Top rated typewriters in 2019


While typewriters might not be as used as in the past some people still find one very helpful, whether they are writers, poets, student, office workers and so on. Modern day typewriters even have some new features incorporated so they make typing even faster. Based on the best typewriter reviews we have put together a list of the most reliable models which you can go after today. Read their description and find out which one is the perfect one for your needs.


Brother SX-4000 Electronic typewriter


Best Typewriter reviewsOne of the top rated typewriters in 2019 is the Brother SX-4000 electronic model which comes fitted with a professional touch pad which will definitely help you have a very fast typing speed. One of its most impressive features is its error-locating Find system which will help you identify quickly your typing mistakes. And after the correction has been made by you it will automatically relocate itself. The 1 year warranty is definitely something to look forward to completing a solid package of benefits that come with the SX-4000.

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Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter


A very popular typewriter these days is the Brother GX-6750 which has such a big success because it has all the characteristics you would expect from one of the best typewriters in 2019. The keyboard has a professional design and will allow you to better your typing speed. The compact size allows it to be portable as well so you have the option of taking it with you to various places. You will also definitely love the 65 character correction memory which is among the best in its class.

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Brother ML-300 Electronic Display Typewriter


The Brother ML-300 electronic typewriter can be yours and can help you write in 4 different languages starting from English and French and finishing with Spanish and Portuguese. For English this typewriter has 78.000 words in its memory and also it has an error location feature which will be of much help when trying to indentify your mistakes. In front of you there will be also a small LCD which will display 16 characters at a time. Overall this is a very well designed typewriter coming with positive customer reports.

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Brother ML-100 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter


This typewriter from Brother will be available to you at a very good price range and will have some unquestionable advantages when it comes to writing fast and writing correctly. Everything about this typewriter is automatic, the paper installation, the center, the ring-margin printing and so on. English is not its only language it can also correct French, Spanish and Portuguese, so it is ideal for translations using these languages. All these features are praised by the best typewriters reviews.

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Petit MIX MP01-113 Scale Typewriter


There is a lot to gain if you invest in the Petit MIX MP01-113 which has the reputation as one of the best typewriters in 2019, great for students, writers, small offices or home use. The first thing you will notice about it is its unbelievable low price which can be afforded by pretty much everybody. The relatively small size will save space on your desk and will even allow you to carry it easily from place to place, for example from your writing room to your patio. Being made in Japan definitely means it has a high manufacturer quality.

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