Top rated ultrabooks in 2018


Nowadays everyone has a personal laptop for work related purposes or just for keeping their personal files safe. But the constant evolution of technology has brought in the market a new type of laptop, which is much sleeker in design than a normal one. This new type of laptop is called the ultrabook and has taken the market by storm, with sales rising month by month, since its introduction in 2010. So if you are seriously thinking of getting one, reading the best ultrabooks reviews is a great idea.


ASUS VivoBook S400CA-RSI5T18 Touchscreen Laptop


Best Ultrabooks reviewsThe number one on our list is this ASUS VivoBook model which is best used for graphic design. The touchscreen 14 inch display is impressive, responding fast to your every command. It has such a great response time because of its Intel Core i5 processor 1.7 Ghz and also the 4Gb DDR3. The long battery life is appreciated by the top ultrabooks reviews. This ultrabook can support the new Windows 8 operating system without any problems.

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Acer Silver S3-391-6046 PC Ultrabook


Acer has been a manufacturer that has produced over the years some excellent PCs and laptops . Acer Silver S3-391-6046 ultrbook is one of Acer’s most well known models. As it is a ultrabook, this model is sleeker than your regular laptop, being lighter too. The 320 Gb hard drive has enough of space for most users, but if you want to extend it you can always have an external HDD. The wireless lets you connect fast to 802.11b/g/n LAN networks.

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HP Envy 4-1130us Ultrabook


The best ultrabooks reviews have pointed out the fact that HP Envy 4-1130us has the performance ratings to be considered one of the most reliable models in the market.  It is equipped with a Inter Core i5 processor, which if upgraded with Turbo Boost technology, can run at a staggering  2.6 Ghz. The 6 GB DDR3 allows you to play even the newest games at high resolution or do multi-tasking without the ultrabook freezing . And on top of  all this it can support even the new Windows 8 software.

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Asus ZenBook UX32A-R3502H Radiant Silver Ultrabook


If you are looking for an excellent price-quality ratio for an ultrabook, we advise that you take into consideration Asus ZenBook UX32A-R3502H. Experts place it high in the list of the best ultrabooks in 2018. One of its most impressive features is its 500 Gb HDD which is superior to most other ultrabooks in this price range. The 802.11 b/g/n/wireless is solid and allows extra fast data transfer speeds. The battery life of its Lithium Ion battery is not to be neglected either.

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Dell Inspiron i14z-4000sLV Ultrabook


Dell Inspiron  i14z-4000sLV is another viable solution for a ultrabook. The sleek and light design houses a 4GB DDR3 RAM memory, which allows you to install Windows 8 operating system. The 14 inch screen displays everything in Full HD resolution, allowing you to watch movies and play games in the best image quality possible. All these great features and more make it our last choice on our top list.

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