Top rated vinyl records in 2019


No matter which type of music you like, pop, rock or the new EDM you definitely have been through the vinyl age. Many think the vinyl is a thing of the past but this year they have been proved wrong because vinyl is back and more and more DJs are starting using it again and they are going back to their roots, when they were underground. But more and more people are starting to buy vinyl records to just listen to them and the best vinyl records reviews are aware of these latest developments.


Paramore 2xLP Vinyl


Best Vinyl Records reviewsParamore are a well established US rock group which over the years have really made a name for themselves in the music business, winning numerous awards in their career and producing many memorable tunes. If you are into this band you should definitely invest in this vinyl which will delight your ears with many of their most beloved tunes. Be mesmerized by the beautiful voice of singer Hayley Williams on a vinyl that has a reputation of one of the best vinyl records in 2019.

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The Rolling Stones Hot-Rock 1964-1971 Vinyl


If you are a rock fan than you will definitely want to get your hands on this vinyl which consists of the top rock tunes of the Rolling Stones from the late ‘60s and the early ‘70s. The classic Rolling Stones hits will be presented in a high audio quality that will definitely delight your ears. Also the actual vinyl will really get you back to the days when this was the only means of listening to the latest hits from this legendary rock group. This definitely is one of the top rated vinyl records in 2019.

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Rage Against the Machine Vinyl


One of the few metal rap bands which has shot to superstarom in the early ‘90s is the controversial band called Rage Against the Machine. With a very aggressive leftist take on delicate aspects of modern day social life the band has reached the forefront of the industry in a relative short time. This vinyl has been well received by many of the band’s fans and is considered as one of the best vinyl records of 2019. These classic tracks baring their signature are remastered so you can listen to them in a whole new light.

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M. Ward She & Him Volume 3 Vinyl


The best vinyl records reviews recommend getting the Volume 3 which should not miss from your vinyl collection if you are a true music enthusiast. The sweat pop tracks are perfect for a relaxing day at home just kicking back and listening to top quality music. Also if you are a fan of indie duo of Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward then you have to get this vinyl which will bring one of the most beautiful voices in the music industry to your home.

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Jonny Cash’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 Vinyl


Jonny Cash is among the most recognized icons in the history of country music and this Vinyl is a tribute to the great influence he has had over generations until this very day. All the songs have been recorded on a 180 gram vinyl for the first time bringing you a top quality sound which will definitely impress you. Also on this album there is a rare appearance of the track called ‘Jackson’, his duet with his wife June Carter. This is a must have vinyl if you have a good music taste.

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