Top rated wakeboards in 2018


While wakeboarding can prove to be a lot of fun, this will only be the case if you are confident that you have high quality gear. In this case, if you are unsure with what should be purchased, the rest of this article will let you know some of the products that have been lauded in the best wakeboard reviews.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Adult/Youth Price Max Weight (lbs) Color/Style Our Rating Where to buy

Body Glove BG612-P

Youth $$$$ 125 Black/Yellow A+ AMAZON

O’Brien 2120206

Adult $$$ 140-230 Black/Blue B+ AMAZON

Airhead AHW-1015

Youth $$ 130 Bonehead B AMAZON

Airhead AHW-4026

Both $$$ 90-170 Fluid C+ AMAZON

Hydro Slide WB812

Both $$ N/A Twin Tip C AMAZON



Body Glove BG612-P Wakeboard


This will prove to be a good option if you want a wakeboard that will prove to be perfect for kids with weight of up to 125 pounds. Being considered as one of the best wakeboards in 2018, you can be assured that this will lead into high level of satisfaction for kids. It has a rounded tip that will make it easy for the user to learn new tricks. The fit of the board is also commendable. As noted, you do not have to spend a skyrocketing amount to enjoy the functionality of a superior wakeboard. This model has a reasonable price, yet, it can prove to be one of the best.

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O’Brien 2120206 Wakeboard


Best Wakeboard ReviewsIf you are looking for something that can prove to be perfect for beginners, the best wakeboard reviews have noted that this is indeed one of the best choices that can be taken into account. While there is no necessary age limit to learn wakeboarding, it is important that you use a board that is as reliable as this one so that you can learn the ropes as quickly as possible. More so, many people have also liked its decent price. It may not be the cheapest option that is available in the market, but it is definitely one that can provide the best value for your money.

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Airhead AHW-1015 Bonehead II Wakeboard


If you are being bombarded with too many choices with regards to the best wakeboards in 2018, there is no more need to give yourself a hard time. Choosing this board will be a decision that will not lead into frustration, as it has been proven by many others. This will be perfect for youth riders with weight of up to 130 pounds. One thing that you will like about this board is that it is lightweight, making it easy for you to control your moves. This model is also unmatched when it comes to durability, which means that you can expect such to withstand many years of use.

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Airhead AHW-4026 Fluid Wakeboard


You can also include this model in your list of the top rated wakeboards in 2018. The positive feedbacks in the reviews about such can provide you with the guarantee of your satisfaction when you opt for such. However, if you are a beginner, keep in mind that this may not prove to be the best for you. It is designed in such a way that it can meet the demands of intermediate to seasoned users. It has a weight capacity of up to 170 pounds. It is also a good thing that it comes with Grind bindings, which are known for their right fit and optimal comfort.

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Hydro Slide WB812 Wakeboard


As it has been noted in many of the reviews about this product, this is another option that will prove to be perfect if you are looking for an option that will prove to be great for beginners. It is designed in such a way that it will help those who are just learning the basics. Once you have improved your skills, you can opt to change into one that is made for intermediate users. This wakeboard also has an appealing and well-thought design. The latter is basically the one that makes it friendly for anyone who is just starting to learn.

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