What to Consider When Buying a Travel Pillow


Whenever you are traveling and you need to enjoy the best comfort possible, a travel pillow is an indispensable item. Long flights, or long rides by train and other means of transportation, always have you sit in the same position for hours on end. If you are trying to catch some sleep until you reach your destination, your neck will just end up feeling stiff and painful. Read as many best travel pillow reviews as possible and also the next buying guide that will show you what to look for in a good product of this type.

A.Travel Pillow


The most common and the most popular shape for travel pillows is the U shape. They basically surround your neck from the back and the sides, to provide the needed comfort, in case your head slips to the right or the left during sleep. The J shape, however, has managed to amass a lot of attention, being invented by a British flight attendant who noticed how passengers also need chin support when sleeping. Other shapes are also available, but these two are the most liked by travelers everywhere.



You should know what your travel pillow is made of. The top rated travel pillows 2019 are made of high density memory foam, the same good quality mattresses are made of. Practically, the foam takes the shape of your head so you can always rest in the most comfortable conditions. Some models are filled with pellets and they can also be shaped as you like, but they are really heavy, which cannot be said about memory foam pillows. Polyester is common, too, but it is cheap and unreliable as a material for a travel pillow.


Thread count

Besides filling, travel pillows include covers that these must be durable, if you want to use them for a long time. A good measure for a good quality cover is thread count. The rule is quite simple: the higher the thread count, the better the quality and the longer lasting the pillow will be. Also, a good cover will absorb moisture, without letting it get to the filling inside.


Top Rated Travel Pillows in 2019


We want you to find the best travel pillow 2019 and use it for your journeys for a long time. See the following list including the most popular models at the moment as one of them may be exactly what you need. Carefully selected, these travel pillows are all consumers’ favorites.


J Travel Pillow


1.J PillowThe J Pillow doesn’t really need an introduction because it has been popular with travelers for years now. Named the British Invention of the Year in 2013, this travel pillow is unique with its J shaped design that provides even more comfort than other models on the market.

The most important aspect of the J Pillow, as mentioned by the vast majority of the best travel pillow reviews written by critics and users alike, is that it does not allow your head to fall forward. While the now classic U shaped design provides great support for the sides, it cannot prevent your head from falling on your chest, and, in case this happens, you may still end up with a very stiff neck.

The J Pillow is so popular right now that people use it for more than just neck support, and they use it even at home, when they want to rest in an armchair for a quick nap or for reading. The pillow also provides great back support and it is a great addition to any traveler’s bag.

Rightfully considered the best travel pillow 2019, this travel pillow is one of the greatest inventions for making your flights more comfortable.

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Cabeau Blue Evolution Pillow


2.Cabeau Blue EvolutionIf you are looking for a travel pillow that is comfortable and it also looks and feels luxurious, you cannot go wrong with the Cabeau Blue Evolution Pillow. The memory foam model is very comfortable and it makes your travels much more comfortable. Whether you want to rest, catch some shuteye, or enjoy your favorite tunes on your phone or mp3 player, this model comes with all the extra features needed.

The memory foam used for making this pillow is high density and high quality and it practically takes after you, without being too soft. Proper neck support is easily provided and your travels will be much more enjoyable.

The best travel pillow reviews mention that this travel pillow comes with its own bag. The pillow can be folded in such a manner that it will reach just one quarter of its normal size, so the bag does not take too much space, and you can easily attach it to your luggage.

The media pouch is nice to have for accommodating your phone and the flat back cushion makes sure that your head is never pushed forward.

The washable cover is made of velour and it is easy to wash and maintain in top notch shape.

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Travelmate Neck Pillow


3.TravelmateFor those who want a simple, no frill, pillow to carry along on their journeys, there is no better option than the Travelmate model. The name given to this product is not just a marketing gimmick; this is a great companion for your travels, because it offers you the best comfort and convenience, without being loaded with extra features you may not need.

The design is simple, but very efficient in providing you the best support for your head and your neck. Many of the best travel pillow reviews around can tell you that you will love the Travelmate so much that you will be using it for more than just your trips. Many users say that they love using it when at home, as well, because of the superior comfort and support it provides.

Made of high quality foam, it will not remain deformed once you stop using it; otherwise, it easily takes after the shape of your neck, so that it never applies pressure on your neck muscles. For a great trip experience, you should pick the Travelmate and take it along with you. Its elastic strap is easy to use for attaching the pillow to your travel bag.

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