When time is short and there’s no way to get your information about the best top-load washer, we’re the ones you can count on. The short paragraph ahead will offer you the information you need for a great choice. We did some research about the best top-load washers by looking at review sites, brand quality and customer feedback, and the product that stands out is the GE GTW860SSJWS 5.1. With a large capacity and programs that were designed based on modern cutting-edge technology, this HE washer is ideal for doing the family laundry. It has waterfall action and a recirculation pump for less water and more efficient cleaning. You can use pre-programmed settings to remove difficult stains and there’s a LED light that lights up the wash basket. The communication with the dryer and the ability to send notifications could take you by surprise. If the GE GTW860SSJWS 5.1 is not in stock, consider buying the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA3927G1, because it’s the second best.



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Buying Guide


When you are looking at the highest rated top load washers, you may wonder which is the best on the market. Each washer has their own special quality and set of features that may or may not be what you are looking for.

We have created this guide to help you with that decision. While we cannot tell you which top load washer is the best for your needs, we can offer you some key information on what you should be thinking about when you are trying to find the best top load washer for the money you are about to spend.

1.Speed Queen AWN432SP


Tub Size

The size of the tub of your washer is very important. Before you go with the highest rated top load washer with the largest tub, you want to think if you actually need it. If you are a single person living alone, you don’t necessarily need a huge washer that can do 3 loads of laundry in one load. Keep in mind, the larger the tub, the more water you will need. If you pay for water, and do laundry frequently, it may get expensive.


Energy Efficiency

As previously mentioned, if you require a large tub to do your laundry because there is so much of it, you will definitely want to choose an Energy Star approved washer. By choosing an Energy Star appliance, you will be saving on the electric bill but the water bill too. Some of the top ten top load washers feature an eco-friendly washing cycle that you may be interested in.



While we know that not all washers are the same, there are some washers that have features that truly make them stand out. These include a plethora of washing cycles, options that control how long a cycle lasts and even when it will begin.

Choosing a new top load washer doesn’t have to be a source of stress. With the information provided here, we hope that we were able to alleviate some of that stress and give you a better insight of what options are available to you and what features you want to consider before making the purchase.



Products for specific needs


 Best Top Load Washer for Cloth Diapers


Eco-Egg Automatic Mini


This compact washer fits right onto your counter and is the best top load washer for cloth diapers. The washer is the ideal appliance for those who use cloth diapers on their children. The small device is compact enough to be tucked away when not in use and powerful enough to clean the soiled diapers.

The automatic rinse cycle thoroughly removes any detergent from the diapers and other small clothing items, ensuring that you nor your child have to suffer from left over soap residue.


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Best Top Load Washer for Large Family



Kenmore 28132


This large washing machine is a dependable choice for those interested in getting a model that handles big loads without any issues. The unit comes with a myriad of handy options ranging from StainBoost to Deep Fill.

As the choice has been equipped with a Triple Action Impeller, it does a great job when it comes to working out tough laundry. Since this washer isn’t particularly small, we suggest measuring out your space before deciding to purchase it. After all, it measures 27.9 in length, 27.5 in width, and 38.0 in height. Customers are advised that this Kenmore alternative does not come with a steam cycle.


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Best Top Load Washer for Under $600




Not every home needs a luxurious washer with all the bells and whistles. For those who want a simple washer with a few extra cycles, GE offers the best top load washer for under $600. This particular washer features a hydrowave agitator that quietly and gently washes clothing thoroughly.

The washer features 16 different cycles that provide you with the ability to choose the best cycle for the garments in the load. You can wash delicates on one cycle and deeply soiled athletic wear on another. You don’t have to worry about when to add the bleach of fabric softener to your load, as the machine has special dispensers that releases the liquids at the precise time during the washing cycle.


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Top rated top load washers in 2020


I hate washing clothes as much as I hate ironing. But that has not stopped me from checking out dozens of articles on the best top load washer 2020. This is in the hope of finding one great machine that will make the job a lot easier.

A vertical axis or top load model is able to take the chemical action of laundry detergent, the thermal energy of water and the mechanical efficiency of the machine’s agitator and then combine all of that to produce thorough cleaning action. You can forget about checking out dozens of reviews and just take a look at my suggestions laid down below.






This is the high-efficiency top-loader you’re probably looking for. First of all, you get a high capacity appliance that is suitable for any family. The washing cycles are truly efficient, so you’ll use less water and detergent for the same amount of clothes. With a waterfall system and recirculation pump, it removes all dirt in the clothes.

For stained clothes, you can combine the HE detergent with special settings for stain removal. Temperature settings, as well as detergent and softener dispensing, are automatic. The LED light that lights up the wash basket, as well as the end cycle signal, are great conveniences.


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Fisher & Paykel WA3927G1


With a cubic capacity of 3.9, this smart top-loader is a great fit for any small and medium family. Besides the well-sized tub capacity, the product has efficient washing cycles. The 6 different cycles that include delicate, quick and even allergy are improved by the water level sensing. With re-circulating technology that saves energy and 3 spin speeds that go up to 1100 rpm, it achieves better cleaning with no stains and fewer bacteria.

The metal lid, stainless steel basket, and base plate are the signs of its durability, while the SmartTouch control ensures quick to use with the touch of a button.   


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With a load capacity of 2.07 cubic feet, a see-through lid and stainless steel tub, this reliable appliance is what you need for small apartments and tight spaces. Thanks to the two rollers underneath, it’s easy to move it around and change the spot according to your needs. A top choice for both performance and technological convenience, the top loading washing machine features several pre-programmed wash cycles, including quick and anti-wrinkle.

The unit has a pulsator motor that makes washing less noisy and more effective. Controls are set on a touchpad and you can keep things under control with a Delay start system and LED indicator lights.


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Speed Queen AWN432SP


1.Speed Queen AWN432SP

This model belongs Speed Queen’s superb line of top load washers that are durably constructed with premium quality materials, ensuring dependable long lasting performance and exceptional wash results. Built like no other and with a warranty to match, this model comes with a stainless steel tub that is resistant to corrosion and chipping, plus a commercial-grade steel cabinet that gives three layers of protection for optimum durability.



Compared to front load washer systems, this model makes use of a flex vane agitator that delivers a 210-degree swing and 68 strokes per minute to ensure thorough yet gentle cleaning. Each load is spinned as it drains, which flushes away dirty water instead of recycling it, bringing you absolutely clean laundry. The absence of a lid lock means you can open the Tuff Guard coated lid to stop a cycle any time, such as when you have to add an errant sock or a shirt to the load.

Delivering a maximum spin speed of 710 RPM, the AWN432SP comes with four preset cycles for easy selection. The machine comes with an automatic balancing system and rear self-leveling legs to ensure that the laundry is evenly distributed in the tub so the washer does not vibrate or move around once the ½-horsepower motor starts driving the system.



One customer laments that there is no knits cycle on this machine. However, the delicate cycle would be enough for slacks and shirts thanks to the ability of the flex vane agitator to work the clothes enough and deliver gentle and thorough cleaning. Overall, this machine delivers an awesome level of cleaning that should give front loading washers a run for the money.


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Speed Queen AWNE82SP


2.Speed Queen AWNE82SP

Easily one of the best Speed Queen models for sale on today’s market, the AWNE82SP is powered by an efficient ½ horsepower motor that powers the washer to spin at 710 RPM, ensuring gentle yet thorough cleaning. If you want laundry done right, do it with this Speed Queen washer that has a durable stainless steel tub designed to be gentler on clothes while ensuring long-lasting dependable performance. For maximum durability, the washer is equipped with a commercial-grade steel cabinet that provides three layers of protection.



This model comes with electronic controls that have undergone testing to ensure that they can withstand nearly every event that would usually cause malfunction. Designed for long-lasting commercial-grade performance, the electronic controls are complemented with a time remaining display that clearly shows when the laundry will be finished to eliminate the guesswork and enable you to multitask or even relax while doing the laundry.

The entire tub is filled with water to ensure optimal cleaning/ washing and rinsing. The machine delivers 210-degree agitation with 68 strokes per minute so clothes are gently cleaned yet thoroughly rid of dirt. Equipped with 6 preset cycles, the washer has no lid lock to allow you to stop the cycle at any time so you can add in extra items when needed.



One user has noted that the Normal/ ECO mode uses no hot water on Cold setting and also on Warm, and just a very small amount of hot water on the Hot setting. Thus , the Cold setting is 100 percent cold, warm is 65 percent hot and the rest cold, and 100 percent hot on the Hot setting, which is what government standards stipulate for this kind of appliance. This is not a deal breaker but only shows compliance to government regulations.


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Belonging to a line of high efficiency top load washers from GE, the GTWS8355HMC is really loaded with advantages. This model saves water and energy while delivering impressive cleaning power. It will get your clothes feeling and smelling really clean every time.




Like all other top load washers in the series without agitator systems, the GTWS8355HMC features an Infuser wash plate at the bottom of the basket. The unit requires very little water, which may be surprising at first but very normal. In fact, this unit uses 60 percent less water than an agitator model. Once the basket fills, the infuser wash system rotates back and forth to move clothes through the water. The wash plate design assists in turning clothes over while the recirculation pump helps evenly distribute the water and detergent. Once the agitation portion of the cycle ends, the dirty water is drained. After a quick rinse and spin, your load is clean and ready to go into the dryer.

Geared with modern engineering that delivers an impressive level of clean, the GTWS8355HMC is equipped with a stain removal guide that assists in the removal of tough stains using pre-programmed settings that adjust the cycle so the four most common stains namely, tomato, wine, grass and dirt, are treated properly. The glass lid features the convenience of hydraulic technology to close gently every time. Wash loads get thorough coverage with the Wash Action waterfall technology.



At least two reviews online have noted that the unit tends to move around a bit during the wash process. This is because the machine has no self-stabilizing feature that levels the laundry properly in the tub to keep it from getting off balance on occasion. However, this is really not a huge deal breaker but more of a small inconvenience, considering the way the washer saves on water and energy while doing the laundry impressively well.


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ARKSEN© Portable Mini


4.ARKSEN Portable Mini Washing Machine

Providing the perfect solution for doing laundry in a compact setting, the ARKSEN© Portable Mini has overall dimensions of 14-1/4″(L) x 22-1/2″(W) x 22-1/4″(H), perfect when you have a small living space. Surprisingly, the machine handles a large 7.9-pound load at a time, so you can do light to medium laundry loads. Wash only what is needed and save water and electricity at the same time. Perfect for motor homes, condos, apartments, dorms, camping and RVs, this washer simplifies laundry tasks for the modern household.



This washer comes with a dual function feature so you can spin wash and spin dry simultaneously. The wash tub delivers 15 minutes washing while the spin dry basket delivers five minutes of spinning, with both functions having their own control timer. You can monitor the condition of the water and the wash and dry cycle through the clear lid. You can easily select the wash or dry spin and the washer will stop automatically when the load is completed.

The dirty water can easily be drained out through the drainage tube. Boasting easy operation, the machine lets you just put in a load of items, fill it with water, set the timer and start washing. The washer is perfect when you have to do small loads of delicate clothing such as socks, undergarments, towels and printed T-shirts.



The machine tends to move around if the load in the wash tub is not properly balanced. Very few models, and only the high-end ones, feature a self-balancing feature. Considering that this washer is not exactly a pricey model, that factor is just a small inconvenience. Otherwise, the performance is good enough for a machine this type.


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Haier HLP21N Pulsator


The portability of the Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot washer makes it the best top load washer 2020 of choice for thousands of homemakers. It has a 1 cu. Ft, stainless steel tub that can take up to six pounds for every single load.  This washer has three wash cycles and also three water levels. Electronic controls are highlighted by LED indicators. The HLP21N has whisper-quiet operation. Cycle status lights show you at what phase the washing is at, with an end-of-cycle signal when the cycle is completed. The machine has an adjustable leveling leg, easy installation kit, smooth rolling casters and a quick-connect adapter for the sink.



Wash tub cleans clothes by employing a pulsating action, which gently moves the clothes about inside to handle the most delicate washing including baby clothes, delicates and cloth diapers

Pulsator system provides more space in the wash drum, for maximum load capacity that can be completed at every wash cycle

Powerful wash action is effective against dirt and soiling in clothes and fabrics even without employing the twist-and-pull action of traditional agitator systems

Heavy, Normal and Quick Wash cycles complement the Low, Medium or High water levels, with efficient electronic controls activated at the simple touch of a button to customize every washing cycle



No overloading should be attempted to ensure that clothes get the cleaning they need

Drainage tube has to be hung at high location, around 31 to 40 inches off the ground


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LG WT1101CW White


With a fairly deep tub and easy-to-reach buttons, the LG WT1101CW White Washer is a large capacity washer with superior cleaning ability. The machine has been lauded in many top load washer reviews 2020 thanks to its  intelligent system that weighs the load you put in and performs its own adjustments with the water. The cycle/water/spin speed balance is a functional mechanism that can be utilized optimally. This washer has a delay-start capability, making it convenient to set according to your personal preference. No vibrations are ensured with its smooth operation. The machine is able to self-rebalance the load as the clothes get agitated in the tub.



Features exclusive SmartDiagnosis that helps tell what problems are in the machine when troubleshooting to assist in solving more minor issues before they escalate

SmartRinse feature supplemented by Jet Spray feature to ensure efficient use of water in rinsing out clothes, lessening the added burden on utility bills

Efficient use of electricity and water has earned this appliance a premium Energy Star rating that attests to how it makes effective use of  cleaning properties of water and the power of electricity to remove grime and dirt from clothes

8 Wash Cycles make it easy to achieve customized cleaning cycles according to the size of the load or how soiled clothes are



Some users can find it difficult to reach over the controls and inside the tub


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Top Load Washers – What to Look For:


For thousands of responsible Americans clean clothes are a must, especially when they have to attend a social event. This is probably why the market on top load washing machines is growing with each passing month. Everyone wants to clean their clothes fast and without effort. Fortunately in the last couple of years washers evolved a lot and today at a simple push of a button shirts, pants, socks and undergarments are safely cleaned. What is the best top load washer? Well, at the end of this buying guide you won’t answer this question but you will know what makes a top load washer great. It is better to control the selection process with quality information then to hope for the best.

Purchasing a washer is probably one of the first items that a person needs while moving in a new home. We took the liberty of reading professional reviews on the most reliable products available for purchase. During our research we managed to discover the components that make a washer highly efficient. Before you find out who makes the best product you need to learn more about the device’s capacity to clean clothes. Today’s top loaders are available in the following types: agitator and impeller. Recent statistics show that top load agitators are common household devices. The machines have a smooth cleaning process which moves clothes around the central pole right in the middle of a drum. There are people that prefer the impeller washers. These models accurately whip the water with a propeller in order to move clothes around.

There are many advantages in using a top load washing machine. First of all, the devices have a large capacity and include fast wash cycles. Being affordable products, these washers offer people the chance to safely clean small and big clothes without problems. Furthermore, due to their unique design these cleaning devices can be opened in mid-cycle in order to add more clothes. It is important to choose a model that has an Energy Star Rating label. This quality certification lets you know that the washer is energy efficient. Another label to look for is WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme) which relates to water consumption. At the end of each month you won’t have to worry about high electric and water bills. You also have the possibility of waiting for the Black Friday deals on best products. With attention you will be able to find a model that matches your daily cleaning needs.

It is important to invest in a product that cleans and protects the fabric of the clothes. So, doing the laundry needs to be done in a smart manner and with the right machine. If you decide to find for Christmas best top load washer then this is probably the time to do it. Washers come with different levels of capacity. Depending on your daily cleaning needs, you will most likely invest in a powerful device. You can opt for a washing machine with a large capacity of 6 to 7 kg. This is the optimal capacity for daily cleaning tasks of a family with four members. There are also smaller models which can accommodate a young couple’s laundry baskets. Still, if you are looking for a washer to stick with you for a long period of time choose bigger model.


Things to consider:

–          Energy Star Rating Label and Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) so you will know that the top load washer is cost efficient

–          A large capacity (6 to 7 kg), which is more than enough for the laundry needs of a family

–          High end sensor technology so that the machine automatically sets the right washing cycle for delicate items, whites, woollens or linen

–          Touchpad controls so you will manage easier the machine’s cleaning functions



Unavailable products



Koblenz LCK 50 Compact


Superbly lightweight and portable, the Koblenz LCK 50 Compact Washing Machine definitely deserves to be mentioned in top load washer reviews 2020. The space saving design means you can have the Koblenz LCK 50 in a cramped apartment or living space.  It has a 15 minute automatic timer that precisely signals the end of every wash cycle. A reversible action impeller agitates the clothes in the tub to provide superior cleaning action. Loading and unloading are facilitated by the wide opening of the washtub. The rustproof propylene cabinet ensures a longer life.



Comes with a polypropylene cabinet that is rust proof, insect-proof and pest-proof, definitely made for longer life and long term use

With space saving design that allows it to be stored almost anywhere in the home, whether inside a broom closet, tucked neatly into a spare corner or just parked near the sink or bathroom

Wide washtub opening takes in a full load and easily unloads the washing after it has been done, for smooth flow of work every time

Machine agitates clothes inside the tub to ensure that all the soiling, grime and dirt are effectively removed



Water has to be manually put into the tub as the machine has no faucet hook-up system, certainly not a huge issue



Smart+ Products SPP55AW


This washing machine is a compact top load washer of 1.65 cu. ft. capacity. It can wash up to 12 pounds of laundry on every cycle. The Smart+ Products SPP55AW Portable Washing Machine has 10 water levels that can be  electronically controlled, giving you more intelligent choices for every load. It also has four wash programs so you can choose the appropriate adjustment for your particular wash load. The machine has three water temperature selections, which makes laundry work a lot easier. The stainless steel tub is complemented by the clear viewing lid. There are LED indicators for the controls.



Able to wash 12 pounds of laundry in one go, helping busy moms complete more chores around the house while doing the washing

With 4 wash programs and 10 different electronically-controlled water levels, who needs a regular visit to the Laundromat when one can have customized laundry at home?

Stainless steel tub resists corrosion, chipping and rust  to ensure long life and dependable durability, making laundry something to look forward to and not to dread

Clear viewing lid lets the user see what is happening inside the washer tub, with LED indicators for the electronic controls



Strong agitator action makes this appliance a constant favorite in many best top load washer with agitator reviews, despite the fact that it can stretch out clothes because of the mechanism it carries



Samsung WA50F9A8DSP


For large families, it may feel like the washer is always running. Because this washer is energy star certified, it has been listed as one of the best top load washers for a large family. The 5 cubic foot washer has the ability to wash up to 3.3 laundry baskets per load, allowing you to cut down on laundry time considerably while saving you both time and money. The washer features 15 different preset wash cycles, including settings for infant clothing, bedding, towels, delicates, and even wool. There are six different water temperature choices and five spin levels. If you want customization on how to wash your laundry, this washer is it!