Best video projector reviews


Top rated video projectors in 2019


Whether you need it for work or just for your home, a video projector can always come in handy. These type of devices have many uses from displaying your Power Point projects in a large conference, showing different charts to your employees, even watching videos or movies at home and the examples can go on and on. I have compiled a list below of the best video projectors you can own based on my own experience and reading the best video projector reviews.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350


Best video projector reviews

The Epson PowerLite 8350 projector is from my point of view one of the top video projectors in 2019. This is a projector capable of showing you Full HD 1080p images. The details of the picture are very clear thanks to the 50.000 to 1 contrast ratio, which is very impressive if I might add. The colors also seem exactly like in real life because of the 2000 lumens color brightness, which means that regardelss of the room`s light conditions the colors reamain perfect.

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The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 is the video projector I purchased for our office. We have this for almost 2 years and still the quality of the projector is the same as when I bought it for the first time. The product is well known for its efficiency so many have this. Try your own too.” Lisa Evans


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705


Using the Epson PowerLite 705 for movies and games is ideal and you would be very pleased by its 720p HD video capabilities. I enjoyed the fact that it is not very hard to set up, allowing me to be up and running in no time after I followed the simple instructions. The colors are displayed in a very natural fashion because of the advanced 3LCD and 3-chip technology which prooves to be very pleasing on the eye.

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Amazon delivered the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 705 at home after 2 days I ordered from them. The product was very nice and has very good coating. The product is very much effective and useful in any presentations that we have in our office. The video projector is also easy to install.” Arnold Cantu


In Focus Work Big IN2102EP Projector


This particular projector is great for those who buy their first one, because it is simple to use and has a great picture quality. The lamp life is also above avarage lasting up to 3000 hours of projecting. In a room with normal light its 800×600 SVGA resolution will display the colors in a very good way with a clear detail, as well. The best video projector reviews recommend this as I do too for those who are just getting the feel of a device like this.

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I can clearly see the images and texts projected from the In Focus Work Big IN2102EP Projector. The product has a very nice feature which I like the most about it. It has a very nice coating and design. It looks elegant and professional which makes it compatible for business meetings and forums.” Willie Wood


Epson EX70 3LCD Projector


Another option from Epson which is the leading projector manufacturer in the world today. The EX70 is a widescreen projector that comes with a WXGA resolution that makes it great for watching movies or for your business. The sound is another feature that is met by it with the built-in speakers and also an easy connectivity if you want more audio quality. A HDMI port is also present for palying HD images.

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The Epson EX70 3LCD Projector has a lightweight mass in which I like the most. The product is extremely better than other products in the market. This one is easy to install and to manipulate. Even novice users will not feel any hardship using this product. I admire this product the most.”  Cecelia Davis


ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector


After taking a close look at its features and testing it thoroughly I have come to the conclusion that the ViewSonic PJD5123 is one of the top video projectors in 2019. It can work at resolutioms up to 800×600 SVGA for bringing you a solid image. Other useful features include PC input options, the HD video signals that can ne supported and the built-in speakers. You also have the option of choosing its Eco-mode for saving up some energy in the process.

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After searching for the best video projector in Amazon, I come to the point to decide in which one to buy. I decided to have the ViewSonic PJD5123 Projector because of the quality it portrays. The product is effective when used. It is clear, vivid and good to the eyes. The video projector is also durable. ”  Patricia Murphy