Top rated UGGs in 2019


If you are looking for the best UGG bots in the market, reading the rest of this article can prove to be a big help. I will identify five of the models that have been commonly commended by many of its users in many best UGG reviews. It will make it easier for you to choose the boots that combines functionality and style.


Popular tips on buying a great pair of UGGs


When it comes to fashion, people are very attentive to what they purchase. Each selection is carefully weighed in order to deliver maximum satisfaction. One of the coolest things that men and women seem to adore is UGG boots. Well, it appears that uggies can be found in thousands of American wardrobes. So, we are not surprised to see so many people search for the perfect pair of UGG boots. Since with each passing month new models appear on the market, discovering the right product can take some time. This is why I decided to study the segment and lend you a helping hand. As a shoe salesman with over 20 years of experience, I know what to look for in a high quality pair of UGG. Well, after studying the makings and designs of over 30 top rated products I managed to draft the best UGG reviews.

It is essential that you invest in a pair of high quality UGG capable of enhancing comfort levels every time you wear them. Now, the first thing that you need to know is UGG boots are made by many companies. There are many individuals who consider that uggies are designed by one big company and the rest are fakes. This is not the case! Today’s UGG market reunites Australian and New Zealand companies that release month after month beautiful products worth taking into account. Now, you should know that UGG doesn’t designate a brand but more of a style. How can you find the best UGG in 2019? Well, it takes patience and professional information in order to locate the ideal product! There are some tips that you can follow and safely invest in a professional pair of UGG boots.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Sole Material Our Rating Where to buy

UGG Australia Womens Mini Bailey

Stripe Boot $$$ Molded EVA Sole Sheepskin A+ AMAZON

UGG Australia Classic Short

Short Boot $$$$ Manmade Sole Sheepskin A AMAZON

UGG Australia Classic Tall

Tall Boot $$$$ Manmade Sole Suede A AMAZON

UGG Women’s Coquette

Slippers $$$ Rubber Sole Suede B+ AMAZON

UGG Australia Men’s Ascot

Slippers $$ Rubber Sole Leather B+ AMAZON


You’ve probably seen fashion icons, celebrities, classmates and work colleagues wearing high quality UGG boots. More and more people are searching for a great pair of UGG boots. Style and sporty elegance come together in some of the best models available on the market. With the right eye, you will be able to identify a sublime pair, built to match your personality and fashion state. Choosing the best UGG in 2019 can be done after investing a bit of your time in learning about what matches your style. Furthermore you have to find a pair that completes your hair color and general complexion. So, if you have a pale appearance and a light hair colour choose a pair of boots with a natural earth tone like brown or chestnut.

It is important to have in your home a pair of UGG boots that improves your appearance, no matter where you are. It you are a brunette with a dark and olive complexion you should consider UGG in grey, black and blue tones. If you have beautiful red hair, go for beige and brown colours! These are basically the colours that can improve a person’s appearance. You might want to take them into consideration before investing in one product, one that will give you a special touch of style!



UGG Australia Womens Mini Bailey Bow Stripe Boot


Many fashion experts consider this new pair of UGGs to be a very stylish choice for women’s winter footwear in 2019. This boot is extremely light and comfortable, having its interior filled with soft natural wool. This filling also has the role of keeping your feet warm and dry when walking through snowy alleys or trails. The upper is made by high-quality Australian sheepskin, but be warned that if worn excessively in snow or rainy conditions, the boots are prone to discoloration. The high-quality design has convinced the top rated UGG reviews to recommend this pair of boots.



Updated design via girlish and flirty bow in candy-striped silk twill, making this one of the most adorably unique best Ugg boots 2019 any woman can own

EVA outsoles tailored to be lightweight and flexible, enhanced by trendy moisture-wicking liner that keeps the wearer comfortable all day

Genuine twinface sheepskin material keeps this pair as classic as possible while being charmingly diferent from Ugg classic boots

Carries UggPure sockliner to keep moisture out and warmth in, keeping the wearer toasty from the foot up



Suede side of twinface sheepskin can be kept from developing discolorations and staining by not using the boots in heavy rain or snow

As with all other investment footwear, boots have to be handled with care to ensure long life


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UGG Australia Women’s Classic Short Boot


Best UGG ReviewsMade with suede and designed with rubber sole, there is no doubt on why this was able to make it on the top choices for many people in various best UGG reviews. This small boots is a stylish option for those people who are on the lookout for the best choice within this product category. It is the perfect fashion item for the winter, giving your feet the warmth that it needs for the season. It is also designed with foam bed, making it more comfortable, even when worn for a long time.



Seams are given raised stitch treatment to provide interesting texture, so the boots do not look like just any ordinary boots in the market

Special twin-faced sheepskin material employed in lining and upper to make the pull-on boots look classier, with non-slip EVA sole and logo thread to ensure authenticity

Round toe design allows the toes to spread out naturally while lying flat on the shoe bed, for even more comfortable all-day wearing

Feet are always dry and comfortable thanks to the exceptional lining of moisture-wicking composition



Comes in larger sizes than usual ordinary shoes, so buyer may need to pick one size smaller

Material tends to discolor or stain easily due to the special material used in the construction of the footwear


A comfortable UGG boot can be bought in the market. Most of the people love this UGG Australia Women’s Classic Short Boot. This is best for winter seasons as it gave warmness to your feel even you go out of the house. This product is very useful and efficient for everybody.”  Marion Foley


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UGG Australia Classic Women’s Tall Boots


According to many people who have bought and used this boots, it has a timeless elegance. Seeing the boots, I can attest to such claims, as it has a style that will never be outdated, even with the new offerings that one can see in the market. It is a good option in terms of insulation and comfort. More so, it is also important to pinpoint the fact that it is also excellent in terms of durability, making it possible to provide the best value for your money. It comes with nylon binding and suede heel guard to make sure that it can withstand prolonged and frequent use.



Consistent five-star rating in countless best UGG boots reviews thanks to ability to keep the feet warm and comfortable

Twin-faced sheepskin material used on upper and lining contributes to the boot’s special matchless design with classic tall boot style

Round toe footwear ensures that the wearer’s toes are always flat on the shoe bed and spread out naturally without any pinching or pain from pointed shoes

Flexible midsole, a cushioned shearling-topped insole plus molded lug traction on outsole all make this pair strong and sturdy



Has to be bought one size smaller due to generous sizing system used by manufacturer, which can be very easy to use for women who need larger footwear


I recommend this UGG Australia Classic Women’s Tall Boots for every woman. This UGG is the best I know as described by the customers from Amazon. I give positive feedback to this UGG because it is really comfortable and stylish. I bought it for an Xmas discount which made it quite affordable.”  Joshua Shoemaker


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UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers


If you want the perfect alternative for high-cut boots in giving your feet the warmth that is needed during the winter season, the UGG women’s coquette slippers is one item that I will recommend. It is designed from synthetic materials and manmade sole, with suede, fleece, and sheepskin. From the very look of it, one can tell that it is perfect for stylish people, without the need to sacrifice comfort and functionality.



Made to be warm and comfortable, with exclusive twin-faced sheepskin upper that only the maker of UGG footwear can optimize so well

Casual slipper style plus round toe design both ensure complete comfort to the wearer while being totally trendy and fashionable

Cushioning insole plus moisture-wicking sheepskin lining provide even more wearability and comfort so the feet are always toasty and snug

Molded EVA sole with logo detail ensures that the shoes are original and guaranteed by UGG quality and satisfaction



Slippers run a full size bigger than standard thanks to generous sizing system utilized at the plant

Non-flexible outsole may be too rigid for those who want more stability and support in their footwear


The UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers are very stylish. They are made for us fashionable ladies and I don’t think I’m wrong when I say they are one of the best rated models in 2019. Instead of boots, you can use this product as an alternative. They are very warm too and most of all comfortable. I also had the biggest luck when I bought them from Amazon for a Black Friday discount. ” Raymond Walker


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UGG Australia Men’s Ascot Slippers


Being fashionable during the winter season is not one thing that is exclusive to women. In that case, for men who would want to be stylish as well, the UGG Australia Men’s Ascot Slippers is one product that I can highly suggest. The Australian sheepskin that is used is one of its best features, making sure that there is enough room to make it breathable. In addition, the use of no-itch fleece is also a good thing as it promotes the highest level of comfort for its users.



Sheepskin slipper promises a feeling of luxurious warmth and comfort to discriminating males who want their footwear to be fashionable and stylish while being functional

Sheepskin material designed to be naturally thermostatic so bare feet are always warm and toasty even in temperatures that fall to negative levels, while still being comfortable when temperatures peak at 80OF

Fleece footbed will give to the wearer’s toes in time to provide a truly snug fit for every individual wearer’s foot

Moisture gets wicked away thanks to the fleece or sheepskin lining so venturing outdoors will not always be a wet experience for the feet



Thin soles necessitate wearing this exclusive pair mostly inside the house

Built as home footwear for optimum long life and comfort


I have UGG Australia Men’s Ascot Slippers for my outdoor use. This was a gift made by my mother and she got it right this time. I like them very much because they are comfortable and light when worn. From the reviews I’ve read I know their some of the highest rated and most popular UGGs in 2019. ”  Robert Mealey


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UGG Women’s Dakota Moccasins – Not Available


Being stylish is one word that I can use to describe this product. From the inside to the outside, it has a variety of features that are meant to provide its users with the perfect winter footwear, which will be perfect inside or outside the house. It has a rubber outer lining that makes it possible for the footwear to be durable. The lining is also made in such a way that it will not cause any discomfort on the foot. The casual style of this product is perfect for jeans or for any laidback fashion statement during the cold season.

The UGG Women’s Dakota Moccasins area my favorite shoes right now. Aside from the materials used in these shoes, the style was really perfect for. I’ve managed to make the best choice for the money I’ve paid.” Blaine Regan