While normal or heavy tents provide more comfort and space, a good ultralight tent can equal that by weighing a lot less. Perfectly suitable for fishing, hunting or camping, ultralight tents come in many sizes and shape, each great for different kind of conditions. Knowing the main aspects of a good ultralight tent is essential for a good purchase. Having good information will provide you with the best possible tool for purchasing a good value tent, saving you a lot of time and money. Read ahead and find out all about ultralight tents.

What to look for when buying the best ultralight tent?


Intended usage conditions

The most important thing to take into consideration when choosing a new ultralight tent is to make sure you know ahead what kind of conditions you will encounter during your camping trip. Choosing the best ultralight tent for you must start with some important questions about the type of terrain, weather conditions and trip duration. Keeping in mind these factors will make it far easier to target the optimal tent design and model. Start with a short list that details all you know about the usage conditions and aim for a tent that includes all possible options for dealing with those conditions.



The main feature of an ultralight tent is its low weight and portability. Making sure that your tent features match with your camping conditions, you can move on and look for the most comfortable tent possible. Look for a spacious design, with plenty of room inside, double interior, bug nest or interior storage compartments. Aim for the most comfortable model, but keep in mind that comfort is not the primary function of an ultralight tent.



Lastly, enhanced durability is another important aspect of a great ultralight tent. An ultralight tent must endure lots of wear and tear from elements. A good quality fabric will resist a lot of abuse while a sturdy support structure will give it stability during heavy rain or ghastly winds. With this in mind, search for the best compromise between a light weight and material durability and you will find the best 4 season ultralight tent money can buy.


Top Rated Ultralight Tents in 2018


MSR Elixir 3


Topping all the ultralight tent reviews, this is one of the most comfortable models you can get. Its unique and efficient design maximizes comfort and internal space without increasing the carrying weight and volume. Light and compact, easy to install and perfectly adaptable to any kind of weather condition, the Elixir3-Person is by far the best choice when shopping for a new ultralight tent.

Keeping its total weight under 2.1 kg, this ultralight tent has one of the most spacious interiors, competing with ease with many medium size tents. Its tall frame gives plenty of free head space, a rare commodity for an ultralight tent. With plenty of internal volume and capable of sheltering up to three adults, the Elixir 3-Person is an essential asset for any camping trip that requires a main ultralight tent or a lightweight backup tent.

Designed to be as intuitive and simple as possible, using color coded matching parts, this ultralight tent can be ready to use in less than five minutes. Featuring an excellent double door and dual venting system this model offers one of the most comfortable experiences possible for an ultralight tent.

Comfortable, light and durable, the Elixir 3-Person is the perfect ultralight tent. Easy to use and install, light enough to be carried for hours by anyone, this is the best camping equipment you will ever buy.

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Eureka Spitfire 1 Blue


For the adventurer who knows no limits and is willing to go as far as possible, the Eureka Spitfire is the best companion. This one man ultralight tent is one of the most durable and resistant shelters you will ever find. Keeping you dry during thunderstorms and sheltering you from the worst weather conditions, this ultralight tent is the ultimate survival equipment.

Praised for its durability and versatility, this ultralight tent is perfectly suited for any kind of camping trip possible. With its low frame, durable materials and compact design, it will resist the even in the most adverse conditions. Its superb double coating enables it to become an open or closed tent within minutes, perfect for any kind of environment, from warm and dry to cold and rainy.

Completely impermeable, with great air flow and featuring a rain protecting bathtub floor, this tent is built to endure the worst. Weighing less than three pounds and featuring one of the most compact carry volumes for any ultralight tents, the Eureka Spitfire can be used with ease as the main or backup tent, depending on the situation.

Called by many the best tent of 2018, this compact and lightweight tent is a must have for any serious camper out there.

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Nemo Equipment Espri


Created for both comfort and utility, this ultralight tent features an optimal design with great interior space and superb exterior durability. Simple to install, lightweight and perfectly capable of sheltering two adults, the Nemo Espri is a good choice for any outdoors enthusiast.

Easy to carry, weighting less than 3.7 pounds, this ultralight tent offers a good example of a smart and modular design. Its spacious interior delivers more than shelter for its two occupants. Additional vestibular modules are designed to enhance functionality by adding extra internal storage capacity.

Completely waterproof, using a dual mesh interior, sturdy and resistant, this ultralight tent is perfect for any outdoor activity, regardless of weather or terrain conditions. Offering the best possible comfort even during heavy rain or winds, this tent is the best backpacking tent we could find.

While most other ultralight shelters focus on comfort or durability alone, the Nemo Espri aims to deliver them both. Simple in construction, easy to install and carry, this ultralight tent has all the traits of an ideal product. Capable of withstanding even the worst weather conditions and delivering an impressive modular interior space, the Nemo Espri is by far the perfect first-buy ultralight tent.

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