Getting the best toilet with integrated bidet may seem a difficult task. With so many design styles and functional variations available, it is recommended to get a lot of info before purchasing one. In this article we carefully compiled a list containing the most important aspects and features that make a good toilet with built in bidet stand apart from the rest. This information will help you make the right choice and will save you a lot of money and time. Follow our tips and pointers and you will be sure to have the best toilet with built in bidet money can buy today.

What to look for when buying a toilet with built in bidet?



Arguably one of the most important traits to seek for when shopping for a new toilet with integrated bidet is the comfort level. A good bidet toilet will have the best comfort possible both as a toilet and as a bidet. You must look for a good large toilet seat and a pressure regulated water jet. Additional comfort options can include pre-warmed water, multi jet option, reduced noise levels and even remote control functions. Keep in mind that many of these will come with an increased total price. Try balancing the comfort options and the cost of the toilet and you will get the best for your money.


Integrated functions

The best toilets of 2022 come with a huge array of functions and options. Functions like adjustable water pressure or cleaning water temperature control are now standard across all quality brands. Before buying a new toilet with integrated bidet, look for as many additional functions that you think will enhance the comfort and functionality of your future toilet. Read all about any extra features before you buy, and you will surely get the best of the best.



Comfort and functionality are all fine, but a modern high tech toilet with integrated bidet needs to have great design and style. The style of your toilet must complement its performance and capability. Once you choose the perfect comfort and functionality it is time to look at the overall design and pick the best looking toilet from the market. A good design will enhance the entire look of your bathroom and will be the best option for you and your money.


Top Rated Toilets with Built In Bidet in 2022


Toto MS970CEMFG#01


Created by the Toto Company, a worldwide toilet and bathroom appliances leader, this toilet is, without a doubt, the best toilet available on the market. Its sleek and modern design together with a compact and low profile frame make it a perfect choice for any modern bathroom and an instant hit with all customers.

Compact, modern and sleek, this toilet is called the best toilet for small bathroom by many users. Its new dual cleaning system delivers a perfect wash from both front and rear. Perfectly controlled adjustable water jets are used at the desired temperature and pressure, creating the most pleasurable experience possible.

When it comes to features and options, this toilet has it all. We resume to naming just a few – remote controlled dual head water cleaners with adjustable jet power and temperature, automatic flushing system, heated air dryer, automatic toilet lid operation and even automatic air freshener. All these functions can be manually timed and adjusted for perfect comfort. The internal memory will store all the adjustable settings using two different user profiles.

All of the above and many other features make us say it out loud that this is one of the most advanced and modern toilets with integrated bidet you can have today.

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TOTO MS950CG#01 Neorest 500


Another masterpiece from Toto, the Neorest 500 is a dream toilet with integrated bidet. Modern and sleek, packed with advanced technology and created with comfort in mind, this toilet is a must for any serious shopper that looks for a bidet toilet.

Asking what is the best toilet for small places will give you the perfect answer: Toto Neorest 500. Compact and sleek, featuring no water tank and an integrated bidet, this toilet is the perfect choice when maximal comfort is needed but the available space is limited.

The dual washing system features adjustable water jets for perfect comfort. The original New Cyclone automatic flush is a technological wonder. Totally silent, this sensor activated flush delivers a powerful 1.28 gallon flush that guarantees to clean any possible waste in an instant.

Advanced SanaGloss finishing keeps your toilet bowl clean with each flush. The ion barrier stops any dirt, bacteria or waste to stick to the inside bowl, keeping it germ free and perfectly clean without any additional effort from you.

Compact, silent and powerful, the Neorest 500 is one of the most technologically advanced toilets on the market today, and a natural choice for any shopper looking for the best.

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Kohler K-3607-0 San Raphael


A marvel from Kohler, the new San Raphael toilet with included bidet is extremely comfortable and packed with options and extra features. With beautiful sleek design lines, the San Raphael boasts one of the highest comfort ratings among all toilets available today. Reliable and stylish, functional and comfortable, the Kohler San Raphael is one of the most wanted toilets with built in bidets.

Remote controlled bidet functions, with controlled temperature and water pressure, pre-warmth air dryer, night light and automatic air freshener make this toilet a dream choice. The large and elongated toilet bowl adds more comfort to an already extremely comfortable setting. An integrated memory chip will store all your desired settings and options for future use using two easy to configure user presets.

The water efficient integrated powerful dual flush system of this toilet will help you save money with each flush, keeping the water bill low while providing perfect cleaning. The silent flush system is perfectly calibrated to maintain the optimal waste cleaning without any additional water consumption.

A true masterpiece, the San Raphael is a top rank Kohler toilet. Easy to use, featuring incredible comfort and superb modern design, this toilet is the ideal choice for your bathroom.

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