Top rated universal remotes in 2022


Every home has a television set which people use to watch movies, TV shows or play different games. In order to change channels, turn up or down the volume and many other applications you need a remote. We observed that a growing number of people are currently searching for universal remotes. After two weeks of research we managed to draft with attention the best universal remote reviews in order to make the selection process easy. Now, from an initial list of 80 products studied we resumed it down to only five products. A good remote with universal features needs to respond well to daily commands.


How to buy an universal remote – Expert buying tips


11Technology has improved so much over the years; everything seems to come with a remote control, which ultimately leads to any number of remote controls floating around. Some of the most popular universal remote controls can control all of your home theater gadgets like: televisions, sound systems, DVD players, and even cable boxes. You may be wondering which is the best and if they are universal, why are there so many on the market. We have created this buying guide to help you understand the different features you can find on these remotes and determine what features you need and want.

One of the first things you will want to determine is how many devices you want programmed onto your remote. If you want all of your gadgets programmed, you will want to find a remote control that can hold a number of components. This leads to another key feature, is your remote control programmable. The top ten universal remotes are programmable and have unique buttons that can be programmed for the specific device such as DVD players, cable boxes, televisions, and others.

A nice feature to have is flash memory. This will let you only program your remote once, so even if your batteries die and you have to replace them, you will not have to go through the hassle of reprogramming all of your devices onto the remote. New universal remotes come with rechargeable batteries, which is a nice touch in conjunction with the flash memory. The rechargeable batteries give you that extra reassurance that you will not have to experience having to search for new batteries when the old batteries lose their power.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Battery Type Price Controling Devices Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy


2 AA $$$$ 7 A/V 0.8 x 2.2 x 8.6 inch A AMAZON

Sony RMVLZ620

Fresh Alkaline $$$ 8 A/V 1 x 2 x 9.3 inch A AMAZON

SMK-Link PS3

AA $$$ PS3, DVD and more 7.5 x 2 x 1.1 inch B AMAZON

Philips SRP4004/27

2 AAA $$ 1000+ 1.2 x 4.5 x 10.8 inch C+ AMAZON

Sony RMVZ220

2 AA $$ 4 Video 5.2 x 7.8 x 1.8 inch B+ AMAZON


While your remote control may feature programmable macro buttons, the highest rated remotes feature touch screens and LCD screens. These remotes can give you more control and access to features that a regular controller cannot do. For example, they can give you access to directors commentary straight from the remote control screen, whereas with regular remote controls, you will have to go through various menus on the television screen.

A nice feature to look for with a remote control is for it to have the ability to transmit signals beyond the line-of-sight. What this means is that you do not have to have a clear path between the remote control and the device. The most reliable remotes use radio frequency waves to transmit their signals. These signals can pass through walls and are ideal if your home theater equipment is stored out of sight—perhaps in cabinets or in a closet.

There are many different remote controls available on the market. With the information you have learned in this buying guide, we hope that you will feel confident when making your purchase.


Things to consider:

  • Determine how many gadgets you want programmed into your remote. Make sure the remote control can handle the types of devices you want programmed.
  • Look for remote controls that have a flash memory or rechargeable batteries. This will limit the need for reprogramming your remote because the battery died.
  • High tech remotes feature LCD and touchscreens, which can give you more flexibility and makes the user experience nicer. These features will give you quicker access to the features you use the most on any of your home entertainment equipment.
  • Look for a remote that uses radio frequencies rather than infrared beams. The radio frequencies will let you store your equipment out of sight and the remote control can still operate the devices.



URC WR7 Universal Remote Control


With a high quality remote control you will be able to access different entertainment sources without restrictions. Now, you could opt for a top rated universal remote in 2022 from URC WR7, capable of helping you control different media devices. It can be used to access your TV, sound system, Blu-ray disc players and cable box. Affordable and easy to use, this remote control can replace by up to 7 seven remotes. It has a user-friendly design which works on different types of A/V devices. The device can support by up to 13 macros. In addition, the remote control comes equipped with 4 customizable “My Favourites” buttons.



Media center remote offers ability to control TV, Sound system, Blu-ray and cable box, replacing up to seven individual device remotes with just one unit and making this the best universal remote for the money

With exclusive “couch mode,” a special technology engineered to shut  the remote off when a button has been pressed for more than 30 seconds, effectively preventing quick depletion of battery power should the unit accidentally slip under or between couch cushions

SimpleSound Volume Control is a punch-through option that allows the channel and volume control buttons to carry the same functionality on whatever device the remote is set to work on, controlling those devices accordingly even when they do not carry their own built-in channel or volume control

Learning mode eases the frustration of having to program macros to the universal remote buttons, simplifying everything  by transferring the commands using a few strokes on buttons



Bulky size made to accommodate the wide array of functions, ultimately better than having 7 different remotes

Activity buttons require manual programming, and light button at the bottom needs to be pressed to enable backlit function of the unit


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Sony RMVLZ620 Universal Remote control


Best Universal remote reviewsThere are many universal remote models available on the market which you can use in order to control better the television set. The best universal remote in 2022 comes from Sony RMVLZ620; a model present in thousands of American homes. This device can be used in order to control all your audio and video devices. You have the possibility to use this remote for better control over all your AV equipment. The device can control by up to 8 AV components, VCR, TV and DVD. This powerful universal remote control offers quick response to various commands, for both audio and video devices.



Is the best universal remote for Vizio TV due to its onboard pre-programmed code choices that are compatible with most brands including blu-ray codes for VIZIO (code choices: 00864, 00885, 01756 and 01758)

Offers centralized control of all Audio and Video Devices, saving one the trouble of operating 8 different remote controls

With convenient one-touch system control offering 12 macro functions plus full infrared code-learning function for programming to expand AV control from other remotes

Compatible with most major electronic AV brands in the market, with easy operation of on-screen menu for compatible DVD and VCR, plus button layout that’s easy to use



Requires use of fresh alkaline batteries due to its advanced features especially the learning function

No button for STANDBY mode


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SMK-Link PS3 Blu-Link Universal Remote Control


It is important to have in your home a reliable remote control that can be used in order to manage better different audio and video devices. According to recent best universal remote reviews it seems that you can opt for SMK-Link PS3 Blu-Link. This remote uses Bluetooth technology in order to control PS3 and infrared devices, ideal to create a vibrant entertainment system. The model has built-in Bluetooth radio and built-in IR in order to control a wide range of TVs, DVDs, VCRs, DVRs, satellite and surround sound system. It includes a user-friendly interface for easy control to all your entertainment devices.



With ability to learn codes from 6 different remote controls, providing a more convenient way to watch TV, enjoy music, videos, movies and electronic games

Non-volatile memory stores settings, which means no reprograming and resetting when batteries need to be replaced

Buttons that are most often used are centrally located through the DVR Friendly Layout, and specific buttons enable control of pop-up menu, subtitle features for movies, top menu , angle and audio channel

With Advanced PS3 Buttons such as circle, triangle, X,  square,  Select, Start and Home for convenient control of PlayStation3



No charging station, display or computerized set-up, but happy users don’t find this a big issue

Buttons are a bit small


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Philips SRP4004/27 Universal 4 in 1 remote control


Out of the many remote controls available on the market you might want to learn more things about Philips SRP4004/27. This Universal 4 in 1 remote control is very easy to set up through the SimpleSetup feature. The control has an ergonomic design and XL fluorescent glow buttons which creates the proper experience. It can work with over 1000 audio and video devices. It has an advanced support service and code lists to various equipment devices, available at Philips Universal remote control website. The remote control feels natural in your hand, which maintains a balanced operation irrespective of the devices controlled.



Works to replace four different remote controls for four different Audio/Video devices that include TV, DVD, VCR and set-top boxes

Buttons made extra-large to accommodate fat or big fingers, with fluorescent glow buttons that allow effortless readability and easy use of the remote control in the dark

Features SimpleSetup that allows a quick and easy setup of main devices, with ability to work with more than 1000 devices due to the many choices on code programming for different brands and models

Ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip and a natural fit in the hand, with no rough or sharp corners that can be a nuisance to some users



No button for closed captioning or subtitles in movies


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Sony RMVZ220 Remote Control up to 4 Compatible video


Searching for the best universal remote in 2022 is a thrilling puzzle to uncover. Today, the market offers a wide variety of remote controls which you can use with confidence. Now you have the opportunity to invest in RMVZ220 remote control from Sony. This powerful device can be used in order to control by up to 4 video components with ease. The device has a streamlined design with buttons that are very easy to control. It is compatible with most of the major brands. Due to its ergonomic design, this remote control is pretty comfortable to use whenever you desire.



Designed to support most major brands, with ability to control up to 4 compatible video components by consolidating the remotes for those four devices into one space-saving unit

With TV and DVD menu function plus a PIP (picture-in-picture) function,  which is an advanced feature that allows one channel to be displayed on a full TV screen and another displayed in an inset window

Streamlined design saves space taken up by 4 different remote controls, with a great button layout and using revolutionary software

Centrally located main buttons make it easy to use the universal remote control, with 3-minute memory back-up plus a comfortable ergonomic design, all of which contribute to an exceptional remote control experience



No button to show time status of the disc being played

Not designed for combo devices


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