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The best urinals of 2021 come in a variety of styles, materials and designs, and it can be difficult to decide which is the best solution for your home. We have created this buying guide to help you determine what is the best urinal for your home (or business) and know what features you may want to look for.

One of the cheapest urinals that you could get is a trough urinal. These devices look exactly as the name sounds—like a trough that livestock would eat out of. These urinals can accommodate up to eight men at one time. However, by installing one of these lavatories into your establishment (who really needs a trough urinal in a house?), you are asking your patrons to give up a lot of privacy, which can be very uncomfortable for many men.

Of all the top ten best urinal reviews we have covered, the bucket urinal is by far the most popular and has the longest history which dates back centuries. Though the urinal is called a bucket, it can be found in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and designs. These urinals are often made of porcelain like regular toilets; however, you can find these made from plastic, metal, and even wood that has been has a high polished shine.

In the world of innovative products, you have the option of a waterless urinal. This technology has been in development for a while and it is becoming one of the best urinals of 2021. The way this urinal works is pretty cool, as the liquid passes through a strainer that is located just at the base of the drain. It then flows through a sealing liquid and then it will collect in a waste pipe. The sealing liquid is not as dense as urine and the waste material is sealed under the liquid.

Of course, since this is still new technology, be sure to research the waterless urinal so you understand what the product does and how it works before purchasing. The waterless urinal is still a relatively new option so you may not be able to get the toilet at your local hardware store, you may have to go to a specialty store.

There isn’t much of a science when it comes to choosing an appropriate urinal for your home. As long as it flushes and is easy to use, the man of the house (or establishment) will be content. Here are a few styles that you can debate upon when purchasing a new urinal.


Things to consider:

  • Trough urinals can accommodate up to eight men at once, although this could be off putting for some men because they are sacrificing their privacy just to go to the bathroom.
  • A bucket urinal is by far the most popular unit, both in businesses and even at home. The versatility and design is a big factor and they are fairly easy to install.
  • Waterless urinals are still in the early stages of being used as a viable toilet for men. These devices does not use water, but instead the urine is sucked below some ultra-dense sealing liquid which prevents any urine seeping up out of the waste pipe.


Top rated Urinals in 2021


Toto UT104E#01 Commercial Washout Urinal with Top Spud


This commercial wall mounted urinal features an integral trap and is ADA compliant. The 3/4-inch top spud inlet and 2-inch IPS outlet. The urinal uses only a half a gallon per flush, leaving the device highly efficient and economical. The four Eco Flush Power Flush valves are designed to work together in a system to give you optimum water conservation.


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American Standard Maybrook Vitreous China Urinal


If you go into any mens room across the USA, chances are you will find a urinal that look similar to this unit. The wall hung unit comes from the Maybrook Series A and features an A design that allows it to fit into any home bathroom or other bathrooms seamlessly. The flushing rim features a 3/4-inch top inlet spud, wall hangers, and an outlet spud are sure to make any owner happy with their purchase.


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Sloan Waterless Urinal, Vitreous China


This particular waterless urinal is wall hung and features a wall outlet. The urinal reduces water consumption and lowers sewer costs, general maintenance and repair bills. The design of the bowl creates a more hygienic and odour-free restroom. The patented sealed cartridge makes water unnecessary, saving you approximately 40,000 gallons of water every year. The installation of the device is easy within no time, you can be using a clean urinal and not smell any foul odours once the urinal has been used.


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Toto UT447E#01 Commercial Washout Urinal with Top Spud


This high efficiency urinal uses a half of a gallon of water per flush and features EcoPower Flush Valves that are engineered to work as a system in order to give you the maximum water conservation capabilities without sacrificing flushing capabilities. The urinal is ADA complaint and features a 3/4-inch top spud inlet and a 2-inch IPS outlet.


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Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal


This waterless, no flush urinal features a contemporary design that seamlessly fits into any modern bathroom. They can be installed into a regular 2-inch waste line that is used for regular urinals. The waterless models eliminates the need for flush water supply lines along with flush. These particular urinals are ideal for public settings because there are no handles that users have to touch, nor are there any sensors to install and worry about adjusting to the right specification.


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Buying guide


While some people might prefer installing a urinal in a secondary bathroom in their homes, these items are mainly meant for businesses, which is why specific considerations might be more important than others. We will take a look at all of them right away so that you can decide for yourself what model you prefer.

Flush vs. waterless designs

Traditional urinals are also called flush urinals, and the mechanism that powers them is straightforward. The moment you activate a flush valve, water will rush in and clean the bowl. Then it will drain through the system of pipes it is connected to. As these traditional urinals have been around for quite a while, you will notice that many manufacturers carry them in all sorts of sizes and styles.

They are also pretty inexpensive, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, you will have to sanitize them regularly, and the water consumption will surely add up in time. For commercial applications, that could be an issue.

Waterless designs are relatively new, and that could be a reason why not many people have been taken with them just yet. However, as their name indicates, these urinals are ideal if you are looking to save water. Even the most efficient flush urinals consume half a gallon of water per flush, which turns into thousands of gallons per year.

With considerably less use of the sewer system, these designs have a positive impact on your wallet. Still, since there is no water running that continuously cleans the bowl, you will have to invest a bit more effort in regular sanitizing and maintenance.


What flush options are out there?

Another thing you may want to know about urinals and how they work is the flush mechanism they come with. We are talking here exclusively about flush urinals and not waterless models. A lever or a handle is usually present, and the user only needs to push it down to have the water wash away the waste.

A type of design that gains more and more popularity right now is the one that doesn’t require the user to touch a lever or a handle. They come equipped with special sensors that will know when to flush on their own. Be it that they work with a timer or sense when there is no one in front of them anywhere, they may do a better job at keeping themselves clean.


Consider the ease of cleaning

There have already been some mentions about the ease of cleaning of flush models as opposed to waterless designs. However, the design of the bowl can play a role, too. Make sure to get one without too many nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach.