Top Features for Toothbrush Heads:


To be able to clean your mouth optimally and reach all your teeth, you will need advice from the best toothbrush heads reviews for reliable information to achieve those ends. Cleaning around and between the teeth can be tricky, so you will need to use the right kind of brush head. This is even more so when you have trouble spots. A soft-bristled brush head is ideal, while people with recessions require an extra-soft bristled brushing implement. The brush head offers a make-or-break experience for those transitioning from a manual toothbrush to an electric device. It is important to consider the aspects that different products come with.


Compact or Full-Sized?

A full-sized brush head is smaller than that of a manual toothbrush but some users still prefer its more-or-less standard dimensions to that of a compact head due to how it takes a shorter time to get around all the teeth. People with relatively small mouths, limited oral access or those with special needs opt for mini- or compact brush heads. The smaller size makes it easy to get into hard-to-reach areas or braces. Many products featured in the best toothbrush heads reviews are of the compact variety. They may take a while to get around the teeth but they can gain better access to the little nooks and crannies between, for tooth-to-tooth cleaning.


Angled vs. Straight

The best toothbrush heads 2021 with straight backs offer gentle cleaning while ensuring thoroughness. They are easy to maneuver around the mouth and can efficiently clean every tooth surface. However, an angled toothbrush head may be a better implement when you want to reach the insides of the teeth. The inside aspects of the upper and lower front teeth may not be accessible enough for a straight or standard head to handle. As these areas are prone to tartar build-up when they are not properly cleaned, an angled brush head may be the only solution. You can compare the level of cleaning you get from each type.


Specialized Brush Heads

Aside from the standard type, the best toothbrush heads 2021 can also be engineered for a special purpose. A plaque control brush head offers advanced plaque removal that is better than what can be obtained from a manual toothbrush. If you want improved gum health, manufacturers offer gum health brush heads. Gentle yet effective cleaning is obtained from a Sensitive brush head, which maximizes the sonic technology behind electric toothbrushes for better oral health. There are also eSeries brush heads that do better removal of plaque in tight places thanks to their angled neck that is able to reach the back teeth.


Things to consider:

  • Choose a toothbrush head that is the right size for your specific needs.
  • Go for the right neck configuration that you are most confident at using.
  • If you have braces, crowns and other dental installations, or you just have special needs (sensitive gums, tartar build-up, etc.), there’s a perfect brush head for you.


Top Rated Toothbrush Heads in 2021


Cleaning the teeth using one of the top 10 toothbrush heads can be an enjoyable experience. Electric toothbrushes have revolutionized the way we do oral cleaning, and this entails choosing the right accessories to optimize the benefits of the state-of-the-art technology that such devices ride on. There’s always a perfect product for you on the market!


Oral-B Professional Floss Action Replacement Brush Head


From the #1 Dentist-Recommended Toothbrush Brand Worldwide comes this highest rated product, the 3-count Oral-B Professional Floss Action Replacement Brush Head. Though not designed as substitute for flossing, this tool provides floss-like clean by employing Micro-Pulse Bristlesto clean deep between your teeth, removing up to 100 percent more plaque. The plaque removal is better than what you can get from a regular manual toothbrush. The proprietary indicator bristles let you know when the brush head needs to be replaced, which ensures consistent cleaning all the time. This is a perfect fit for various Oral –B electric toothbrushes including: Pro White; Sensitive Gum Care; Floss Action; Dual Clean; and Precision Clean.

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Philips Sonicare Toothbrush e Series Heads


This is the most popular toothbrush head on the market as it fits the natural contours of your teeth, which ensures thorough cleaning. It is compatible with various Philips Sonicare toothbrush models such as Clean Care, Elite, Advance, Xtreme Power and Essence. The brush head is outfitted with Reminder Bristles that fade when the product has to be replaced. The six brush heads in the pack mean you won’t need to buy another pack for a year and a half, saving you trips to the store or on having to order a new one online. The brush head ensures thorough, comfortable cleaning completed quickly due to the standard size.

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Oral-B Power Dual Clean Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head


The Oral-B Power Dual Clean Replacement Electric Toothbrush Head makes a sensible buy under this product category. The pack contains 3 Dual Clean toothbrush heads in all, which guarantee a comprehensive clean all over your mouth. The product offers two moving brush heads in one: a round-shaped head on top and a standard-shaped head right under, so you enjoy maximum cleaning power at twice the level every time. The head pulsates, oscillates and also moves side to side, giving you incredible cleaning results. It is able to penetrate hard-to-access areas that normal manual toothbrushes cannot get into. It is compatible with all Oral-B rechargeable handles except Oral-B Sonic toothbrushes.

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Philips Sonicare HX6013 Proresults Brush Head


The Philips Sonicare HX6013 Proresults Brush Head is a best rated product made in the USA, your assurance of total premium quality, reliability and craftsmanship. The contoured bristle head conforms to the natural shape of your teeth, so brushing is always an awesome experience. This product is a perfect partner to the Philips Flex Care, Diamond Clean, Easy Clean and Healthy White Electronic Toothbrush handles. The brush head is easy to clean as well, thanks to the push-on connector. The tool has Reminder Bristles that fade when it’s time to replace the brush head. You will never go back to manual tooth brushing once you’ve tried this Philips brush head.

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EverWhite(TM) Generic Toothbrush Replacement Heads


Say goodbye to pricey replacement brush heads that electronic toothbrush manufacturers impose on you. With the Ever White Generic Toothbrush Replacement Heads, you get not one but twelve top quality affordable toothbrush heads. Sold at a tiny fraction of the price of branded products, these brush heads have soft-rounded bristles at the center, which protect your pearly whites from overly hard cleaning. They are designed to fit Braun Oral-B electric toothbrush handles as well as Plaque Removal models. The brush heads carry removable color-code rings to enable easy identification. They have long interdental tips that clean below the gum line and deep between teeth.

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