Top rated Video Games reviews


Excitement, strategic thinking, creativity, concentration and speed of reaction – isn’t what we all need in life? If routine has taken over your life, just switch on to some video games that will help you relax and feel entertained. Interactivity and dynamic visuals will lift your spirit up and have your cloudy days lighten up after just a few rounds. Looking at more than 65 reviews and recommendations, I came across the best video games 2018 that have appealed buyers with its original content and graphical execution.


Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – PlayStation 4


Best Video Games 2018Fighting pirates, hunting treasures in the sea or exploring the jungle will give you the thrills you need to move up to the next level. Buyers have reported a great plot that revolves around intriguingly crispy graphics and inspirational soundtrack, placing this game among best video games 2018. Explore your limits and indulge yourself the intriguing life of a story character. For full entertaining experience you can always switch to multiplayer character and compete to become the most feared pirate among your friends.

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Battlefield 4 – PlayStation 4


A hero of our modern times dominating land, air and sea and having real-time changing environment are key elements that made this game so popular among buyers that have placed it among best video games 2018. The human perspective on the story has intrigued people to enhance their creative strategic thinking and have real-feel powers in the field. The glorious war hero will rise you up to the most outstanding limit situations and offer you in-depth psychological character analysis that makes you understand real life situations in infinite virtual possibilities.

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Madden NFL 25 – PlayStation 4


EA Games fans have been pleased to try one of the top video games 2018 that encompasses research and artistic execution to reflect the accurate movement of athletes on the field. Place your bet on this team and win your own tour championship. Fascinated by the players’ agility or perhaps feeling more attracted towards managing your team’s finances, either way this game will transcend you into its professional graphics that naturally flow on your screen with no lag or delay and full high precision.

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Thief – PlayStation 4


A hit ever since the 2000s, this game has preserved its fans and it still is one of the top video game 2018 title. Nothing can be more intriguing than the dark corners of the streets, the mystery of a man with special powers, all in firsthand experience. Silence mode excitement, sharp arrows and edgy rooftops will keep you alert long lasting hours. Challenge you strategic mind setting and see how you can un-puzzle all scenarios of the game and guess the bad guys of the story with nothing but your torch.

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Watch Dogs – PlayStation 4


The urban jungle is at your feet with the extremely exciting video game that makes you seriously take on the city. Dynamic, mobility and surprise elements will make you thrive for as many levels as possible. Each mission accomplished will make you feel as conqueror of the world and will have you understand a different perspective of Chicago, or any other city you may have in mind. For making things even more entertaining you can always move to multiplayer gaming or connect to a different screen.

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