What toilet from Kohler should I choose


When it comes to interior design, people are very attentive with their purchases. Starting with the kitchen and ending with the bathroom, every detail needs to come in place with the owner’s style. One of the most important devices in any home is the toilet. Now, recent statistics show that a growing number of Americans use with confidence Kohler toilets. Taking into account that a standard toilet gets flushed 2000 times per year, water consumption is of great importance when choosing a product. There are many things to take into account when browsing through high quality toilet seats. Choosing the best toilet from Kohler will be an easier task once you know exactly what to look for. We selected the most important features that need to be present in your future purchase.


  1. One or two piece toilet

You will find among the best toilets 2019 one and two piece models. Each type of toilet comes equipped with specific features which can in fact offer assistance. Now, one-piece toilets come with a built-in bowls and tank for proper water management and waste disposal. There are low-profile devices which can be installed in small bathrooms. Due to their unique design, Kohler toilets come equipped with Quiet-Close and Quick-release systems. The two piece toilets come with a separate bowl and tank. This type of bidet toilet seat is fairly easy to install and manage. So, it comes as no surprise to see so many people choose the two-piece toilets for their homes.


  1. Bowl profile

There are many types of bowls available on the market, each designed to cover different needs. Still, the primary bowl types from which to choose are elongated, compact elongated and round-front bowls. The compact elongated toilets permit people to set the toilet in a round-front space. On the other hand, elongated bowls delivers heightened comfort for adults when they have to handle different businesses in the bathroom. Such products will receive the abbreviation “EB”. The round-front bowls don’t require too much space. Regarded by many as the best toilet for small bathroom, the models with round-front bowls are in high demand right now.


  1. Flushing types

Most of the best Kohler toilets incorporate advanced flushing systems. Today’s models incorporate two important flushing types: assisted and gravity. A good toilet seat needs to be equipped with a powerful flushing system, designed to efficiently get rid of waste. The gravity flushing system incorporates siphonic, with flow of water directed in an s-shape in order to create proper siphoning action.  Another gravity flushing system is washdown, which uses the force of gravity in order to manage bodily toxins. The second major type of flushing assisted uses electricity to work. Each type of flushing system delivers proper functions in order to get rid of waste.


Kohler K-3817-0 Memoirs Comfort Height Two-Piece


best kohler toiletHow to find the best toilet for low water pressure? Well, according to our research it seems that the K-3817-0 Memoirs Comfort from Kohler represents a great investment in any home. This 2-piece elongated toilet includes sensible ergonomics with a sleek style. It comes with clean and smooth lines for a stylish appearance. The model from Kohler uses an advanced bulk flushing system for amazing results. It features a large 3-1/4” canister flush valve which provides a powerful jet, because it delivers quick water delivery. Due to exclusive water disposing system the toilet also saves on water consumption.

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Kohler K-3609-0 Cimarron comfort height elongated


10Portable toilet is quite a fashionable unit these days. Yet, for people that need a great toilet seat in the comfort of their home we recommend the K-3609-0 Cimarron from Kohler. This toilet seat comes with an elongated bowl which is quite comfortable. It uses class five technology in order to properly get rid of bulk waste. The flushing performance of the toilet is quite impressive. It features a canister flush valve which delivers precise flushing with consistent water consumption. The toilet from Kohler incorporates the exclusive Dry Lock installation system which makes installation an easy task, taking only a couple of minutes.

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