Top rated train sets in 2019


Sometimes to buy a certain gift for your child is not that easy because as a parent you are confronted with so many options and often you won’t make the right choice. A train set is something special every time and is loved by most little boys and even girls like playing with one from time to time. The best train sets reviews are the key in order to find out which models are better than other ones so you make the best gift possible.


Lionel Polar Express Train Set


Best Train sets reviewsThe Lionel Polar Express train set is the perfect gift for your child because it will provide him with fun times every time he will set it in motion on its tracks. The overall design looks very life like and at the same time it comes with authentic sounds like the bell and the loud whistle. The locomotive also has a headlight which will light the way if you close the lights. The superior quality of this model makes it one of the best train sets in 2019, a very popular choice as well.

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KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set


Another train set which can make your child extremely happy is the KidKraft Bucket Top Mountain Train Set. This set has a lot of other toys besides the actual train, being more like a whole play environment allowing your child to put his imagination to work when playing with all its pieces. There are also cars in the set, an airport with a plane and a heliport with a helicopter for triple the fun. The molded mountain enriches the whole set and has even 2 waterfalls.

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VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Train Station Playset


The best train sets reviews recommend getting this play set from VTech which proves to be very fun to play with for your little boy. Your child will have a large track with an electronic train station. The little train will have to go through a tunnel, over a bridge and over a hill which uses a conveyor belt. The train is nicely designed and comes also with a small cargo. The whole playing environment has over 15 feet of tracks which your child can take advantage of.

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Conductor Carl Wooden Train Set


Every young boy is mesmerized by train sets and dream of playing with one, being the conductor. With the Conductor Carl train set you as a parent can get your son what he was dreaming of, putting a large smile on his little adorable face. This set is not a simple track and train one, it also comes with 12 vehicles, 15 people/ signs and also trees and houses for that complete package. The set is safe as well not having any loose pegs, being praised for it by the top rated train sets reviews.

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MOTA Christmas Santa Holiday Classic Train


Like its name suggests this classic train is a very good choice for a Santa gift for your little one. The tracks it comes with are very easy to put in place and then to take apart after your child has finished playing with it. For even more fun it can produce realistic sounds and at the same time it can produce even smoke for even more realism. This is not an expensive gift either which almost any parent can afford especially for the festive season. The engine has a working light as well.