In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best upright freezers? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information about the different products for sale in this category by consulting expert review sites and comparing the reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, after doing in-depth product research and comparison, we have been able to find what we believe is the best one for the money, the SPT UF-304W. This exceptional upright freezer enables you to keep stored items frozen and fresh at the optimal temperature because of its mechanical adjustable thermostat. The three pull-out baskets have enough capacity to accommodate different sizes and types of items you decide to put in. The top two baskets each measure 14.25″ wide x 13.5″ deep x 8.5″ high, to take in tall or irregularly shaped items while the bottom basket is slightly smaller at 14.25″ wide x 13.5 ” deep x 7.75″ high for other items. The flush back design provides a space saving solution for your storage needs. Should the SPT UF-304W run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option, the Danby DUFM032A1WDB.



Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Weight Material Our Rating Where to buy

Danby DUF408WE

4.2 cu ft $$$ 100 lb Metal A+ AMAZON

Sunpentown UF-310W

3.0 cu ft $$$ 66 lb Metal, Plastic B+ AMAZON

Sunpentown UF-311S

2.8 cu ft $$$ 70 lb Metal, Plastic B AMAZON

Haier HUM013EA

1.2/7 cu ft $$ 41 lb Metal, Plastic B+ AMAZON

Frigidaire FFU21F5H

20.5 cu ft $$$$ 180 lb Metal C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


In the present there are thousands of Americans searching for high quality freezers capable of holding vegetables, sodas, food and many others. Recent statistics showed that a growing number of people are trying to find professional upright freezers. There are a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind while browsing for a brand new freezer. One thing is certain: everyone needs a reliable freezer in the kitchen, one that can hold food in the right temperatures day and night. Well, with attention you’ll find the right freezer for your household use. You have to determine the freezer capacity, style, preferences and storing space. Another important thing revolves around energy consumption. Try your best to find a freezer which is EnergyStar rated.

Since there are so many freezer models available on the market, discovering the right model can be pretty challenging. Well, we decided to make your job easier by testing first-hand some of the most popular freezers out there. We went through over 30 top rated freezers, picked out of a long list of over 60 models. After 10 hours of tests spent on each model we were able to safely draft the best upright freezer reviews. It is important to consult professional information on the subject in order to find the most efficient model. There are many features which need to be present in the freezer for proper food management. One of the most important things to look for in a freezer is the device capacity. For big families we recommend a freezer with large storage capacity because a lot of food will pile up at the end of each day.


How can you find the best upright freezer in 2021? Well, there are advantages and disadvantages of using an upright freezer. This kitchen appliance is essential for proper food preservation. Freezers can accommodate with ease fruits, vegetables, food and sodas. A freezer needs to have a sleek appearance, worth displaying in any contemporary kitchen. Upright freezers have a well-organized interior which comes in handy while sorting, retrieving and also organizing different types of food. Furthermore it is good to know that upright freezers have a smaller energy footprint than a standard refrigerator. You should know that some models include automatic defrost systems which ensures proper cleaning. It is important to preserve food in a freezer that won’t disappoint.

Finding the best upright freezer in 2021 represents an important investment in the quality of your kitchen. In addition to the solid construction, a good freezer should include some of the following: manual defrost system, adjustable temperature control, lock with key and also standard interior indicator light. Furthermore the upright freezer needs to be EnergyStar rated which ensures proper energy savings. Some of the best models include Ice maker option for proper ice management, ideal for different drinks. A good freezer will definitely help families take better care of their daily food. This is probably why so many people are now investing a lot of their time in learning about the most efficient freezers money can buy.



Top rated upright freezers in 2021


Different types of food need to be preserved in order for you to have a diverse menu. One of these devices is a freezer which any complete kitchen in the US should have. Meat and different vegetables can be stored in one, for when you need them in order to make something special for you and your family. But choosing the right freezer is another story altogether and a very good idea would be to read the best upright freezers reviews. These reviews will present to you the most reliable upright freezers in the market.





1.SPT UF-304WProviding 3.0 cubic feet of storage, the SPT UF-304W is ideal for those who want cold or frozen storage options designed for a small living space. This upright freezer delivers the cooling and freezing options you need without using up plenty of room. It’s perfect for cramped apartments, boats and recreational vehicles and other settings where real estate is not a luxury.



Outfitted with three pull out storage baskets, this upright freezer has a 3.0-cubic foot net capacity. It can provide decent storage space for meat, frozen TV dinners, ice cream treats and more. The three storage baskets provide easy organization of food items while making it easy to access them so you can see what you have on hand.

The freezer is equipped with a mechanical adjustable thermostat so you can effortlessly adjust the temperature to the perfect storage setting. Select from the coldest setting for freezing, or to zero to turn the freezer off. The manual defrost system not only allows hands-on cleaning but also provides energy efficiency.

The reversible door swing comprises door hinges that can be moved to the opposite side to enable you to swing the door open the other direction to accommodate your space needs. No more awkward or limited access to what is inside.



The freezer has to be kept on a level surface to ensure that it won’t produce rattling sounds during use.

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Danby DUFM032A1WDB


2.Danby DUFM032A1WDBNeed extra freezer storage? The Danby DUFM032A1WDB designer upright freezer provides a smart and space-saving solution when you do not have much room. Perfect for trailers, cottages, apartments or small offices, this upright freezer has all the features you want in a compact cold storage solution.




We can’t all have large capacity solutions for storage needs since some of us have to contend with limited living space. This upright freezer, with its 3.2-cubic foot capacity, provides the perfect space saving solution. Store your frozen dinners, vegetables and ice cream using the two quick freeze shelves, so the food items stay fresh and frozen for consumption.

The reversible door hinge is complemented by an integrated door handle and a smooth back design so the upright freezer can be positioned almost anywhere, even flush against the wall, while still enabling easy access to the stored items. The smart manual defrost provides hands-on cleaning along with energy efficiency.

The mechanical thermostat enables easy use and maintenance together with the manual defrost system. The R600a refrigerant is an environmentally friendly formulation for efficient cooling performance. The wheels enable easy sliding into position.



One buyer noticed that although the unit runs at low power quietly, it tends to run quite noisily at the highest setting.

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Midea WHS-109FW1


3.Midea WHS-109FW1Providing a compact storage solution for a low price for those short on living space, the Midea WHS-109FW1 belongs to a fine selection of premium quality freezers and refrigerators. With a net capacity of 3.0 cubic feet, this upright freezer offers reliable storage for ice cream, vegetables, desserts and more.




The upright freezer provides mechanical control thanks to its adjustable thermostat so your stored items are kept fresh and cool for consumption. This appliance can keep frozen dinners, vegetables and other items in the ideal cool or frozen temperature to prevent spoilage and wastage.

The reversible door enables easy opening either on the left or right side. This means you can position the unit into a tight corner and still have easy access to what’s inside from either side. The adjustable legs also enable level placement on an otherwise uneven surface.

The separate wire drawers simplify organization of stored items and also enable you to keep track of what items need replenishing. You won’t have to take everything out just to check what to put on your shopping list.



More than one customer has commented on the unit arriving with some cosmetic damage in the form of dents, but they are still satisfied with the performance of this compact upright freezer.

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Whynter CUF-110B


4.Whynter CUF-110BProviding a smart compact storage solution at the best price, the Whynter CUF-110B comes in a smart black color and a metal construction for resistance against staining and for durability. This innovative appliance is perfect for small living spaces and for extra storage space.




The black reversible swing door and black cabinet provide enough storage space for items that can no longer be handled by your full-size refrigerator or freezer. Store frozen dinners or veggies at the perfect temperature so they remain cool, fresh and protected from spoilage.

The recessed handle ensures a smooth, flush finish with the door. The mechanical temperature control provides a temperature range of -10° to 2°F to maintain ideal storage levels. The removable flat slide-out wire shelf provides easy access to stored items.

The freezer has a cylinder lock and two keys for security and personalized user access. The manual defrost system enables hands-on cleaning and ensures efficient use of energy.

Providing powerful compressor cooling, the freezer uses R600a refrigerant that provides an effective cooling and freezing solution to the appliance. The adjustable leg enables easy placement on an uneven surface.



Buyers are advised to take note of the 1.1 cubic foot capacity to ensure that the unit really suits their needs. One user has also noted cosmetic issues, i.e., a dented corner when the appliance was delivered.

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Whynter CUF-210SS


5.Whynter CUF-210SSOffering the best deal in compact freezer storage space, the Whynter CUF-210SS boasts premium quality and innovative design that suits your needs. This space saving appliance is perfect for the yacht, small office or home. It also boasts premium appeal thanks to its stainless steel door that offers durability and strength.




Providing reliable compressor cooling, this model has an adjustable thermostat that lets you set to the ideal freezing temperature for efficient freezing of items including ice cream, frozen dinners, meats and vegetables. The thermostat offers a temperature range of -10° to – 2°F, so items stay frozen at the right setting.

The keyed door lock provides secure storage for the items inside. The two keys allow access to stored items for you and a partner. The thermostat offers mechanical control for convenient setting. The recessed handle ensures a flush finish with the door.

The two removable flat slide-out shelves simplify organization of stored items and easy checking of what’s inside for prompt replenishing as needed. This Energy Star rated appliance ensures efficient energy use.

The stainless steel door ensures durability and resistance against rust and chipping to maintain the spotless appearance of the unit. The adjustable leg enables easy positioning on a non-level surface.



One user laments that the thermostat is on the back of the unit so making adjustments can be quite tricky, though this doesn’t detract from the unit’s overall good performance.

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Danby DUF408WE – Not Available


Another excellent freezer is this model from Danby, which is recommended by best upright freezers reviews. The top capacity is impressive, the top capacity being 4.2 cu.ft., more than enough for a family of 4 members. There are 5 shelves in total, so different types of foods can be placed in their own shelf. The top is scratch-resistant and is a great place to store different items. And on top of all this, the freezer has a Energy Star certification, saving energy as well.



One of the larger styles of mini or compact freezers, with more usable space so dad and his friends can enjoy a cool beverage while tinkering on the familycar, making this the best upright freezer for garage 2021

Mechanical thermostat is easy to program and unit has manual defrost that helps in more efficient cooling power

Door seal fits tightly so all the amazing cooling power is efficiently locked inside thanks to durable rubber strip, with reversible door hinge to enable both left and right side opening

Two quick-freeze indoor shelves and three door shelves provide all the cooling storage needed from a small cooling appliance



Thanks to efficient cooling power, ice and frost can build up on the shelves quickly, requiring regular defrosting

Fits into tight spaces but can take up relatively more space than other brands in the same category



Sunpentown UF-310W


Sunpentown UF-310W is  viewed by many people as one of the best upright freezers in 2021 based on its top performances and also its impressive features. The flush back design that this freezer has, poses as an advantage, saving a lot of space in your kitchen. It is also ideal for making ice thanks to its included ice cube tray, perfect for different kinds of icy drinks. The defrosting process is easy to learn and won’t take too much time either.



Space-saving design with flush-back structure to make the unit fit easily into a cramped dorm room, apartment or work shop

With four pull-out baskets that help keep stored food organized while being accessible in a pinch, eliminating endless rummaging

Comes with ice-cube tray to enable enjoyment of ice-cold drinks in glasses, with lock and key to seal the unit completely

Front leveling legs keep the unit stable even on surfaces that are less than flat, with adjustable thermostat to control the cooling temperature inside the unit



Control knob location is at the back of the unit quite near the floor

Fixed shelves hold a lot but only of specific sizes



Sunpentown UF-311S


Best Upright freezers reviewsOne possible solution for a top notch freezer is Sunpentown UF-311S. The features it has, compared to other similar models, make it vastly superior. Firstly, the capacity of this freezer is quite large, having 2.8 cu.ft in total. It is equipped with 4 pullout baskets for keeping different foods well organized. The top upright freezers reviews consider this an excellent choice and we place it on the top of our list because it is Energy Star qualified as well.



Perfect for tight spaces with a compact flush- back design, making the unit a heavy favorite in countless best upright freezer for garage reviews

Versatility offered by reversible door hinges that allow left and right side opening, so busy users do not have to waste time positioning themselves before the freezer just to grab a drink

4 pull-out drawers provide all the space needed to store and cool food items and drinks while making them easily accessible

Adjustable thermostat gives optimum control of the unit’s inside temperature so food and beverages are always kept fresh



Random freezing and thawing cycles are a result of non-regular manual defrosting

Legs are not adjustable, necessitating optimum placement of the unit on a flat surface



Haier HUM013EA


If you are looking to invest in a new compact upright freezer, a good choice can be the Haier HUM013EA. Don’t be fooled by its size because it can hold up to 46 pounds of food, more than enough for a medium sized family. You can set the temperature inside to the optimum value because this freezer is fitted with an adjustable thermostat. Our experts recommend it as a great dorm freezer where you keep snacks and icy beverages, which also comes at an affordable price range. Furthermore, you will receive a one year warranty from the manufacturer.



Offers 1.3 cubic feet of storage capacity to hold about 39 pounds of food in fresh and cool condition

Small, compact size is easy to move and transport, so the unit can be transferred from inside the house to the deck or patio when a pleasant drink with everyone is called for

Fully adjustable thermostat allows convenient control of the cooling temperature so optimum cooling efficiency can be obtained

Reversible door hinges provide easy access to the contents of the freezer, whether from the right side or left side



Temperature control is located at the back of the unit

Requires frequent manual defrosting to ensure efficient cooling



Frigidaire FFU21F5H


If you want an enormous freezer then you should look no further than the Frigidaire FFU21F5H. The 21 cu.ft. top capacity is among the largest of any commercial freezers.  It comes with some excellent features, like its Automatic alert which lets you know if the temperature inside it drops because you forgot the door open by mistake. The incredible capacity definitely earns a spot in our list for this freezer.



Allows users to store more, with its huge 21.0-cubic-foot storage capacity that takes in drinks and food items of various sizes and shapes

Convenient frost-free operation eliminates periodic manual defrosting, which can be a hassle in the long run

Ready-Select controls with upfront display enable easy adjusting and setting of cooling levels, with interior light and power-on light

Has automatic alert if freezer door is left open or when temperature rises, ensuring that the unit does not malfunction due to an overheated motor



Powerful motor tends to run noisily but keeps the unit running efficiently

Comes in only one color option, but that’s all a matter of taste



Avanti VM302W-1


Not many freezers have the quality of Avanti VM302W-1 and a lot of satisfied users have reviewed it in a positive manner. The design is standard and doesn’t present any surprises, having a clear white color. The price-quality ratio is one of the best you can find in the market these days. The spacious inside lets you store all kinds of foods properly. Upright freezers it don’t get much better than this model.