Best vacuum cleaners for the money


With the use of the best vacuum cleaners under $75, it will be possible for you to maintain the house clean with equipment that is affordable. Some of the best choices that are currently available in the market will be identified below, along with some of their most notable features that make them worth buying.


How to select an efficient vacuum cleaner


Thousands of Americans need to keep their homes clean and without dust, debris or dirt. This is why the growing interest for efficient vacuum cleaners is not surprising. Carpets, upholstery, couches, rugs, hard floors require a professional cleaning touch for maximum results. Well, cleaning tasks can be pretty demanding and imply a lot of physical effort. Still, with the right cleaner things become easier to handle. Taking into account the market’s offers it is not surprising to see so many people spend so many hours learning about suction force, speed and cleaning accessories. You have the possibility to choose from handheld vacuums, robotic vacuum cleaners, broom vacuum cleaners, canister, upright and deep-cleaning vacuum cleaners. There are top brands like Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Dyson and Black and Decker which release amazing products.

Each type of vacuum cleaner offers different cleaning performance. Choosing a good cleaner is in direct accordance with your needs. Price is what narrows the selection process. A growing number of people are searching for the best vacuum cleaners under 75. Now, it is important to have a high quality vacuum cleaner that works on different types of floors and carpet material. Furthermore the cleaner should include various attachments and cleaning accessories that can make the whole job easy and smooth. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of people use upright vacuum cleaners. These cleaning devices include motor, hose, bag and beater for great cleaning tasks. Upright cleaners work without problems on carpets and also area rugs!

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Corded – Cordless Amperage Our Rating Where to buy

Eureka Mighty Mite

Canister $$$ Corded 12 amp A+ AMAZON

Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus

Upright $$$ Corded 7 amp B+ AMAZON

Eureka EasyClean

Handheld $$ Corded 5.5 amp A AMAZON

Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik

Bagless $$ Corded 1.25 amp B AMAZON

Bissell CleanView Helix

Upright $$$$ Corded 12 amp C+ AMAZON


Among the best vacuum cleaners under 75 in 2019 you will also find canister models. Usually these models are made of a long hose and a sturdy canister which includes the bag and motor. This cleaning device is what people use in order to safely clean curtains, stairs, vertical surfaces but also hardwood floors. Canister cleaners offer amazing suction force on even hard floors. A popular choice is the hard bag cleaner. Why? Well, these stylish cleaning devices use a special container in order to deposit debris and dirt. Furthermore the hard bag cleaners have incorporated advanced HEPA filters which efficiently get rid of pollen, dust, dirt particles and also animal dander. People won’t have to worry about allergies!

Another special cleaning instrument is the broom/stick vacuum cleaner usually referred to as “Stick vacs”. Present among the best vacuum cleaners under 75 in 2019 the broom models are thin and light. Broom vacuum cleaners perform amazingly on furniture, hardwood floors, tight spaces and also curtains. Such cleaners use dirt cups in order to collect dust and dirt. A cleaning device that seems to grow in popularity is the robotic cleaner. This is a cleaning instrument which takes you out of the equation. All you have to do is set the cleaning setting! It gets the job in just a matter of hours! When you get back from work the floors are clean! Robotic cleaners deliver various cleaning speeds and precision. Furthermore they go around furniture and handle even the toughest of messes.



Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner


In spite of having a powerful 12-amp motor, this vacuum cleaner is lightweight. This is cited as one of the best features that make it included in the best vacuum cleaners under $75. The Power Touch Handle is another feature that is worth giving an emphasis. With this, the vacuum cleaner is easily controlled by the fingertips. Lastly, it has triple filtration bag system that is most beneficial in having an assurance that cleaning will be accomplished effectively.



Equipped with powerful and efficient brush rolls so carpets get the extra attention they deserve, with deep cleaning system and a full set of tools to also enable specialty cleaning of upholstery and stairs

Has exclusive Power Touch handle with ergonomic design and easy-to use convenient fingertip controls to help with flawless operation of the cleaning device

Aside from bare-floor nozzle and deluxe floor brush, vacuum comes with other functional tools and attachments including an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool for tight spaces and a dusting brush, all helping to get the job done most effectively

Is truly one of the best vacuums under 75 thanks to its deeply discounted price from reputable online sellers



Cleaning the filter frequently and changing the dust bag regularly help ensure consistent efficiency of the machine

Fine substances that get into the filter and bag can restrict airflow, requiring frequent maintenance and changing


” I was deeply satisfied with the cleaning ability of the Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaner because it really cleans any surfaces at home. The reliability of the product never disappointed me instead it let me adore this vacuum cleaner. The performance is unexpected to be one of a kind. ”  Helen E. Winston


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Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Best Vacuum Cleaners under $75

Weighing less than 8 pounds, one of the best things about this vacuum cleaner is that it is lightweight, which translates into being easy to maneuver and convenient to use, even if you are cleaning a large area. More so, it has strong suction power that will deliver superior performance. It is also designed with a revolving brush that ensures maximum cleaning effectiveness. With the use of this vacuum cleaner, even the tiniest dirt will be left with no escape.



Built with a click-lock handle that allows easy lowering of the telescopic handle pole to enable cleaning at a low height of just 31 inches

Lightweight profile at 9 pounds enables easy pick-up-and-go to help cleaners finish an entire floor or house in less time

Easy roll from hard floors to the carpet means less effort on adjustments and cleaning attachments, which also means no trouble adjusting to cleaning surfaces

Has a scuff guard nozzle to keep baseboards from getting knocked, damaged or nicked during the cleaning process



Vacuum cleaner has to be emptied outside the house to prevent dust clouds from escaping into the air

Adequate leak-proof seal ensured by proper maintenance and replacement when the gaskets wear out


”The performance of the Devil Dynamite Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one of a kin. It can effectively clean up dirt with greater ease. The comfortable handle of this vacuum cleaner is very helpful to have a precise cleaning. Any dirt will be cleaned up and will leave your place neat and shiny. ”  Maria N. Paterson


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Eureka EasyClean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


With 5.5-amp suction power, this vacuum cleaner will prove to be reliable. In spite of its small size, many people were surprised on its suction performance. More so, there were also many users who have expressed satisfaction over the fact that this machine is powered by dual motor. One motor is used for suction and the other motor is used for the brush. Because of this, you will be guaranteed that it will be able to trap all dust and debris, leaving the surface as clean as possible.



5.5-amp motor provides strong suction power that most efficiently handles dirt on stairs, upholstery and in cars

Stretch hose reaches deep into upholstery, under furniture and into tight spaces to enable thorough and reliable cleaning without the hassles of manual sweeping

One motor powers the revolving brush while a second motor provides suction power, with both integrating their full cleaning capacity to make short work of cleaning jobs

Built-in riser visor that helps in cleaning carpeted stairs plus an onboard crevice tool that goes into confined spaces quite easily



Handheld vacuum with powerful motor tends to be a bit on the heavy side compared to other handheld cleaning devices

Powerful motor cleans efficiently with a higher-than-average level of noise


”The compact design doesn’t take away this vacuum’s suction power and for cleaning hard to reach areas or my car’s interior its just the thing. I didn’t need any Black Friday discounts to be able to afford it because it had a cheap price. I didn’t search for which vacuum cleaner is the best because I didn’t need a state-of-the-art model, so this is one of the reasons why I’m pleased with this Eureka handvac ”  Inez D. Becker


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Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner


Multi-functionality is one of the reasons on why this model is often listed in the best vacuum cleaners under $75. It functions as utility vacuum, hand-held vacuum, and stick vacuum, eliminating the need for multiple products to handle your cleaning needs. This is also an excellent option when it comes to convenience. It has smooth-rolling wheels that make it easy to take the vacuum around the surface that should be cleaned. It also has a convenient cord wrap that prevents mess when it is kept on the storage room.



One machine alone packs in the power of three different cleaning devices that include a handheld vacuum, a stick vacuum and a utility vacuum

Handheld unit detaches easily from the larger mother unit to enable easy pick-up of debris minus the large frame

Onboard crevice tool reaches into confined or tight spaces so cleaning under furniture and behind fixtures is ultimately made easier

Has simple-to-use on/off switch, smooth rolling wheels for easy portability and a convenient cord wrap so storage is hassle-free, plus lightweight construction that enables easy carrying from area to area of this product, one of the best vacuums under 75



Gives off a whistling sound when cleaning at high speed, which signifies that the motor is hard at work

Extended life span of the filters can be obtained with regular cleaning after each use


” The small size of this vac is great for my small apartment because I can store it easily. It does a fine job of removing dust and debris, making me consider it one of the top 10 stick vacuum cleaners in 2019. The price was affordable too and I just paid under $20. ”  Myrtle P. Raines


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BISSELL CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner


Whether you are going to vacuum a hard surface or a carpeted floor, this model selected from our best Bissell vacuum cleaners reviews will prove to be an ideal choice for cleaning. The Helix Dirt Separation System makes it possible to deliver improved performance in trapping dirt and debris, even those that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It also comes with the Turbo Brush Tool, which is ideal in cleaning areas that are hard to reach or hidden in the corners of your house.



Powerful 12-amp engine in an upright bagless vacuum cleaner that is able to handle dirt, dust and debris on bare floors as well as in carpets

Has the revolutionary Helix® dirt-separation system that guarantees powerful cleaning performance  by capturing more fine dust in the dirt cup so the filter remains clean longer

Five height adjustments enable easy cleaning of nearly any floor surface, with washable filters that require less replacements

Large-capacity dirt container makes it easy to check if it needs to be emptied thanks to its clear design plus easy-empty system



Regular checking, cleaning and/or replacement of filters ensure that the vacuum cleaner does its work more effectively

Power cord does not retract but has a wrap-around feature for convenient storage


”Any kind of surfaces can be cleaned by the BISSELL CleanView Helix Vacuum Cleaner. I use it for carpet cleaning as well and it does a terrific job. I received it as a gift for Xmas and I’m very satisfied with how it works up to this point. ”  Karen R. Davies


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