient, you can experience rough sleep and have a tough time breathing. That’s why you need the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier that can run for up to 12 hours on a single filling of the 1-gallon water tank. The machine comes with two comfort settings so you can get the level of humidification that you need to get temporary relief from cough and congestion, ensuring a more comfortable sleep and better breathing. The device boils water and turns it to a pure steam vapor that is 96% free from bacteria.

Quieter than a box fan on medium, or as loud as a pot of boiling water in the next room on the low setting, this humidifier can still produce tolerable noise even on high, which sounds like a pot of boiling water in the same room. It uses tap water and electricity to produce heated mist. You can dab some essential oil on a cotton ball and place it in the medicine cup to enjoy soothing aromatherapy. The medicine cup enables use of Kaz Inhalant or Vicks Vaposteam to produce medicated vapors that soothe the respiratory passages.

The pure steam vapor mixes with dry air in the machine’s cooling chamber, then releases the soothing warm, moist spray into the room.

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