Top Rated Varifocal Lens Security Cameras in 2019


Varifocal lens security cameras give you the flexibility to record different distances, and are ideal in almost any location. These adjustable lens can usually record images as close as 2 meters, and as far away as ten. Perfect for home or business security, it can be hard to find the right one. To help narrow down your choices here are the top rated varifocal lens security cameras in 2019.




HD-SDI Camera Toughsty MT-HDD101 Dome Security Camera w/ Varifocal Lens


This is the best varifocal lens security camera in 2019, and can support several languages for easy use. The durable casing is weatherproof, and as an added bonus the lens will not fog over. With 2.1 megapixels the recorded images are crystal clear, and this also includes during night time viewing. Record longer pathways up to the door, and feel safer knowing your protected by a reliable security camera.

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GW GW40H Surveillance CCTV Security Camera


With 650 TV lines and an impressive varifocal lens that can be adjusted from 2.8 meters up to 12, it is easy to see why it is considered one of the best. According to the best varifocal lens security camera reviews it is designed to be use indoors and outside. The protective casing is waterproof, and is also resistant to vandals. You’ll love that you can see images up to 114m with the infrared LED, and that all of your recordings are clear and easy to see.

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R-Tech RVD70B Outdoor Dome Security Camera


There are 700 lines for superior resolution, which is also why this is the best varifocal lens security camera for 2019. You can clearly record a wider viewing angle than you can with stationary cameras, and this model can also be adjusted for use in any type of lighting. The infrared mode can record in total darkness, and still produce high quality images. The security camera also features a weather and vandal resistant casing so you can rest easy knowing you are protected.

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GW GW808H SONY CMOS Outdoor/Indoor Camera


The best varifocal lens security camera reviews state that this unit is ideal for indoors and for use outside. The metal casing is waterproof, and is also resistant to vandals. View wider areas easier, and see down dark driveways clearly. With 1000 lines for brilliant resolution there won’t be any image that you can’t record. Protect the interior of your home or business, or monitor dark doorways at night. Priced to fit any budget, it also includes a one year warranty for additional peace of mind.

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GW GW850C-GW Security Aptina CMOS Security Camera


This discreet domed security camera can be placed indoors or outside, and is waterproof. The durable casing is also resistant to vandalism, and will record clear images at a wider angle. See doorways and over display cases clearly, and pan out for a longer view of the area. With this reliable security camera you will always be able to see the area that you are recording. Featuring 24 infrared LEDs and 850 TV lines it is a powerful addition to either your home or business security system.

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