Are you too busy to look for a toilet paper holder for sale and you would like to save time by finding exactly what you need in a few seconds? Then this short paragraph might be exactly what you need right now because after we put the time and looked through the available toilet paper holder reviews we concluded that the Franklin Brass 9097SN is the best toilet paper holder. That is because it is a stylish and attractive toilet paper holder that is capable of fitting in any type of decor. It comes with standard length and width, so it will play its part just well. You just need to install it on your bathroom wall, and it is guaranteed that you will gain a new, lovely accent to your place. If you find that this product is currently unavailable for purchase, then we suggest that you look for the InterDesign 55665.



Buying guide


There are plenty of products available on the market regardless of what you are looking for. Toilet paper is a common good, so holders for it find themselves in a myriad of choices. Allow us to do the hard work for you and just read through our suggestions that are showcased below so that you’ll find a good toilet paper holder.


There plenty of standard models of toilet paper holders, but if you would like to get something that would blend in your stylish bathroom you could opt for a brass vintage toilet paper holder. This kind of toilet paper holder can be found in different styles, such as swing arm-style holders or spring-loaded holders. These holders can be found in a great variety of classic finishes and will perfectly match any decor.


Modern holders

If you think that antique toilet paper holders are too old-fashioned, then you might want to look for a more modern one. Modern holders are usually more minimalistic in nature, so if you consider yourself a discrete person who doesn’t like to flash around certain items from your house, then you might prefer an easy to ignore toilet paper holder.

They have a simple job, holding the paper, so it shouldn’t take too much space. Luckily, these modern holders are very compact, and some of them can even be moved around if you need extra space somewhere.


How to find it

Usually, with such a common item there are plenty of choices so it might get quite difficult to find exactly what you wish for. That’s why there are a few pointers which we can give you in order to keep the hassle of online searching to a minimum and free your time for other business.

Firstly, look for reviews from other users as they represent a vital part of the online market. The users provide unbiased feedback, based solely on their experience with the product. By reading carefully the reviews made by other people you will gain enough knowledge to know what to expect. You will find out about all the features and faults that the product you’re considering has.

Reviews should be able to be read on all major sites. Another thing to take into consideration is the rating of the product. Usually, there is a rating system for every product, and often it consists of a number of stars, from one to five. For example, if the item is rated at three stars out of five then you might have a satisfactory item on your hands.

Be careful, though, because you can get tricked if you don’t pay attention. It usually is better if a product has more ratings since the final grade is closer to the truth than other cases.



When we are talking about everyday items, such as toilet paper holders, the price shouldn’t be too high. Still, if a product is too cheap, it might prove to be less durable than preferred. You need to find a product that is somewhat in the middle of the price range, so that is affordable enough without losing quality.

Without digging too much in your pockets, you should be able to stumble upon an item that is long lasting and of prime quality. You can spend a little more if you are guaranteed an everyday use without it breaking on you when you need it the most.



Top Rated Toilet Paper Holders in 2022


To save you time in finding what you want we have showcased below some products that might prove to be interesting to you.



Franklin Brass 9097SN


If you are in a market for a toilet paper holder that is worthy of its price and looks nice as well, then, by all means, consider purchasing this product. The 9097SN from Franklin Brass is a toilet paper holder made from quality nickel, meaning that it will be able to pass the test of time.

Besides being quite durable and sturdy, this product will prove to be an attractive addition because of its fashionable design and beveled edges. You won’t have to worry that it won’t fit your bathroom’s style because its stylish satin nickel finish is capable of matching many decors, most likely yours too.

It will do its job properly, meaning that it will hold toilet paper without fault. It fits the standard toilet paper holder length and width so it won’t take too much space inside your bathroom.

You will have to get a recess wall clamp to properly install it next to your toilet, but as soon as you do it you’ll have gained a worthy companion for many days to come since it is made from metal, unlike many other models that are made from plastic. It provides plenty of room so that even bigger rolls will fit inside without issues.

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InterDesign 55665


If you are looking for a product that would allow you to make use of otherwise wasted space while still using it, then you might want to give this one a look-see since it is an over the tank type. This toilet paper holder displays a classic design consisted of a steel roll holder, and it boasts an attractive chrome finish that is capable of complementing any modern bathroom.

Being made from durable steel means that it is sturdy enough to survive the pass of time and a few drops and bumps without breaking. And if you are looking to save even more space, you’ll be happy to find out that it can hold two rolls at the same time, allowing you to keep a spare at hand’s reach without occupying counter or cabinet space.

Forget about drilling holes, thanks to it being able to hang beside your toilet tank. If you have a compact bathroom, then this will be ideal for you since it will provide toilet paper within reach while at the same time staying tucked away so you can gain some extra room. It is a stylish addition to your bathroom, a high-quality product made to last.

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InterDesign 36210


We’re guessing that you are on the lookout for an item that is able of conveniently dispensing toilet paper at the desired height. This one might be what you wish for since it can do that while also being able to store three spare rolls at a hand’s reach, leaving you always ready.

When you purchase this product, you’ll get a nice addition to your contemporary bathroom decor, thanks to its simple design and modern finish. It is also practical being able to stand freely, allowing the toilet paper dispenser to be placed where you might see fit and without being too much of a burden since it is easy to move as well.

If you have limited cabinet space that can’t accommodate spare rolls, then you might like this product’s space saving feature represented by an attractive holder. Don’t worry about it tipping over every time you might bump into it since its sturdy base will prevent such accidents.

Paper rolls will be easy to remove and restock because both the dispenser and the storage tower feature an open wire design, providing easy access. It is stylish, functional and affordable as well so it is guaranteed to enrich your household.

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