If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best toys for 1 year old kids money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best toys for 1 year old kids on the market by looking at what parents have to say, experts’ opinions and social media activity.

Out of the products we have looked at, the VTech Sit-to-Stand proved to be the absolute best. The model comes equipped with a wide array of toys to help your kid develop their creative and motor skills. The ensemble is a lot of fun, as it has 70 songs, sound effects and phrases that will assist your baby as they grow and start learning their way around the small world they get to know. Because this is a sit to stand model, it will motivate your baby to get up and stand on their own two little feet.

In case you can no longer find the VTech Sit-to-Stand, because it is out of stock, you can safely opt for the Step2 All Star, as a solid second choice.



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Parents always look after their kids’ best interest and caring for them takes a lot of their time. While the time spent with their kids is a reward in itself, trying hard to get the right toys for their babies can be a pretty frustrating experience. For this reason, we decided to help you out by providing you with a comprehensive guide that will help you get the best toys for your 1 year old. Here are the most important considerations that you should keep in mind.

1.VTech Sit-to-Stand


The most important thing to keep in mind, when you are purchasing toys for your kid is, without a doubt, safety. Today, toy manufacturers are very clear about the intended age for their toys, so it is usually a good idea to start with what is written on the package. One year olds tend to stuff everything they can get their little hands on in their mouths, so it is very important that the toys you intend to purchase do not present any choking hazard.

It is also important that the toys you intend to get cannot injure your little one. The best rated toy for a 1 year old is certainly a toy that has all the needed safety features in place. For instance, the corners should not be sharp and the materials they are made of should not be harmful in any way. Toys that come with wheels should not topple over with ease. As a safety conscious parent, you are certainly thinking about such things on everyday basis, so you will be able to tell if a toy is not a good fit for your kid, just by looking at it. However, we hope that this information helps and makes it a lot easier for you to get a toy that will not pose any threads to your baby’s wellbeing.


Fun factor

Getting the right toys for your baby depends on your little one’s development. You will notice how your baby’s interests change and how their toys need to adapt. For instance, you will notice how your child starts imitating what adults are doing, just as using a phone. The baby now starts understanding more about what it is said around them, and they will attempt to talk on their own. Now, it is the time when you will see how your baby starts showing preferences for one toy or another. So, all in all, the fun factor is important when you are selecting a new toy.

The best selling toy for a 1 year old is usually a combination of toys, and not just a single one. That is why play sets are today so popular with parents. Instead of working on finding the perfect toy, or spending a lot of money on different toys, it is a good idea to find a play set that comes with different items, music, sounds and many other things, so your baby does not grow bored with it too fast.


Good for development

Do keep in mind that a toy for 1 year old boy or girl must be able of developing their skills as they grow up. Learning is a process, and now it is the right time to help your baby get acquainted with more information in a playful manner. Babies are learning at their own pace, and it is a good idea to stimulate their creativity and other forming skills while using fun.

For instance, play sets that come with different shaped toys are very good for developing cognitive skills. The kid will learn how to recognize these shapes and they will show interest in using the shapes in creative manners. Communication skills are also starting to take off during this time, and you will see your baby striving to form words, to sing and to communicate with you, even if at the moment, they do not show interest in playing with other kids.

If you are looking for toys for 1 year old girl, you should not overlook the use of a telephone play set. Your baby will find it quite entertaining to spend a lot of time speaking in her own language on the phone. This will help with her communication skills, and now she will try to form her first words.

A toy with plenty of sounds and music will not only be entertaining, but it will help your baby develop their creative skills from an early age.

Based on the feedback and surveys we have gone through, it seems like the products listed below might just as well be among the best toys for 1 year olds for now. Of course, this selection is as subjective as your final decision will be, so be sure to choose the one that you will find to be the most appropriate for your child.



VTech Rhyme and Discover Book


Get your little toddler a fantastic toy through the VTech rhyme and discover book which is both fun and educational. Music will please your son or daughter, putting a smile on his/her face. The best toys for 1 year old kids reviews also single out the fact that the 3 light-up character buttons will draw the attention of little ones immediately. All of this and more comes at a very affordable price.



Features four easy-to-remember familiar nursery rhymes that help young children learn about language in an instinctive way, in book form to make children excited about real books with real pages

Is one of the best toys for 1 year old toddler in 2021 thanks to the pages that are easy to turn and that make the book really fun to use

Introduces young learners to animals and the sounds they make, a truly versatile toy that helps children become accustomed to learning

Loaded with five songs that children can sing along to so every turn of the page becomes a journey of delightful discovery



Offers two volume choices with no middle level setting


 “Immediately as I came across this toy I knew it was going to be something that my bundle of joy would love playing with, and when I brought it home, she played with it straight away.” – Melissa Watt


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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


Learning how to walk is a difficult period for your child but with this walker from VTech you will make this learning experience for him much more fun. He can play with it until he tires himself out with the 5 piano keys, 3 colorful spinning rollers, its telephone, barn door and many more. Being one of the best toys for 1 year old kids in 2021 makes it a very popular choice.



Made to grow with baby, with standalone activity panel that baby can use on the floor to discover numbers, shapes, music, colors and animals

Activity panel can be attached to the walker system to help baby learn basic concepts while also learning how to walk

Two modes of play: learning mode lets baby insert shape sorters or press three shape buttons to study shapes, plus three flowers that can be spun to hear fun phrases, sound effects and a melody

Music mode allows baby to hear upbeat melodies and more fun sound effects, with piano keys that play piano notes and fun animal sounds that can be heard on top of the melody



No wheel locks so baby has to be supervised when using the walker system


 “My son is learning how to walk with this walker and at the same time he has a great playing toy with which he spends most of his time pushing its keys and buttons.” – Jessica Hedges


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Step2 All-star Sports Climber


Best Toy for 1 year Old Kids ReviewsThis is the toy that I am recommending if you want your child to learn tossing, shooting, and kicking, among others. In many best toys for 1 year old kids reviews, it has been noted that many parents liked this toy because of its potential to prepare their kids in having a sporty lifestyle as they grow up. It is also a fun toy to have, which will surely be able to make wise use of the energy of your kids. This toy set also comes with an inflatable court that can be used in playing soccer, football, or basketball.



Helps young children develop their coordination and motor skills by teaching them to shoot, toss or kick on a target

Built-in score keeper helps children get their first experience of math and number concepts as they  keep score for themselves

Fun rock wall specifically designed to give children a safe and easy challenge

Inflatable soccer ball, basketball and football in junior size keeps children active



Slide is a bit short for the recommended age of play of the toy, but really fun to use


I recommend this Step2 All Star Sports Climber for mothers who want their child to learn the basics of playing. The entire product is well- designed for children for their playing activities without the problem of getting troubled. The product is colorful that’s why they can attract children to play. This is a helpful tool for mothers for their child’s learning.”   Lena Marquis


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Power Wheels Thomas


With the Thomas the tank engine, your child can have fun while driving all around the play area. It is designed with the face of Thomas on the front, as well as other detailed designs, which are attractive and can encourage children to have fun while they are playing. One thing that I liked about this toy is that kids will find it easy to use because of its various features. For instance, it has easy push ‘button in order to start its operations.



Children will get thrilled as they experience driving or riding along on this toy

Authentic colors and graphics provide exquisite detailing on the Thomas face and carriage

Can be driven up to 2 miles-per-hour on hard surfaces and grass

Push-button operation is easy to use, with sideboard footrests that ensure effortless on and off for young children



Train doesn’t have reverse function, necessitating toddlers to get off and pull the toy out when stuck against a wall

Designed for older children


The Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Thomas the Tank Engine is a really good investment for your child. This will surely provide them with intense happiness as they ride on the tank. The toy was durable. It was admired by my child because of the totally descent and colorful coatings.”   William Vincent


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Fisher-Price Lil’ Movers Airplane


If you can see that at a young age, your kid is enjoying everything that flies, this is the toy that I can recommend. It is a complete set that is anticipated to promote a well-rounded and playful experience for your kids. It comes with lights and sounds in order to add an element of fun to their playtime. In addition, this toy also talks and has a sing-along feature. Another good feature of this toy is that it does not only include a plane in the package, but also a pilot and two passengers.



Lauded by numerous best toys for 1 year old toddler reviews thanks to the lights, talking, sounds and fun sing-along song it comes loaded with

Helps little imaginations inspire ready learners with impressive teaching about high and low

Comes with three Little People figures that babies can play pretend with: the pilot, Roberto and Mia

Has easy-carry handle to help baby bring the toy along for pretend flights with friends and with mom and dad



Well-made product can be outgrown easily once the child reaches older age


In just affordable price, I bought the Fisher-Price Little People Lil’ Movers Airplane for my one year old child. The toy has sounds which can help your child to improve their imagination skills. I love this toy for my baby. This is simple yet effective for my baby’s mental growth. ”  Sharon Reel


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Mega Blocks Play ‘n Go Table


If you want to encourage the critical thinking skills of your children, this is the toy that I recommend because of its educational feature. With the Mega Blocks Play ‘N Go, kids will learn and have fun at the same time, making their playtime more productive. This toy has 22 pieces, each of which has bright colors, making it more fun to play. While it is a whole lot of fun to play, it is very easy to setup. It is a snap to have everything prepared before your kids can finally enjoy playing.



Building prongs on fold-and-go table stimulate the mind to explore endless building possibilities

Three-in-one toy offers a variety of activities for a building platform, with 4 different fun scenes that can be tinkered with by curious minds and hands

Comes with stickers, a car, a figurine and 20 made-for-little-hands colorful and soft blocks that children can play with while discovering fun ways to put them together

Stimulates early learning through the discovery of colors, shapes and sizes



Made for children older than one year old


The Mega Blocks Play ‘n Go Table is a good start for your kid in just 1 year of age. This helps to start the imagination prowess of your child in building blocks. The toy is portable and can be adjusted and folded whenever your child don’t want to play anymore. It was colorful and pleasing to the sight, too. ”  Tracy Thompson


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Wonderworld Rocking Caterpillar


This cute and colorful toy can be a functional item in the bedroom of your child, the same way that it is fun to use as a toy. The caterpillar can be easily removed from its base and it can be used as cushion or plushy. It is also good that the nose of the caterpillar is equipped with a rattle, allowing the toy to produce a playful sound when such part is touched. It is made from materials that are not only friendly to the environment, but can also provide an assurance that they will not be harmful for children.



Made from premium materials including a sturdy and smooth textured rubber-wood rocker base from which the caterpillar can be detached

Caterpillar makes a colorful plush toy as well as a comfortable cushion for baby

Nose of the soft caterpillar has a rattle inside to capture a restless and cranky baby’s attention or to soothe baby with a fun sound

Uses biodegradable fabrics and sustainable materials in its production, ensuring care for the environment



Provides no activities that can significantly teach baby about basic learning concepts, despite being a cute and soft toy that can help keep baby amused even for a short time


The Wonder World Rocking Caterpillar is a very nice and cute toy intended for children. I bought this for my child and she was so happy having this one. She loves embracing and playing with it. The toy was soft and delicate so there will be no problem with dangers. ”  Gerald Platt


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