How to Choose the Best Utility Knife


Utility knives are an essential tool to have around your home, office or workshop, since they have a wide variety of uses. The edge is incredibly sharp so it can easily do the job that would otherwise dull a pocket knife or just too much for scissors. It can be used for breaking down boxes, cutting carpeting, and even working on drywall. However, there is more to these knives than most people realize. For starters, there are different types and blades. This guide should help you find the utility knife you should add to your tool box.

Best Utility Knife

Type of Knife

Utility knives usually allow you to change blades so you can use the one that you need for a particular task. There are blades available for cutting linoleum, flooring and roofing materials and carpeting, as well as general utility blades and those designed for hobbies and crafts. There are however, different kinds of knives, the most common of which are retractable, fixed-blade knives, and breakaway knives.

The most common type that we are all familiar with are the ones with retractable blades, which have buttons that allow the user to either move the blade fully back into the body or adjust how much of the blade is locked into place depending on how deep you want to cut. It is the ideal choice for basic everyday use like cutting rope. You also have the option to adjust the sharpness of the blade. The blade of a fixed-blade knife, on the other hand, remains securely in place. This stability makes it a good choice for heavy duty cutting. A breakaway knife has a segmented blade so you can quickly and easily break off the dull sections if you need a sharp edge. It is perfect for box cutting.


Materials and Craftsmanship

Quality materials and good workmanship make a knife that is more durable, comfortable to hold, and has better performance as a cutting tool.


Types of Blade

There are also a wide variety of blades available for utility knives that are used for specialized requirements. There are utility blades and round-point blades for general cutting jobs, hobby blades for carving, trimming, whittling and modeling a range of materials, and hook blades for working on carpets, roofing, and flooring materials.


Safety Features And Others

If you use a utility knife without a retractable blade, there is a big risk that you will accidentally injure yourself. Fortunately, there are safety features that can prevent this from happening. For example, some fixed-blade knives allow you to fold the blade into the handle when not in use. Some blades are also self-retracting, meaning the blade is only extended as long as you’re pressing down a button and retracts once you release it. There are also utility knives with nonslip handles for better grip, which makes handling easier.

Utility knives may have some other minor features that can be handy. For example, some have a built-in storage space that allows you to store extra blades internally.


Top Rated Utility Knives in 2018


Now that you are familiar what options you have for buying the particular utility blade that you need, you can start shopping with confidence. Here are our recommendations for the best utility knife. Look them over to see if one of them meets your needs.


Gerber 31-000345


1.Gerber 31-000345The Gerber 31-000345 has earned some of the best utility knife reviews from users due to its high functionality. The handy utility knife features a contractor-grade general-use blade that is appropriate for everyday tasks, although it can be swapped with a standard blade. The handle features finger grooves that give you a tighter grip for safer handling, and has a built-in pocket clip that can also be used as a money clip. The knife is 5.1-inches when the blade is extended and closes to 2.8-inches, and weighs just 2.5-ounces so you can just tuck it into a pocket when not in use.

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Dewalt DWHT10035L


2.Dewalt DWHT10035LThe Dewalt DWHT10035L is one of the best utility knife 2018 models due to its range of useful features in addition to its utility. The knife not only has a retractable blade that allows you to easily extend the length based on the depth of cut you’re going to make, it also allows you to open and close it one-handed. In addition, it has built-in blade storage that lets you keep new blades handy as well as a Rapid Load Blade Change button for quick swapping of blades. The DWHT10035L is housed in a metal body that is rugged enough to stand up to rough use.

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Stanley 10-099


3.Stanley 10-099This classic utility knife may be low in features but high in functionality. The Stanley 10-099 features a heavy-duty retractable carbon-alloy steel blade that extends to three pre-set positions depending on the depth of cut you want to make as well as an exclusive interlocking nose design that holds the blades in place securely while you’re cutting. There is also a built-in storage space for extra blades in the handle, and the knife comes with three free spare blades. In addition, Stanley offers a line of “Application-Specific” blades designed for performing specific tasks such as cutting drywall and roofing material.

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Alltrade 150003


4.Alltrade 150003The Alltrade 150003 has earned some of the best utility knife reviews from users because of its unique quick-blade change feature. Push the button to pull out used blades or flip to the unused side while the new blade is loaded by simply pushing the lever to open the auto-loading compartment, and also lets you extend the blade for use. The curved cutaway handle and ergonomically-designed cushioned grip with thumb groove is designed to ensure the comfort of the user while increasing his control over the knife while cutting. The handle includes on-board storage for spare blades and six free blades are included with the knife.

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Milwaukee 48-22-1901


5.Milwaukee 48-22-1901The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 is one of the top rated utility knives 2018 for its range of features that greatly add to the utility of the knife. It allows you to open the knife with one hand and change blades without the need for tools, greatly saving you time and effort. It also has a built-in gut hook notch that allows you to cut without having to extend the blade and a wire stripper that can strip wire up to ten-gauge thickness. The Milwaukee 48-22-1901 has a slim profile that lets the knife be easily slipped into your pocket when not in use.

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