Things to Consider When Buying a Wall Mounted Toilet:


Already a popular choice in Europe and around the world, wall mounted toilets are gathering more and more adepts in the United States, as well. Before buying a new model, you must know what makes a wall mounted toilet different from another, and what are the most important features to look for. This way you will save both time and effort on the long run while keeping the running and installation costs down. In this article, you will find about the main attributes you need to be aware of when buying a new wall mounted toilet for your home.


What to look for when buying the best wall mounted toilet?


Concealed water tank option

One of the main differences found among wall mounted toilets is the toilet tank. Some of the most modern and sleek designs use hidden in-wall toilet tanks. These hidden toilet tanks are mounted inside the back wall. Together with the plumbing and pipes the toilet tank becomes part of the wall, concealed from outside view. The concealed toilet tank may seem the perfect option, but the costs of mounting it inside the wall may be a problem. Other wall mounted toilets use a rear outlet toilet tank. This model has a smaller installing cost and it is easier to fix in case of water tank problems.


Size and shape of the toilet bowl

Whenever you buy a new toilet, whether it is wall mounted, classic or a portable toilet, the size and the shape of the toilet bowl is very important. The wall mounted toilet is perfectly suited for medium and small bathrooms. Keeping this in mind, it is important to measure and weight the different size options available on the market. A larger, elongated toilet bowl will offer a lot of comfort, while a smaller size one will fit perfectly in a small place.


Design and quality

Sleek and without too many visible parts, the wall mounted toilets are great at saving space while enhancing the overall look of your house. The overall design must please you and be in touch with the design of your bathroom. Another aspect to look for is the quality of the toilet and parts. A good quality toilet will lead to fewer problems on the long run, especially when you think that most of the plumbing and parts are outside your reach and inside the back wall.


Top Rated Wall Mounted Toilets in 2021



Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia


Beautiful and stylish this wall mounted toilet is one of the best and most modern looking toilets on the market today. Created by the renowned Toto Company, this toilet is designed to minimize the space it occupies while keeping the maximum comfort possible.

Rightfully named the best toilet of 2021, the Aquia is a must for any modern bathroom today. Clean and modern looking, it will cause the envy of any visitor. The toilet is simple to install and works perfectly on any bathroom. Its perfect ergonomic design makes it ideal even for the smallest bathrooms, where larger bulkier toilets are impractical and hard to use.

The Toto Aquia is the best example of how technology and design can create the perfect product. The original SanaGloss ceramic coating keeps the toilet bowl clean and free of germs and bacteria. The dual flush system keeps the water consumption at a minimum, greatly reducing operating costs. Strong durable construction makes it one of the most resilient wall mounted toilets you can buy.

The toilet can accommodate all types of wall mounted water tanks, but it works best with a Toto wall toilet tank system. Simple to install, durable and easy to maintain, this wall mounted toilet is the best consumers’ choice today.

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American Standard 2093.100.020 Glenwall


When flushing power and comfort matter, the American Standard Glenwall is the best wall mounted toilet available. Strong, durable and featuring one of the most comfortable toilet bowls, this wall mounted toilet is one of the most praised toilets. Power, efficiency and comfort make it the best wall mounted toilet money can buy.

Its pressure assisted flushing system offers a strong flushing power that will ensure a perfect waste disposal from the first flush. The flushing system features a large 2-1/8” glazed trapway capable of making good use of its water efficient 1.6 gallon flush. Buy this toilet and you will never worry about any possible clogging or waste disposal problems.

Not only powerful, this toilet is also very efficient. With very low water consumption, this product is the perfect choice for anyone caring for the environment or wanting to save more money on the water bill. The American Standard Glenwall wall mounted toilet is modern and compact while still exceptionally comfortable. Its elongated toilet bowl provides a very pleasurable experience each time it is used.

Perfectly styled, featuring an efficient design and a superb comfortable toilet bowl, this wall mounted toilet system is a perfect choice whether you look for reliable power or water saving features.

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Duravit 22090900002 D-Code


Created by Duravit, one of the most renowned European toilet manufacturers, this toilet provides great style and sophistication to any bathroom. Classic yet modern design lines make it perfectly suited for all possible bathroom layouts. Whether you are looking for the best toilet for small bathroom or a normal size model, the award winning design and quality make this one an instant buy.

This toilet features the perfect compact size, superb design and style and the best finishing touches possible, all at a reasonable price. Indeed, we were not only impressed by its quality, design and comfort, but also by its extremely good price. It is quite seldom that you can find such a good quality product at such an affordable price.

Small enough to fit in small places, this wall mounted toilet features a great elongated toilet bowl making it both compact and comfortable. German technology and quality materials ensure that this toilet does not only look good, but also lasts a lifetime. Extremely resistant and easy to maintain and repair, this toilet will save you a lot of money on the long run. Its renowned German durability and construction quality will keep it working for years and years without any additional repair and maintenance costs.

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