If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best top load washing machine money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered plenty of information about different brands and models for sale by looking into actual owner feedback and comparing the ratings and reviews there with the claims in laundry machine expert review sites. Thankfully, after all the exhaustive product comparison and research, we have been able to find what we believe is truly the best choice for consumers, the Speed Queen AWN432S. Outfitted with a powerful ½ HP motor, this washing machine delivers a choice between 473 and 710 RPM spin speeds to ensure thorough cleaning of clothes at your preferred setting. The choice in spin speeds enables you to get customized cleaning according to the size of the load and the type of fabrics put in. The 17 wash cycles also offer personalized cleaning according to the type of load or fabrics. No more guesswork! Just select from the variety of cycles and the machine does everything. If the Kenmore 28133 runs out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option in terms of performance and quality, Kenmore 28133.



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Although it is virtually next to impossible to put a top load washing machine under a dryer unit, it has most certainly not detracted from the overall value and trustworthiness of such a household appliance. When homemakers need a new machine or want a replacement for the current product they own, they turn to literature that explains who makes the best top load washing machine. Costing less than front-loading units and quite easy to operate, top-loaders are typically built with an agitator that works to move water and detergent through clothes to get them cleaned. Newer models have also been systematized to provide better energy efficiency than their earlier siblings, decreasing operating costs with increased features for laundering. There are elements that set apart a top-loading machine from other products.

1.Speed Queen AWN432SP

Cleaning Efficiency and Functionality + Energy Efficiency

If there’s one thing that buyers ask of salesclerks when they are on the market for washing machines, aside from which top load washing machine is the best, it’s how efficient a particular unit is at cleaning clothes. Washing performance is equated to a machine’s real value, with larger washtubs bringing home the bacon due to the load sizes they can take in for one wash cycle.

The larger tub saves people energy and time, since fewer loads are needed to complete an entire batch of laundry. Also, people want a machine that has earned an Energy Star certification, signifying adherence to a greener way of life. The addition of an eco-friendly wash cycle makes big business.


Packed with features for customized washing

When people see plenty of options to choose from on a best rated top load washing machine that they can use to clean different types of clothes with varying fabrics, it’s always a great selling point. This helps makes laundry less of a chore than it is, since you do not have to figure out which setting to use with the type of load you have to put in.

A great choice will not just offer basic wash cycles but also offers various other settings to ensure that you get premium washing for delicates, heavy-grade fabrics such as denim, baby clothes and essential such as cloth diapers, perma press, and many others. Customers want customized cycles so they do not have to put in different types of clothes together in the wash and get results that are far from being satisfactory.


Strong and durable large-capacity water drum

A stainless steel water drum is a must in the best top-load washing machine for the money. As a huge advantage, a stainless steel drum is resilient against chipping, rust and corrosion, ensuring long life for the machine. Remember that all the cleaning action takes place in the drum. If you have a water drum that’s not built to last, this can mean you’ll have to buy another unit in  a year or so. It will go a long way if you religiously rinse and dry off the drum after use. This ensures prevention of the growth of molds and mildew. Some people even allow the tub to get air-dried after use.  There are buyers who will hold out for a unit that can take in more clothes at every cycle. A large capacity ensures efficient use of the drum space.

So what is the best top load washing machine? That depends  on what you want your appliance to do for you and more. What works for one consumer may not be applicable to another. The important thing is to ensure that you optimize the features you do get in your choice, and to do your part to make the machine last really long.



Products for specific needs


Best Top Load Washer for Cloth Diapers


The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash


When you’re looking for the best top load washer for cloth diapers, go for the Wonderwash from The Laundry Alternative. This innovative breakthrough in laundry washes a  5-pound load super clean quickly and most efficiently in just a couple of minutes. It is the perfect laundry assistant for single individuals, campers, apartment dwellers and college students. Mothers will surely appreciate how it cleans baby clothes when used with a high-efficiency detergent, and in a relatively quick time. This will ensure less time spent on laundry and more time spent with the baby.

All it needs is a bit of elbow grease to do its magic, after which you just empty the wash water from the unit, fill with water for rinsing, turn the machine again for rinsing, then empty the unit of water, and wring the laundry for air drying. The Wonderwash is environmentally-friendly, due to how it uses far less water even when compared to hand washing.


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Best Top Load Washer for Comforters


Danby DWM17WDB


With its large 11.02-pound capacity,  the Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top-Load Washing Machine is the best top load washer for comforters. Throw in a comforter into the stainless steel tub with the right water level setting, set to the proper wash program, and leave it to do its job. The machine is built with water overflow protection so putting in a particularly large comforter will not cause water to leak out or overflow.

The quiet operation and space-saving design allow placement on the second floor, ideal for apartment and condominium dwellers. The washing machine has electronic controls with 8 wash programs to offer customized laundry performance. The safety lid is made to stop the machine from spinning when it is opened.


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Best Top Load Washing Machine for the Money




With 20 Wash Cycles, 5 Wash/Spin Speed Combinations and 6 Temperature Settings, the GE GTWN5650FWS 3.9-Cu.-Ft. Top Load Washer is the best top load washing machine for the money. The appliance meets and surpasses federal guidelines for energy efficiency, helping you get year-round savings on water and electricity bills. The machine is built with an agitator system that employs variable-speed technology to provide tailored wash action that ensures proper washing for a variety of fabric types.

It has a countdown feature that shows how much time remains before completion of a wash cycle. An electronic readout shows you the efficiency level of every load you put in. What’s more, you can shorten washing time and maximize cleaning performance by putting in the right amount of water guided by the PreciseFill sensor.


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Top rated top load washing machines in 2019


Doing your laudry can be a bother sometimes if you don`t have a reliable washer to help you with this task. The washer needs to be large enough for a serious load and also have enough cycles so you can wash any type of fabric. Based on what I have seen and read these are the best top load washing machines which you can have in your home.


Speed Queen AWN432S


The Speed Queen AWN432S is a consumer favorite and is considered one of the top rated top load washing machines in 2019. Coming with a large top load of 3.3 cu. ft., you will not waste time with too many loads. I was impressed by its 17 wash cycles that cover many different types of clothes and also leaving you with a lot of options. Its motor can work at two speeds, a lower one of 473 RPM and a higher one of 710 RPM, again adding to the variety of options.



 Has a 3.3-cubic foot stainless steel wash tub that’s easy to load and can take in good amount of washing per cycle

 The heavy-duty 0.5-horsepower motor delivers two powerful spin speeds of 473 and 710 rpms supplemented by 17 wash cycles

 Features a 210-degree wash stroke, the trademark of Speed Queen Top Load Washers

 Uses hot water straight out of the tap without need of cold water dilution  and even adds more water when the RESET knob is pressed



 Has no mechanism for addition of fabric softener during extra rinse cycle, so manual addition is required

 Unit will not emit a beeping sound at the end of the washing cycle, has no temperature sensor and no load level sensor


The versatility of Speed Queen AWN432S Washer was the main reason why I bought it. This product didn’t cost me that much either. The maximum top load capacity was to my satisfaction and based on my experience with it so far, I believe it is a good choice for a washer.”  Jeffery Alvarez


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Kenmore 28133


Despite being somewhat compact, especially when compared to other choices available for sale these days, this washer has a 5.3 cubic feet capacity, which is why it will assist you in cleaning the laundry of your entire family. The tub is made of stainless steel.

The unit boasts a triple action impeller, which means that you have nothing to worry about in terms of the performance that this option can allow you to benefit from. The model has been outfitted with dispensers for bleach, detergent, as well as a fabric softener. While it might not be the cheapest product out there, this Kenmore model is surely worth considering as it offers excellent value.



The size of this washer is one of its most significant selling points as it is significantly more compact compared to many of its competitors.

The 5.3 cu.ft. boasted by this alternative will make it a piece of cake for you to take care of the laundry of your entire family.

In addition to this, it’s worth noting that the product comes with a triple-action impeller, which ensures that the performance of the washer is always on par.

There’s a StainBoost option that you can pick if you have to handle tough stains.



Because of its advanced features, this washing machine costs a pretty penny compared to others.


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Haier HLP21N


Best top load washing machine reviews

While the Haier HLP21N doesn`t impress with its size or top load capacity, it has one very interesting feature, it is portable. This way you can move it easily through the house without having to carry it. I was pleased to see that it runs smoothly and with almost no noise at all. It has a sound signal for when the cycle ends, so you know exactly when to come and take out your freshly cleaned clothes.



 Portable washer that can be installed easily in cramped living spaces ,can take wash loads of up to 6 pounds per wash cycle and has long been included in many what is the best top load washing machine to buy reviews

 Measures around 17 ¼” x 17 3/5” x 30”, compact enough to push into a closet when not in use thanks to the smooth rolling casters on the unit, with a stainless steel tub measuring 1 cubic foot, ideal for small families or single-occupant homes

 Offers quiet operation, three wash cycles and three water levels while operating with cycle-status lights and an end-of-cycle signal

 LED indicators have easy-to-use electronic controls so unit is programmable to the precise settings



 Small wash tub can accept small loads but has a limit to larger and heavier fabrics

 Requires balancing of wash loads to address noise issues


I own the Haier HLP21N Pulsator Washer and I always use it whenever I have to wash my clothes. I don’t have to worry because it is easy to use. The portability of the product makes it outstanding and steady. The noise is never been a problem as this product never makes noise.”  Linda Vega


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Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1


fisher-paykel-washsmart-wa3927g1The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1 is a 22-pound capacity machine with advanced laundry washing features. It employs cutting-edge technology to bring you great washing results in the comfort of your home. Use it with your favorite dryer and make laundry day less stressful. The machine uses less water and runs with fewer moving parts while being able to sense each load and deliver proper clothes care.




The exclusive SmartDrive™ Technology is designed to make things simple. While traditional washers comprise many moving parts, the WA3927G1 only has three primary parts for less likelihood of breakdowns: the flexible agitator; the small onboard computer; the simple direct-drive motor. 

The state-of-the-art SmartTouch™ Controls provide access to the SmartDrive™ technology via six different cycles: Regular, Delicate, Heavy, Wool, Quick Simple and Allergy. Choose from five wash temperatures to suit your preference and according to the needs of the fabric. In addition, you simply choose the water level or let the unit do it for you.

The large 22-pound capacity means fewer loads to do for every week of laundry, saving you time, money and effort. The water level sensing feature proves to be quite efficient for handling both small and large loads. Comforters and blankets can even be washed in the machine’s big basket.



Hairs and lint do not come off clothes very easily. This does not detract from the ability of the machine to remove stains on clothes. After all, lint and hair are on the external surface and not embedded in the fiber of clothes.


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Avanti W7571


If you have a space problem in your home then the best thing you can do for your laundry is to get a portable washer such as the Avanti W7571. Built with a stainless steel washing tub this compact washer will last you for year and years. While other portable washers have an agitator ruining your clothes more than washing them this washer has a much superior pulsating bottom.



 Stainless steel wash tub has a total capacity of 1.7 cubic feet and takes in laundry for a single wash load cycle of 12 pounds

 Washer has a pulsating bottom that does clothes cleaning really well, eliminating the need for an agitator mechanism

 Electronic controls complemented by LED Status Indicators usable with every programmable cycle on the machine

 Like all other top loaders, the machine is easily loaded and its operation easily interrupted when user requires



 Requires water in the tub to completely soak the clothes inside in order for the unit to carry out washing most effectively while being unable to accept extremely large loads including heavy comforters and really thick bed linen

 Requires separate purchase of a dryer unit


“Buying this compact washer from Avanti was one of my best investments because my laundry issues is solved. The price was also surprisingly cheap for a washer.” – Dorothy Wilson


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The Laundry Alternative Super Compact LAFA5.5 – Not Available


the-laundry-alternative-super-compact-lafa5-5Made for those who prefer to do their own laundry instead of taking a trip to the neighborhood laundromat, The Laundry Alternative Super Compact LAFA5.5 comes with the perfect capacity for single users at 0.8 cubic feet or 5.5 pounds. Handling around 1 to 2 pairs of blue jeans per load, the machine provides the perfect laundry solution for urban landscape dwellers who prefer to have control over their time at home. If you live in an upstairs condo or apartment that’s not really big on floor space, you should get this model because it has a super quiet operation, which means you keep the peace with your downstairs neighbor.



The smaller footprint of the machine is made lighter compared to other fully automatic portable models, so it can easily be slipped into a spare corner when not in use and brought out only when needed.

With no washer-dryer hookup needed, the unit just attaches to your kitchen faucet and is ready to go. Small loads are efficiently and quickly washed, giving you sparkly clean clothes. Use the gentler wash cycle to keep your clothes looking like new longer.

When used with a Mega Spin dryer, the unit saves you money on laundromat trips. Using just a small amount of water, the machine helps you do your share in preserving our natural resources. You save on your monthly utility costs by investing in this compact model.



The gooseneck holder should be attached securely so it won’t come off the draining hose easily and cause water to spill out inadvertently. The machine has no caster wheels to facilitate transfer from one area to another, although the 35-pound weight makes things somewhat easier.



GE GETWN2800DWW – Not Available


For a very affordable price you can get your hand son this top load washing machine from GE which has all the necessary features to ensure your laundry is well taken care of. One of its most impressive features is the fact that it comes with no more, no less than 13 wash cycles, which means it is even superior to other more expensive models. A huge top load capacity of 3.9 cu. ft. proves to be extremely useful, making it one of the best top load washing machines in 2019.



 Has numerously been cited as the answer to what is the best top load washing machine to buy in 2019 due to its ability to handle various types of fabric and levels of soil in clothes

 Has dual-action agitator that mobilizes dirt and grime off clothes while providing a dual-wash and gentle washing action

 Has rotary electromechanical controls that are easy to set to the appropriate wash cycle

 Has 13 different wash cycles that can be used to optimize washing efficiency and to enhance overall performance in the laundry room



 Tub has a small capacity while being unable to take in really large and heavy wash loads

 Requires even distribution/placement of load in the tub to ensure more efficient washing


“The idea to get the GE GETWN2800DWW was perfect for my needs. Now I have one of the most reliable top load washing machines obtained for a very cheap price.” – Rachel Moore



GE GTWS8355HMC – Not Available



Looking for a large capacity washing machine? Perhaps you’d like to have a look at the GE GTWS8355HMC, as it’s one of the most remarkable models on the market today. It’s packed with a plethora of useful features that are rather hard to say no to. From 13 wash cycles to delay wash and a PreciseFill Auto-Load Sensing, you name it, this model has it all. Furthermore, it has garnered some of the most enthusiastic user reviews all thanks to its dependability, as there have been buyers who have been using it for the past four years without experiencing any issues whatsoever.



It’s capable of washing a large variety of clothing items and more, ranging from comforters to dog beds as well as bed sheets.

This model is the perfect alternative for people with big families or many pets, who enjoy living in a house that’s clean spotless.

Nothing can beat the performance of this unit, even though it has a slightly lower spin speed compared to other products in the line.

The 13 wash cycles featured by the GE GTWS8355HMC give users a lot of freedom.



The lid cannot be opened while it is filling to rinse the detergent cups.

Not as compact as other options.



Amana NTW4700YQ – Not Available


The Amana NTW4700YQ is another choice that is right for your home with its solid performances. The vibration is really kept down by its internal structure and I must admit that I enjoyed this feature a lot, because the noise level is kept to a minimum. The 8 wash cycles are another plus and it also includes an extra heavy cycle. Overall a great washer to own and I definitely recieves the thumbs up from the best top load washing machine reviews.

Amana NTW4700YQ Washer has the performance level I need to make my clothes clean alwasys. It hasn’t disappointed me until this point. I have it for 1 year now and so far, I didn’t notice any water leaks. While not the best model, I think it’s surely one of the top 10 top load washing machines in 2019.” James Bentley



Amana NTW4600YQ – Not Available


The best top load washing machine reviews have took to the Amana NTW4600YQ and recommend it for whoever is intrested in purchasing it. I like the fact that the top load has a capacity of 3.4 cu. ft. which allows you to have all your laundry done at once, thus saving time. The wash basket is made out of spreckle porcelain for increased durability and functionality. Its motor can reach a top speed of 700 RPM so your clothes get a thorough wash.

Amana NTW4600YQ Washer makes my clothes perfectly clean. This product really makes a difference because it can clean my clothes thoroughly and it doesn’t ruin the fabric. All its controls are very easy to learn, proving to me it’s one of the highest rated washing machines.”  Roger Davisson



Samsung WF405ATPA – Not Available


The Samsung WF405ATPA has a very nice design which would fit perfectly in a modern looking bathroom. It has a powerful motor which can work at a speed of 1100 RPM, for a very getting out any stain. I absolutely loved the 4.7 top load capacity which is one of the best in its class, large enough to do your whole laundry in one load.  This is without a doubt one of the top rated top load washing machines in 2019.

I didn’t know Samsung were making washers too, but I was satisfied with the WF405ATPA’s features and I bought it immediately. The top load capacity is huge and it really shortens my laundry day. My clothes are properly taken care of with this affordable top load washing machine. ”  Bernadette Albright



Top load washers. What to Look for:


What washer to buy for properly cleaning my clothes? This question is often asked by people all around the US when they have to invest in a washer. This short buying guide will concentrate on presenting you the features a top load washing machine should have. The best top load washing machine reviews are the first source of information you should go for. Objectively they have analyzed the features of different models and have reached a conclusion about all the washer models. Reading them will also present you with a lot of good options, that come in all price ranges.


Top load washing machines have the shortest wash cycles of any washer and this is one of the best reasons for buying one. They can even be as short as 15 minutes, so an ordinary laundry day doesn’t take as much time as before, when you had your old washing machine. But be advised that the super-fast cycles are only for small loads. Also keep in mind that the more cycles you have the better, because like this different clothes are washed properly. For example soft fabrics won’t get damaged if you have the right cycle. Moving on to your washer’s capacity, you need to be aware of  how many people you have to do the laundry for. If you live alone or with just another person then it wouldn’t make much sense to invest in a large capacity machine.

The most reputable washing machine reviews were a valuable source of info for our team. This buying guide was created by combining the details of the reviews mentioned with our own personal experience using and repairing washers of all sorts.

You can check its top spin speed as well, because the higher it is, the dryer your clothes will be. Like this your clothes will spend less time in a dryer and you will end up consuming less electricity. Energy saving is another crucial thing you need to take into account and the higher the Energy Star rating, the more it will cost up front. We recommend that you purchase one with a higher rating because in the long run, it will help you save a lot of money. Your yearly electricity and water bills will considerably be decreased.

The price range for a top load washer is decent, if we compare it to other washers. But the truth of the matter is that when it comes to energy efficiency, these models can’t compare with the front load washers. The latter are more expensive though. If you are interested to invest in a more advanced model, then you need to look for some very helpful high-tech features, like the ability to pause in mid-cycle. This is especially helpful when you have forgot something valuable in a coat pocket, jeans etc. We don’t advise you to go for a top load washer that uses an agitator, because sometimes this feature can harm certain types of clothes.

If you know this much about top load washing machines, you will surely make the correct choice. Take it one step at a time and figure out the size, top capacity or price that is suitable for you. There is no way you won’t reach the right decision in the end, maybe even our best top load washing machine in 2019Take proper care of your clothes by buying a state-of-the-art top load washer.


Things to consider:

You will find reviews and customer reports very helpful when trying to be aware of certain limitations that some models might have.


–          The more cycles the better;

–          Energy efficiency is very important;

–          A load capacity which is right for your needs;

–          Pausing in mid-cycle can prove to come in handy in various situations;