Top rated Ultrabooks reviews


Having an efficient laptop is such a convenience especially for someone like me who owns a business which has been improving and expanding. I am constantly on business trips and transactions which keeps me away from managing my business personally. However, with my laptop, I can do it virtually. I am looking for the best ultrabooks 2019 to give to my trusted employees for each of my business’ branch so that I can easily keep tabs on my business operation.


ASUS VivoBook V400CA-DB31T Touchscreen Ultrabook


Best Ultrabooks 2019Be as productive as you can be even when you are far away from home, your workspace, or even your own business. With the ASUS Vivobool V400CA ultrabook, you can bring your work along with you and complete your tasks even while you’re on the road. It is operated by 1.4 GHz intel core processor. It can store up to 500 GB of data. The 14 inch touchscreen displays high resolution images making it the best ultrabook 2019 for gaming or internet surfing.

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Toshiba Satellite E55T-A5320 Ultrabook Touch Screen Laptop


Experience the most outstanding performance of one of the best ultrabooks 2016 which is the Toshiba Satellite Touch screen laptop. It is equipped with a 1.6 GHz intel core processor that lets you open tabs and apps all at once without experiencing lag. Its 15.6 inch of touch screen with solid display and great graphics quality is most ideal for fast gaming and internet browsing. You will enjoy using this for 5 straight hours without having to recharge.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 15 Convertible 2 in 1 Touchscreen Ultrabook


Enjoy the best that Lenovo can bring as you use the Lenovo Ideapad touchscreen ultrabook when you do your work, projects, homework, and other stuff you need to be done. You can use it in laptop or stand mode depending on which is more convenient for you. It has a very slim and lightweight design which makes it ultraportable. It is powered by 1.8 GHz intel core processor with 8 GB DDR3 memory. You can store up to 500 GB of data in its hard drive.

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Acer S3-391-6046 Ultrabook


If you think that a high-end laptop with great specs and cool design is out of your reach, think again. Acer’s S3-391-6046 ultrabook with 13-inch screen display can be yours at a very reasonable price. Its specs are impressive for a laptop at its price point. It is powered by 1.4 GHz intel core i3 processor with 4 GB DDR3 memory. It has a storage space of 320 GB and it can run multiple apps at once. This is the best ultrabook 2019 with screen resolution that allows you to effectively browse the internet, watch your favourite movies and clips, and play your favourite online of offline games.

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HP Envy 14-k120us TouchSmart Ultrabook


Make your life a lot easier when you use the HP Envy Touchsmartultrabook. You can finish your tasks in no time with this ultra-fast laptop that is powered by intel core i5 processor. The impressive 8 GB DDR3L memory is something only a few laptop models on the market today have. You will also enjoy its 750 GB storage space that lets you store files effectively. The 14 inch screen delivers great resolution and it is perfect for browsing the internet and watching movies.

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