Top rated wall shelves in 2019


Different accessories for you home have different purposes and also add a special touch to the overall design. Wall shelves are a great idea and can be decorated with a lot of items or they can be used simply as a storage space. No matter the reason you want to fit some shelves on your wall, you should be aware that the most impressive models can be found by reading the best wall shelves reviews.


Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf


Best Wall shelves reviewsFor decorating purposes Corner Zig Zag Wall shelf will add a modern touch to room decor. It is durable, being made of laminated MDF, so it’s able to sustain the weight of other decorative pieces or whatever you want to place on its surfaces. When you receive its package, you will also get all the things you need for the mounting process on your wall. The best wall shelves reviews recommend it for any contemporary style home.

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Gifts & Décor Nantucket Wall Shelf Towel Holder


You will definitely find this towel holder from Gifts & Décor of great use and you will admire it for its nice design. This model has a very pleasant and relaxing white color. One interesting feature added to the design, loved by many satisfied customers, is the louvered style used for the shelf’s sides. The solid MDF construction will mean you have the perfect place where to keep those towels well organized. It has a built-in bar hold as well.

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OmniMount ECSB Component Wall Shelf


OmniMount ECSB Component wall shelf is an excellent solution if you want to place on it a TV related device, like for instance a blu-ray player, a VCR, a cable box and the list can go on much further. The tempered glass shelf is sustained by a reliable metal frame and both of them combined, will support up to 30 pounds. Its arm can pivot, allowing you to move it side-to-side easily. Everything you need for installing it comes in its package, making it one of the best wall shelves in 2016.

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John Sterling 0139-BK4 Decorative Ledge Set


For a very affordable price you can purchase this shelf set which includes 4 different sized pieces and they will definitely add a lot of elegance and style to your home décor. All the pieces have the same color, so they are uniform and also they come with unique style edges. The MDF core makes them strong and you can place on their surface other decorating pieces. Improve the decor of you home by buying this decorative shelf set.

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Burnes of Boston LL2932 Level Line Ledge Set


The top wall shelves reviews were very impressed by the excellent design of this ledge set, as well as its great functionality. While its main purpose is to decorate your home, it can be a good place where to put other decorative pieces, like vases and other stylish items. The installation process is very simple because it comes with 3 unique mounting brackets that can be mounted by just a single person. The black finish to this 3 piece contemporary set was the perfect choice, for added elegance.

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