Expert Buying Guide on VoIP Phone


Purchasing the best VoIP phone in 2018 may look like a daunting task. The first thing you need to do is to figure out your needs and preferences, and then try to correlate them with the features of the product you are looking for. To make matters easier, we’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide, which can help you understand just what you need from a VoIP phone. Check it out below.

Best VoIP phone

What else do you need to use a VoIP phone?

Some of the crucial things that an individual must own in order to utilize a VoIP phone are as follows: a broadband connection that’s constantly on, a VoIP service provider, a VoIP client software and the actual hardware, which can consist of the phone you might be interested in purchasing.

VoIP calls solely rely on the use of internet, so that’s why the connection has to be on at all times. Some types of software are free, such as Skype. If you’re looking to utilize the the service without a computer, you might be in need of a contract with a service provider.


Desirable features

There’s a series of characteristics that should exist in any good VoIP phone, ranging from IP protocol support to a keypad for dialing. Yet again, if you’re keen on the idea of utilizing the phone without a computer, you might need to acquire a model that has a built-in ATA. It goes without saying that any phone should come with an RJ-45 port, in order to work with the LAN connection.


Extra features

While some features speak to the needs of enterprise users, others are for beginners and amateurs. For example, built-in headset jacks might be necessary for people looking to utilize the phone quite often. A number of programmable keys allow users to customize the features of the unit without requiring a computer connection.



High-end models can be a tad too expensive for the individual Skype user, so the best way to go about things is to set a budget before starting to search for a model. Enterprise phones can cost as much as two hundred dollars, so they’re considered to be quite the investment.


Top Rated VoIP Phones in 2018


For your consideration, we have selected some of the most acclaimed models we have come across during our research. All of the following are considered to be affordable and convenient, and most of all, easy to use. The first two are destined for professional users, while the last speaks to the needs of any regular buyer.


Grandstream GS-GXP2160


1.Grandstream GS-GXP2160It probably comes as no surprise that the Grandstream GS-GXP2160 is among the top rated VoIP phones of 2018, considering that it has 6 dual-color line keys and 5 programmable context-sensitive soft keys.

There’s a wide array of attractive features on this model, which can seriously enhance the working status on any enterprise, be it small or large. For example, the unit features dual switched auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit network ports and supports anything from Bluetooth to USB.

The TFT color LCD screen of this model sure comes in handy when you want to know who’s calling you. The display has a resolution of 480 by 272.

Both the handset and the speakerphone are widely known for delivering superior audio quality. The application service on this model is customizable, and it features an advanced security protection.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this unit. Close to 70% of the people who have chosen the Grandstream GS-GXP2160 were satisfied with their purchase, so much so that they ended up providing 5-star ratings. This leads us to believe that the model has managed to gather some of the best VoIP phone reviews out there.

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Ubiquiti UVP UniFi


2.Ubiquiti UVP UniFiThe main detail that sets the Ubiquiti UVP phone aside from the Grandstream one we’ve showcased above is the fact that it works with a large variety of Android apps. This impacts the user in a positive fashion, as it can greatly enhance his or her productivity.

If you’re looking for versatility, look no further. The neat thing about the Ubiquiti unit is that it is a VoIP and a SIP phone both into one.

Usability has a lot to say in the average rating of a phone, be it standard or VoIP. When it comes to comfort, this product definitely beats the game, as the handset design is known for being remarkably comfortable. Furthermore, the Mute button is easily accessible, so multi-tasking can go from being a dream into becoming a part of reality.

Customers speak highly of the ability of this phone to support all types of Android apps, including Google Hangouts and Skype. Things are quite simple in this sense: if the app is on Google Play and it’s destined for VoIP calling, you can use it.

The unit hasn’t exactly acquired the best VoIP phone reviews in the world, what with people claiming that software update is difficult unless users are accustomed to Ubiquiti products.

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Philips VOIP 080


3.Philips VOIP 080Philips is a world-known Dutch brand that has been investing a lot of time into designing top-quality products. This VoIP phone is no different when it comes to the quality standards set by the brand.

What’s really interesting about this unit is that it is exceptionally affordable. It’s mostly destined for amateurs and beginners, considering the fact that it does not feature an LCD screen. Nevertheless, it’s one of the top choices in matters of VoIP phones, particularly since it’s easy to carry around and it does a great job at what it is supposed to do.

The model works with Skype and a variety of other types of software.

Unlike other units in the line, the Philips VOIP 080 requires a connectivity with a PC in order to support calls.

As for sound quality, it seems that there are no concerns in this sense. The product has ClearVoice, which is a technology that is known for greatly enhancing the quality of VoIP calls.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, basic model that you can use in order to talk to friends who live overseas, then this is the right alternative for you.

Buyers are advised that the Philips VOIP 080 does not work with Macs.

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