Top rated video cards in 2019


The video card can be the most expensive piece of hardware that goes into your computer case. Without a decent card you will be unable to run even the most basic of tasks such as watching a YouTube video. With most media format now coming in HD, you might be looking to improve on your outdated configuration. Our experts have made a list of five products each destined to handle a large variety of tasks. Their picks are based on the best video card reviews currently available and also on personal experience.


ASUS GT640 2GB DDR3 Memory Graphics Cards


Best video card reviewsASUS are well known for being able to offer impressive performances for little money. The ASUS GT640 does just that. It manages to provide users with pretty much everything the best video card in 2019 should especially within this price range. It is powered by 2 GB or RAM and it is expected to last 15% longer than any other graphics card. It has a top of the line cooling system and it will support 4 HD displays at once with NVidia Surround. It can also be used with 3D Smart TVs for an incredible 3D experience.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti Superclock Graphics Card


The GeForce GTX 750Ti made by EVGA uses Maxwell technology and it represents the 8th generation of GeForce cards. It is according to most of the best video card reviews currently available, one of the most reliable and powerful budget graphic cards out there. It is effortless to install and it can handle most of the recently released games. It is 1080p compatible and can pull off 60fps with even the most demanding of games. Its design will allow it to always keep cool while still managing to consume little current. It is silent and it will not require a special source for your computer not to shut down.

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Sapphire Radeon R9 270 Express Graphics Cards


This 2GB DDR5 Radeon is considered by most as being the best video card in 2019. It is built after Sapphire standards and it can handle pretty much everything you have to throw at it. You will be able to run any game released up until 2019 without any trouble. It does not lag and it provides a 60fps average even with maxed out game settings. It has 4 different outputs so you can connect it to other gadgets than your monitor. You can connect it to your HDTV or to any HDMI device and it will run perfectly.

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EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti with G-SYNC Support DP Graphics Card


The biggest advantage that comes with this video card is that it provides incredible value for money. It is currently among the top rated video cards in 2019, being one of GeForce’s most reliable and popular products. It uses 2GB DDR5 and has a base clock running at 1020MHz. It can function on your average 300 watt power source and it is compatible with Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API. Our experts have tested it on some of the most demanding games on the market and managed to get an average of 45fps which is great considering how challenging games like Battlefield or Skyrim can be for any computer configuration.

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ASUS Graphics Cards HD7770-2GD5


This is one investment worth making. This 2GB DDR5 HD video card will offer an outstanding video experience. It is complete in every way and it will handle even the most demanding of games despite not being a gaming dedicated piece of hardware. It uses an amazing double fan cooling system which is more than enough to keep it at low temperature even when using it at full speed. It can be overclocked and it can be tuned depending on your needs. It will provide an average of 50fps with games like Battlefield. It is durable and precise even if it costs well under $150.

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