Your toilet tank is not the most visible part of your house sanitation, until it gets damaged or broken. Old toilet tanks require a lot of repairs and start consuming more and more time and money. Eventually you must think about a replacement. Knowing what to look for when shopping for the perfect toilet tank will save you a lot of money and time. Each minute spent reading and getting the right info will help you take the right decisions and avoid shopping for a bad replacement. This article will offer you some great information about what to look when shopping for a new toilet tank.


What to look for when buying a toilet tank?


Flush power

The flush power of a toilet tank is very important. This alone assures good cleaning of the toilet tank after each use. A good hint on how powerful the flush will be is to take a look at the trapway size. The trapway is the channel that brings the water from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl. The larger the trapway, the stronger the flush power will be. Small, compact, toilet tanks have small trapways that are sufficient for a toilet for small bathroom. Larger ones are usually required for larger toilets, so just keep this aspect in mind when you go shopping for a new tank.


Model type

Look for the right model type that fits on your current toilet seat. Make sure the new toilet tank will fit in the place of the older one and is compatible with your toilet bowl. Look at your plumbing and compare it with the new toilet tank plumbing requirements. Think about variation and possibilities, like mounting a top tank instead of a wall mounted one. Color, size and design should also be considered.


Flush system type

Most toilet tanks come with a gravity flush type. It is the most common and the cheapest. This system works by letting the water go down by gravity alone. Although this is the least expensive solution you must also know about the pressure-assisted system. This system uses pressure that forces the water down the bowl. While it is more expensive it will avoid clogging. Another option is the dual-flush system that can partially flush for more efficient water consumption.


Top Rated Toilet Tanks in 2021



American Standard 4266.014.020 Champion-4


We chose this toilet tank because of its super strong flushing power. The entire toilet tank is designed to maximize its flushing power. From the widest trapway you can buy to the largest four-inch valve this toilet tank ensures the strongest flushing power a toilet can deliver. As one of the best toilet tank available on the market, the Champion 4 can move a mass up to 70% higher than the industry standard.

The Champion 4 Flushing System features a 4 inch Accelerator Flush Valve that pushes the water in the tank as fast as possible. Together with this comes the huge Champion trapway that makes all the difference when it comes to the final power of the flush. This system alone makes it one of the best choices available on the market today.

The Champion 4 toilet tank is entirely coated with the patented EverClean surface coat. This coating of silver-ion is integrated into the tank’s walls and will prevent any mold and fungus growth, while ensuring a long life and easy maintenance and cleaning.

On top of all this, the Champion 4 toilet tank comes with a full 10 year warranty. Regardless that you purchase this toilet for home, commercial or industrial use, this warranty covers all possible damages for your toilet tank.

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TOTO ST743S#01 Drake


Created by the largest plumbing product manufacturer in the world, Cotton White TOTO, this toilet tank is one of the most resilient and adaptable product you can find right now. The company has a history of 90 years of delivering quality plumbing parts and accessories including sinks, toilets and lavatories. All their products have the same excellent quality and long life performance plumbing parts.

The G-Max Drake toilet tank comes with a perfect flushing system that includes a perfect 2-1/8” trapway together with an extra-large G-Max 3-Inch flush valve. The system is both powerful and quiet. The strong pressure will provide perfect waste disposal, while the quiet admission valve will fill the tank fast and without all the annoying and undesired additional noise. Perfectly engineered trapway also allows for a quieter flush, without sacrificing flush power and its performance.

The toilet tank contains enough water for more than one flush, making it a good choice for any water saving situation. Many reviews agree that the G-Max Drake toilet tank is the perfect tank for the best toilet of 2021. Silent, powerful and water efficient, this toilet tank is the perfect choice for most toilets.

The G-Max Drake toilet tank system comes together with the lid, all internal pluming parts and the tank.

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Sterling 404515-0 Windham


When it comes to Windham toilet tanks you can rest assured that they are the perfect balance between performance and costs. Designed for great performance and style, Windham toilet tanks are known for their long endurance and durable construction.

When thinking about money and reliability, a potential toilet tank buyer cannot miss the Sterling toilet tank. Its strong and sturdy construction together with the above average performance makes it one of the best choices. Whether you have a toilet for low water pressure or a normal one, this toilet tank will deliver the perfect flush while saving you money on repairs and maintenance.

Easy to install and use, the Sterling toilet tank comes with all the parts needed for a full toilet, including the extra bits, caps and nuts. Quiet and reliable, this toilet tank is perfect for any home. It only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush making it a perfect water saving choice.

For its versatility, endurance, easy maintenance and exceptional low cost, the Sterling Windham toilet tank is one of the greatest toilet tanks a buyer can purchase today. Reliable and easy to use this toilet fits on most toilet bowls with ease and its installation can be done by almost anyone after reading the instructions, without the need to call a professional plumber.

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The exceptionally powerful Champion 4 and the quieter G-Max Drake toilet tank are rightfully named the best toilet tanks of the year. Either if you look for the more advanced toilet tanks or for a reasonable priced one, we listed above the best toilet tank choices for any of your needs.