Moving into a new house is truly a stressful experience, especially if you have to do everything by yourself when it comes to interior designing. Of course, one of the most important rooms in the house remains the bathroom, but decorating it with all necessities may not seem very fun at first. If you’re looking to find the best toilet, but you’re not really keen on going through shops or doing this on your own, we are ready to help you out in the process. So, after going through heaps of online reviews, we have concluded that the TOTO Drake is the best choice because it provides a temporary, cool design, it is wider than other products on the market, and its color can be customized according to your own preferences. If the TOTO Drake is not available for purchase, we do suggest considering the Niagara 77001WHCO1 as a viable alternative



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Every home bathroom should come with a comfortable and cost-efficient toilet. Going through detailed product ratings best to worst will make the selection process easier to manage. Still, specialists point out that knowing exactly what makes each toilet great ensures more user satisfaction for each visit to the toilet.


Flushing technology

Most of the top ten toilet models incorporate a reliable flushing technology. If the toilet doesn’t accurately flush it will cause only problems. It is important to know that with each flush people consume around 1.6 gallons of water. Today’s top manufacturers invest a lot of time in developing advanced flushing systems capable of removing waste with minimal water usage. They managed to create low-flow toilets, accompanied by power-assisted flush systems. A good toilet under $1000 will definitely include a low consumption flush system, helping people save on the water bills that come at the end of each month. There are also models that use .08 gallons of water while flushing waste.



Trying to find the most reliable toilet might take some time. People want to use efficient toilets which blend with the bathroom’s design and flush out any waste. There are toilet styles designed to match the characteristics of every bathroom. One-piece toilets are usually great for small or medium sized bathrooms. Such units include a tank and bowl, which makes maintenance quite easy. The market also offers 2 piece toilets, where the tank is separated from the bowl. These types of toilets are usually more affordable and easy to install. Style is important because it can complete the bathroom’s general theme.


Bowl shape

In order to find the answer to the question what are the best products, people need to take into account bowl shape. This is an important element which usually adds or saves space in the bathroom. The current market includes bowls with elongated and round shapes. The elongated models come with 2 extra inches more than the round bowls. Furthermore they are more comfortable to use. On the other hand, it seems that round shaped bowls work very well in tight spaces. Most of the best rated products include bowls with elongated and round shapes so it is pretty hard to differentiate them.


In conclusion

People need to have in their homes a trustworthy toilet, capable of flushing out any type of waste. This is where the flushing system needs to respond accordingly. Style and bowl shape are linked mainly to the aesthetics of the bathroom. With these elements in mind, the search for an efficient toilet becomes easier!



Products for specific needs:


Best toilet for septic systems


Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het Double


A professional toilet will ensure comfortable moments in the bathroom. According to recent statistics it seems that the best toilet for septic systems comes from Toto, the MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax. This model is fitted with the exclusive Double Cyclone flushing technology which features low water consumption during each flush. The toilet features a smooth SanaGloss glaze surface which efficiently reduces the chances of bacteria, debris or mold sticking. It keeps the toilet clean and free of any waste. This toilet from Toto is designed with an innovative SoftClose seat that doesn’t slam! Furthermore, the unit comes with top tightening mounting bolts which allows users to install it quickly.



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Best toilet for tiny house


Galba MU133


Looking for the best toilet for tiny house can take some time without access to professional information. Most of the data we collected underlines the efficiency of the Galba small toilet. This unit is UPC and cUPC approved helping people easily flush waste without worrying about it clogging up. Due to the one piece design and advanced self-cleaning surface, this toilet will last a long time. The additional glaze layer ensures that the toilet will not rust, scratch, discolor or fade in any way. It also includes an easy to use 3” flush valve for proper control over the flushing system.



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Best toilet for flushing large waste


Kohler K-3817-0 Memoirs


When it comes to reliable toilets, the K-3817-0 Memoirs Comfort from Kohler is without a doubt a great unit. Considered by many as the best toilet for flushing large waste, this device has a 2 piece profile with elongated bowl. Designed to offer comfort and stability during each us,e this toilet adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom. This toilet incorporates an exclusive flushing system which efficiently flushes out bulk. The unit also comes with a large 3-1/4” flush valve that is very easy to manoeuvre. Due to the advanced flushing system, users will save around 16.500 gallons annually!



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Top rated toilets in 2021


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms of a household and it must be equipped with only the best items. The sink, bathtub, toilet have to be carefully picked to ensure they work properly. When buying a toilet, you will be presented with a large number of possibilities. If you consult the best toilets reviews, you will find some of the best models on the market. Based on these reviews, we have identified 5 excellent choices for any bathroom.



TOTO Drake CST744S#01


This toilet from TOTO has an excellent design and is very popular in bathrooms across different states of the great US of A. If combined with a good toilet seat, it will be very comfortable for anyone who sits on it. G-Max Flushing System is excellent because it gives out a powerful flush, but without producing a loud sound like most other toilets.

The best toilets reviews have been pleased with the solid set of features that comes with TOTO Drake.



Most of the current best flushing toilets reviews underline the superb design and flushing performance of the Toto Drake toilet, a model which can offer a silent but powerful way to handle “business” in the bathroom;

Features the exclusive G-Max flushing system which accurately flushes any waste and debris without overflowing or stirring noise;

This flushing toilet incorporates a 3-inch wide flush valve that is easier to control than the traditional 2-inch flush valves. This makes it one of the best toilets for low water pressure;

Helping people save water and money by consuming 1.6 GPF this toilet swiftly eliminates waste with minimal chances of residual pieces sticking to the side.



The assembly process won’t take too long but the instructions present in the manual require attention in order to be properly deciphered;

The flushing handle is made of plastic but it feels right at touch.

“The best rated toilet reviews convinced me that this model was worth investing it. I was very impressed with the design and now after I started using it, I’m very pleased with the flushing system. As a matter of fact, it was quite a cheap model to be honest. Well, I did get it with a Black Friday discount.” – Martha S. Yelverton


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Niagara 77001WHCO1


The Niagara toilet provides a classic, timeless design that will match any type of bathroom, no matter the style adopted. It doesn’t feature any fabrics, and the imported china is of superior quality. The product is ADA compliant and features a floor mount, as well as a floor outlet. Thanks to its ultra-high-efficiency flush, you will prevent wasting water, as the toilet only requires 0.8 gallons of water per flush. This means you will benefit from the same flushing power, without wasting precious water.

Last but not least, this toilet is also very silent, which will definitely benefit those who have a restroom in their bedrooms too.



As we previously mentioned, the main benefit of this classic toilet is that it uses a small amount of water to flush every time. The seat height is somewhat higher than other toilets, which will definitely benefit tall persons.

Most owners were more than pleased with the quality of this toilet, saying it doesn’t clog and will last you a long time.



If the product is out of stock, it may take up to several months for it to be delivered to you. We cannot imagine waiting for a few months for a toilet.


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Woodbridge T-0001 Dual Flush


This toilet from Woodbridge has a modern design with a luxurious edge and will bring a touch of elegance to any bathroom environment. Not to mention it goes well with the other pieces of furniture that you own, regardless of their style, because it has a classic feel to it.

The exterior layer is sleek and glossy, so it’s easy to clean because dirt won’t adhere to it. What’s more, the fully glazed flush is powerful but also silent, making sure the privacy of your family members is taken into consideration.

Another aspect worth considering is the fact that this item comes in a packaging that’s filled with useful accessories. Among these there’s a pre-installed toilet seat, making the installation process so much easier, wax ring, floor bolts and complete instructions for less handy customers.

Since Woodbridge is a well-known brand name that might inspire knock-off, we recommend you check out whether the delivery box has the logo on it, to avoid being the victim of a hoax.




The glossy finish of this design makes sure stains and dirt stay off it, enabling the exterior surface to be easy to clean with the right maintenance products.

A classic shape with a modern design, this item will bring a touch of elegance to any bathroom interior, regardless of the color scheme or the style.

It comes with a pre-installed toilet seat, significantly reducing the time you need to spend installing this device. However, if you encounter any problems, you should know there are detailed instructions included in the packaging.

Other useful accessories offered by the manufacturer include a wax ring and floor bolts for a secure attachment.



It’s difficult to find spare parts in case this item suffers any damage because the manufacturers do not provide this particular information.

To clear completely, sometimes this toilet might require more than one flush, as some customers have complained.

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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa


If you are looking for a toilet with a compact, but elongated design, then you should look no further than Kohler K-3810-0 model. This toilet gets everything right , the height of its seat, the material from which is made of and the smooth flushing system. No matter the age of the person who uses it, the comfort level is maintained without exceptions.

To install it in your bathroom won’t take long either and won’t require any complicated steps. If you want to know why we consider this the best toilet from Kohler, please the pros and cons below.



With an elegant design that looks great in any bathroom this flushing toilet delivers impressive flushing performance: 3.5 gallon in a 1.28 gallon package;

Available in different colors the Santa Rosa toilet works on a unique water conservation system which will help people save up to 16.500 gallons of water per year;

Meeting all the current flushing performance standards established by EPA this HET (High-Efficiency Toilet) model features a special skirted trapway which safely eliminates waste and debris;

Features Comfort Height standard which means people will enjoy seating on chair-height levels, for heightened comfort.



The large bowl of the toilet might take a while to get used to but it becomes familiar after one or two days.

“I found the perfect toilet for by bathroom in this model from Kohler. I works like a charm and I haven’t had ny problems with it so far. So to answer the question`Who makes the best toilets?`. My answer is Kohler.


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American Standard Champion 4


A great option for any bathroom is this fine looking toilet from American Standard. By far its best and most innovative feature is the EverClean surface, which doesn’t allow microbes and bacteria to flourish. The main body is made of Vitreous, proving to be extremely tough and resistant.

The flushing system also works without any inconveniences. The top toilets reviews believe it is a top notch model and we even go one step further, considering it the best one out there.



As one of the best flushing toilets the 2034.014.020 Champion from American Standard represents a solid investment in bathrooms where cleanliness and comfort go hand in hand every day;

Incorporates a 4-inch piston action accelerator which pushes water in the bowl very fast, dumping 360 degrees of water in the bowl in only 1 second;

This toilet features the permanent EverClean antimicrobial surface which diminishes the growth of stains and odor, usually responsible with the growth of mold, bacteria or mildew;

Backed by an exclusive 10 year warranty this beautiful toilet has a low water consumption.



The assembly process takes time and attention (consult the instructions and follow them accordingly);

It doesn’t offer detailed maintenance instructions only brief references.


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TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia


Among the most reliable toilets, the TOTO CST412MF.01 has a place at the top of this list because it has proven to many satisfied customers that it has a superior quality. Firstly, the elongated bowl is comfortable for any age group. Another excellent feature is the dual-flushing system, which makes sure that everything goes down the toilet.

Even though you might think this system will consume double the water quantity, it actually doesn’t, having a lower overall consumption than your regular toilet.



Available in a variety of colors (cotton, bone, colonial white, ebony and Sedona beige) this sleek two-piece toilet from Toto combines utility features with elegance, blending with ease in any bathroom’s theme;

Features the advanced Dual-Max flushing system which safely takes care of waste without consuming too much water (1.6-GPF/6.0-LPF);

With a stylish design, elongated skirt and standard height, this flushing toilet is easy to use and manage;

It comes equipped with a chrome push button and also a dual flush option for more powerful waste flushing action.



The installation process takes time and for this reason consult the instruction manual and at the end check for possible leaks;

The toilet’s seat is a bit high but very comfortable for people with back pain.

“Expert reviews showed me which toilet was the best for my bathroom and this was the Toto two piece model. My new toilet was easy to install and it’s comfortable to sit on. I don’t know who makes the best toilets in the US, but I’m sure Toto is a very reliable manufacturer.” – Josh A. Bergman


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American Standard H2Option 2889.216.020


Best Toilets reviewsA choice for real Americans is this model from our very own successful brand, American Standard. The design is eye-catching and will integrate itself perfectly into any bathroom. One of its best features is the dual flush system which guarantees everything will get flushed, nothing being left behind. The chrome-plated button is easy to push and even small children will have no problem using it. Because it is such a successful model, many people consider it to be one of the best toilets of 2017.



This attractive dual-flush toilet is a sure investment for people that want to conserve water and thus save money every time they go to the bathroom. Because of its size, this is a good idea if you are looking for the best toiler for small bathrooms.

Incorporating the advanced siphonic action technology this toilet uses less water in order to accurately eliminate matter and debris (all in a quiet manner).

Features “light” and “heavy” flushes which match the user’s needs in the respective moment: liquids or solids.

Benefiting from an exclusive 5 year manufacturer warranty the H2Option toilet features EverClean antimicrobial surfaces which reduces the growth pattern of bacteria, mildew and also mold.



The toilet seat is not included in the basic package (available for purchase separately). With the toilet seat it’s between the best toilets.

“I went through the most popular toilets in the US and I decided to purchase this model because it had an elegant design and it consumed less water. While it wasn’t the highest rated model, for me it’s exactly what I was looking for and I even go as far as recommending it. It was cheap too because it had a Xmas discount. I am convinced I got the best model for the money I paid.” – Susan J. Williams


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Toilets – What to look for:


Today, a growing number of people are searching for high quality toilets, designed to become the centerpiece of any bathroom. Fortunately the market offers a wide range of toilets, from which you can choose one that is close to the general feel of the room. If you are searching for a beautiful toilet, which can add comfort some things need to be taken into account. You should consult some of the best toilets reviews, written by professionals in the home decoration department. The first thing that you need to do before deciding upon one particular product is measure the distance between the wall and the center of the drainpipe. Measure with precision the respective distance and find a reliable toilet, which performs just as you want it to. The standard measurements are roughly 10, 12 and 14 in.

Some of the best toilets in 2021 are designed with durable materials and capable of providing a comfortable seating experience. Usually toilets are created out of 1 or 2 pieces. 2-piece toilets are less expensive than 1-piece models. When you’re out shopping for a toilet, make sure that you get all the installation parts such as bolt caps, toilet seat, closet bolts and also wax ring with sleeve. Other options include wall mount for the wall-hung toilets, very popular in American homes. Easy to install and manage, such toilets are ideal in contemporary bathrooms, where style is very important.


Once you managed to read the current best toilets reviews, you will be able to locate the most efficient product, but for that to happen, you need to understand more about parts and functions. Toilet bowls these days come in oval and round shapes. Oval shaped toilets are 2 inches longer than the round models, offering a heightened level of comfort to users. When it comes to elongated bowls, you need to measure accurately the place where you want to install it. According to recent studies it seems that the preferred bowl height is around 14-in to 15-in. There are also taller bowls of around 16 to 19-in which deliver better accessibility and comfort for people who have back issues. Some of the best toilets in 2021 may also include other functions such as sanitary bar and trap way.


Usually sanitary bars can be found on 2-piece toilets, which blocks liquid from collecting under the tank in the back of the bowl. Trapways can significantly reduce the chance of overflow and clogging. Furthermore, high quality toilets should come equipped with advanced flushing systems in order to maintain the flush levels constant. It is important to have rapid access to the flushing system for advanced comfort. While choosing a toilet, make sure that it comes with a flush valve and precise flush lever. Every bathroom needs a high quality toilet.



Things to consider:

– Types of bathroom toilets: round and oval models;

– Advanced flushing system;

– Comfort, accessibility and flushing precision (pressure-assisted flush system and gravity-flush system);

– Types of toilets seats (shape, material and operation pattern);

– Water usage.