Top rated travel mugs in 2019


There are thousands of business men and women that need by their side a good travel mug. Fortunately the market is more than willing to offer high quality mugs, designed to hold hot or cold beverages. If you are looking for a reliable travel mug consult with attention the best travel mug reviews. We drafted them after analysing over 35 products. Within a period of two weeks we tried all of them in order to determine easier which mug delivers the best results. Correlating our data with user testimonials, we determined that five travel mugs should be on your short list!


Zojirushi SM-KB48TM stainless steel travel mug


Best travel mug reviewsToday, a growing number of business persons are now searching for a high quality travel mug. Recent testimonials pointed out that a top rated travel mug in 2019 is SM-KB48TM from Zojirushi. The travel mug is made out of stainless steel, carefully insulated in order to maintain beverages cold and hot for hours and hours. This mug has a compact design with a special shape, ideal to hold your favourite drinks. It features a flip lid which is a tightly fitted for precise heat retention. This powerful stainless steel mug includes a safety lock which safely prevents accidental opening.

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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug


Most of the present best travel mug reviews underline the efficiency of Zojirushi SM-KHE. This stainless steel mug has advanced vacuum insulation system which keeps different beverages hot and cold for 6 hours straight. It has a compact design and fits in most cup holders. In addition to the elegant design, this mug includes a flip lid which can be opened with one hand. This mug incorporates electro-polishing technology which maintains the finish smooth and stain-free. With this stainless steel mug by your side, you will be able to remain active and ready to work. Drink a cup of coffee whenever you desire!

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Thermos 16-ounce Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug


Are you looking for the best travel mug in 2019? If your answer is yes then consider learning more about Thermos 16-ounce travel mug. This mug is great for active persons that always need to drink a cup of coffee or tea. Now, the model has a sleek style embedded in the design completed by unique functional functions. The mug includes unique TherMax double wall vacuum stainless steel construction that can keep beverages hot for around 5 hours. In addition, the travel mug maintains liquids cold for 9 hours. This mug from Thermos comes equipped with Eastman Tritan lids.

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ContigoAutoseal West Loop stainless steel travel mug


There are many travel mugs available on the market which you can use at work or during long or short trips. The present user testimonials state that the best travel mug in 2019 from Contigo, Autoseal West Loop. This travel is 100% leak-proof due to the presence of Autoseal technology. The mug is vacuum-insulated, making it ideal to use during various situations. It has a countered body and precise rubbery grip. Due to its special design, the travel mug delivers extra convenience for right and left-handed individuals. Furthermore the mug features a dishwasher-safe lid which allows you to clean it fast.

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Thermos Stainless King 16-ounce Leak-proof travel mug


Busy people need to drink a cup of coffee, tea or natural juice whenever they want. Today, you can use with confidence Thermos Stainless king. This travel mug was designed with double wall stainless steel which maintains beverages hot for 5 hours and cold for 9. It is great to drink whenever you desire. This 16 ounce travel tumbler has a sleek design with a contoured body shape, ideal to hold and use. Tea and coffee drinkers love this high quality travel mug. The travel mug uses an incredible insulation technology, maintaining the drinks ideal to drink whenever you desire.

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