Best vacuum cleaners for the money


In order to have a cleaner house, one must have a vacuum cleaner that can clean any room effectively without compromising the durability of the vacuum cleaner. These are the best upright vacuum cleaners under $100 which can clean your house very effectively while still being affordable in your budget. Another great brand from the industry is listed in our .


How to choose a good upright vacuum – A buying guide


sharkEvery home needs to be clean and free of dust, dirt and stains, for all people to enjoy, inhabitants and visitors. This is why more and more people are currently searching for professional ways to clean, cover every inch of the house with precision. There are many cleaning instruments which you opt for, most of them designed not to let you down and leave a spotless surface. According to recent statistics it seems that one of the most efficient cleaning devices you can use with confidence around the house is the upright vacuum cleaner. The market is more than generous when it comes to advanced vacuum cleaners, designed to respond well to cleaning commands. Consult with attention some of the present best vacuum cleaners reviews, written by pro cleaners and also satisfied users.

Roaming through the best upright vacuum cleaners in 2019 ensures that you will use a professional cleaning device, capable of leaving every surface spotless. Such cleaners come equipped with special brushes that lift trodded-in dirt from various carpets. The respective upright position of these cleaners which makes it very easy to cover large areas with minimal effort, is ideal for people that suffer from various back problems. Cleaners come with a large capacity which doesn’t need to empty them as often as other products. Furthermore the vacuum cleaners are specially designed to handle pet hair, from cats and dogs. Even though upright cleaner are best suited to clean different types of carpets they often include different settings, managing to clean various floor types. You can’t overlook the fact that the cleaners do a marvellous job in cleaning different surfaces. One thing is certain: families with animals should use such advanced cleaners because they won’t disappoint even after continuous use.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Cord length Price Warranty Motor Amps Customer Rating Where to buy

Hoover WindTunnel UH70120

25 ft. $$$ 2 years 12 Amps A+ AMAZON

BISSELL CleanView 9595

25 ft. $$ 2 years 12 Amps A AMAZON

Hoover Tempo U5140900

25 ft. $$ 1 year 12 Amps B+ AMAZON

Dirt Devil M084650RED

25 ft. $$ No 7 Amps B+ AMAZON

Dirt Devil M085590RED

25 ft. $$ No 12 Amps B+ AMAZON


Once you consult the present best upright vacuum cleaners reviews you will be able to find a high quality model, capable of cleaning fast and with precision. There two important types of cleaners on the market with and without bags. Upright cleaners with bags can store dirt and dust in a bag, which ultimately you can dispose of when it is full. Most bags are self-sealed and trap dust with precision, keeping allergens inside. Allergy asthmatics and sufferers will enjoy clean air with less allergen. Bagless cleaners are very easy to control, without the need for bags. Such devices use advanced cyclone technology in order to confine dirt in a reservoir or chamber which can be detached and safely emptied in a bin.


Set among the best upright vacuum cleaners in 2019, bagless cleaners tend to cost more than the bag models, due to the advanced cleaning technology they use. You should also know that the cleaners should include a wide variety of accessories which can improve your cleaning performance. There are many models which deserve to become yours, ideal to use on different types of surfaces. It is important to use a powerful cleaner which cleans without problems every inch of various rooms of the house.


Things to consider:

–          Types of upright vacuum cleaners: bagless and with bags

–          Ideal to clean different types of carpets, surfaces and floors

–          Look for advanced cleaning accessories

–          Upright vacuum cleaners are ideal for families with pets

–          Precise suction force


Hoover WindTunnel UH70120 upright vacuum


Best upright vacuum cleaners under $100Included as one of the best upright vacuum cleaners under $100 in various reviews, this vac from Hoover has multiple functions that are superior to other upright models. This vacuum cleaner has a multi-cyclonic cleaning core technology that can suck continuously for hours and with its multi-channel WindTunnel Technology, it makes the cleaning head supercharged, attracting more dust for more efficient cleaning. If you push the foot-pedal its power cord will automatically retract into its main body.



With a bagless type of dust collection to eliminate messy emptying, and an innovative HEPA filter that will not make the employment of the unit as a sure trigger of allergies and asthma in the home

With five-position adjustment so users can get vacuuming done on a variety of flooring surfaces

27-foot retractable power cord enables easy completion of cleaning tasks around the home

Consistent suction power from the legendary WindTunnel technology



Extension wand lacks length

Hand tool needs to stick better to the vacuum cleaner


“ I easily install the Hoover WindTunnel UH70120 upright vacuum the time it was bought in our home because it has a manual that explains how it will be done. The vacuum cleaner can also be easily controlled because the buttons are clearly classified and named according it its functions.”  Edith Damon Bender


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BISSELL CleanView 9595 upright vacuum


This vacuum cleaner has been in various reviews as one of the best upright vacuum cleaners under $100 because it’s versatile and makes cleaning very convenient. This upright vacuum cleaner has OnePass technology that can clean dirt and dust in a jiffy with its powerful suction and innovative brush design. This vacuum cleaner’s cyclonic system maintains the vacuum cleaner’s suction power even if used for a long time.



Lightweight vacuum delivers quick and easy cleaning, with powerful suction ability and a revolutionary brush design that picks up more dirt in a single pass

Rotating brush reaches down into the carpet to draw out dirt

Superior Cyclonic System sustains the vacuum’s suction power for longer

Useful TurboBrush attachment picks up dirt on furniture, stairs, upholstery and other surfaces



Should never be used with a powder deodorizer for carpets

Short cord and short attachment hose will not enable continuous cleaning from room-to-room


“ You will have the ease of cleaning your home with the BISSELL CleanView 9595 upright vacuum. This is what I sue for almost 2 years and until now it helps me to clean our house perfectly. The product is very affordable so you will find it easy buying the product. I like the product than the others.”  Maryellen Tyson


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Hoover Tempo U5140900 upright vacuum


This upright vacuum cleaner can clean large areas in just a matter of minutes with its 15” cleaning path and its 25’ extended power cord. These two features combined will give you great mobility and will make sure you clean even the largest rooms in no time at all. The Anti-Allergen Filtration System uses its bagged cleaning structure to capture 99% of the dust and pollen up to 5 microns. This makes sure your house is dust-free and allergen-free as well.



Bag fitted with exclusive Allergen Media, which are basically media filters that trap 99% of pollens and dust, even those as tiny as 5 microns

Unit provides excellent filtration as air goes thorugh easily into the washable filters after leaving the bag and the vacuum so air is always breathable and pollutant-free

Larger rooms get vacuumed easily with the long 25-foot power cord

Wide 15-inch cleaning swath enables faster completion of cleaning jobs



Best upright bagless vacuum cleaner reviews mention the large vacuum head as not able to get into really tight spaces or under furniture easily

Comes with no headlight and no bag indicator


“ The Hoover Tempo upright vacuum has a light weight, so I can easily use and carry it anywhere. The product can be also stored without any difficulties because it is just portable and has a medium in size. The product obviously helps me to maintain a clean home and I’m happy for getting it at a very cheap price on Black Friday.”  Rebekah Dorthy Barry


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Dirt Devil M084650RED upright vacuum


This upright vacuum cleaner is really a devil when it comes to removing dust with its various functions that can easily eliminate dust with ease. This upright vacuum cleaner has a scatter guard nozzle that prevents the scattering of the dust when being gathered for easier elimination of dust inside your home. The lightweight and compact design makes it easier to move this upright vacuum cleaner in any direction and it is easy to store in closed spaces without the hassle of moving too many things.



Lightweight at less than 8 pounds, this vacuum can be easily carried from room to room

Carries exclusive Dynapower 26.0 Cleaning Effectiveness, with a click-lock handle that can be lowered to 31 inches to prevent back strain on user

Easily adapts from hard floor to carpet cleaning

Scuff Guard Nozzle eliminates the knicking, damaging, knocking or nailing of baseboards while cleaning



Plastic receptacle for collected dirt can fill up quickly

Designed as a light duty vacuum cleaner


“ The Dirt Devil M084650RED upright vacuum can efficiently clean and remove dust without taking too much effort. The product is very useful for me since I have lots of things to do besides cleaning the house. The product helps me finish fast so I can do other tasks during the day. I don’t know who makes the best upright vacuum cleaners, but I’m sure this model is as good as they come.”  Dorian Olivia Rutledge


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Dirt Devil M085590RED upright vacuum


This upright vacuum cleaner can really get rid of your dust problems with its MicroFresh filtration system that can trap up to 99% of the dust and allergens that may harm you and your family. The 12 amp motor that runs this vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to clean your house in just a matter of minutes without even breaking a sweat. This vacuum cleaner has a 25” extended cord that allows you to clean any area where outlets are not available.



Lightweight yet full-sized upright vacuum cleaner with powerful 12-amp motor that delivers bagged cleaning convenience

Offers auto edge cleaning and height adjustment to suit any cleaning requirement

With patented MicroFresh technology on filtration apparatus to trap up to 99% of floating allergens and dust in the air

Comes with cleaning tools and on-board hose to reach nooks and crannies easily, and to get cleaning done more effectively



Can run rather noisily

Designed to be for light duty cleaning


“ I think the Dirt Devil M085590RED upright vacuum is one of the most reliable models money can buy, because it is easy to use . The product is very user- friendly because the controls are very intuitive, thus I’m able to use it’s every feature. It doesn’t create too much noise so you can start cleaning your house early in the morning while others are still asleep. I’m so impressed with it that I’m going to buy another one as a Xmas gift for my mother.”  Angie Mindy Padilla


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Eureka AS5203A Airspeed Zuum Upright Vacuum


Keep the floors in your home nice and clean with the help of the Eureka AS5203A upright vacuum. The powerful 12 amp motor will provide you with ideal suction power to remove any kind of debris from your floors. It doesn’t weigh much either, just 13.6 lbs so getting it up the stairs is not much trouble. Clearly you can think of it as one of the best upright vacuums under 150.



Comes with two smooth tubes that enable maximum air passage and more efficient cleaning

Engineered with powerful cyclonic action to separate fine dust particles from larger dirt after collected dirt is all taken into the dust cup

Powerful brush roll is complemented by continuous suction power to deliver best quality cleaning from the

Can even remove or clean off pet hair from upholstery and carpets



Emptying of dirt can be messy

Plastic construction


 “For my home this vacuum has proven to be just the thing and now, in no time I clean all the floors. Its different tools also allow me to get to every little corner in my home. I’m positive it’s one of the best rated upright vacuum cleaners in 2019, priced under $150.” – Emily Laurent


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