A Professional Buying Guide on Wall Safes:


In today’s chaotic world, it is only natural to want to keep your valuables safe from possible theft. By purchasing one of the highest rated wall safes for your home, you can have a little peace of mind in knowing that all of your important documents, expensive jewelry, and even firearms are kept safe and away from burglars or curious children. You may be wondering what you should look for in a new wall safe and how to tell which is the best. While we cannot help you decide among the best wall safes of 2018, we can provide you with some important information that will help you make that choice a little easier.


Size of the Safe

One of the most important aspects of choosing a wall safe is the size of the safe. You want to choose a safe that can fit within the wall cavity. Most homes have a 16-inch spacing in between the studs, so a safe that measures 3-1/2 inches deep and 16 inches wide is ideal. Then of course, you can choose a safe of any height that will be able to contain all of your documents and valuables.


Access Control Features

The most popular wall safes use a key or a pin code to gain access to the contents of the safe. Some safes even go as far as requiring both a key and a pin code. These methods are effective for keeping documents and valuables safe, but they may not be ideal for protecting firearms—determined children can find the key and figure out the pin code. Instead, you may want to consider installing a wall safe that utilizes biometric technology as its security measure. One example includes a wall safe that features a fingerprint scanner that will only open when the fingerprint matches the one that is programmed into the safe.


Fire and Theft-Resistance Ratings

Chances are if there is ever a house fire in your home, you will not be able to get to your safe in time so your valuables will be stuck inside the safe. You will want to purchase a safe that have been assigned an “FR” (fire resistant) rating. Safes with a half hour rating will protect your items from high heat and flames for a half hour and so forth. For the highest protection against fires, look for a safe that offers fire protection for two hours.

Wall safes have a range of theft resistance as well. Safes with a rating of B1, B2, or B3 provide the lowest amount of security and can only withstand five minutes of a burglar trying to break in with a variety of tools. Safes with a B4 rating can handle 15 minutes of attack with sophisticated tools while B5 can withstand 30 minutes. The best rated wall safes feature B6 ratings.These safes are the most secure and can withstand an attack from standard burglary tools, torches and even carbide-tipped tools.


Keeping your valuables, important documents and any firearms safe is one of the main reasons why people install a wall safe into their home. By reading some of the best wall safe reviews, you can see who makes the best safe based on popular opinion. After all, word of mouth and first hand experiences is a great way to choose among the top ten bestselling safes.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a wall safe that can fit in a space that measures 16-inches wide—the average width between studs in a wall.
  • If you are locking up firearms, choose a safe that uses fingerprinting technology.
  • Look for a safe that have high fire resistance rating as well as anti-burglar protection.


Top rated Wall Safes in 2018


During the process of trying to protect your valuables, you will be faced with numerous options of what kind of wall safe you should choose. There are many different options available, but many people prefer wall safes because they do not take up any space in a room and they can be hidden behind furniture or a painting.


Protex Wall Safe with Digital Keypad


One of the best ways to protect your important documents and valuables is by hiding them in a safe deposit box at your bank. Of course, this is not a very convenient option—especially if you want instant access to your items. When you install the wall safe by Protex, it drills into the wall between the studs. The safe uses a digital electronic locking system that features a motorized locking bolt system. When the correct code is entered, the door will open automatically.

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Barska Biometric Wall Safe


This revolutionary safe features Biometric fingerprinting technology that is capable of storing the prints of 120 different users. The safe can be tucked neatly away behind a painting, a large piece of furniture, or a mirror—away from sneaky burglars or nosey houseguests. The body of the safe is made of thick steel and it features a two-point dead bolt system. If ever there is an emergency and you cannot activate the biometric lock, an emergency override key allows you to open the safe. The removable shelves give you to option to organize your valuables how you see fit.

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Paragon 7725 Hidden Wall Safe


The Paragon Hidden Wall Safe gives you the option to choose between a coded entry and using a key. The flat panel design allows you to hide the safe discretely behind paintings, mirrors, tapestries and even furniture. The safe is constructed of solid steel. This material is highly resistant against burglars who try to break in using mechanical tools. The pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixed bolts allows for easy anchoring. The safe requires the use of two AA batteries, so you have the ability to access your personal items—even during a power outage.

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SentrySafe 7150 Dual Protection Wall Safe


Protect your items with this three number combination lock and key wall safe by SentrySafe. The rugged 16 gauge steel cabinet and double plated steel door prevents against burglars who attempt to break in using mechanical tools. The two live locking bolts secure the door with a concealed hinge and the reversible, symmertrical design allows you to open the door from either the left or the right. The two shelves inside the safe allow you to keep your valuables organized and the three hooks inside is the perfect hiding spot for spare keys for the home, vehicles, or bank deposit boxes.

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Stack-On PDS-505 Drawer or Wall Safe with Electronic Lock


The Stack-On wall safe is a discrete safe that can be hidden inside of a drawer or mounted in between two studs in the wall. Because the safe features solid steel doors that are pry resistant, you can be certain that your important documents and items will be safe from theft. The concealed hinges allow for greater security while the dual live action bolts lock the door tightly. The electronic, programmable lock will time out after three incorrect combination attempts; however, the safe comes with two manual override keys. The foam pad lining on the back wall protects the contents.

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